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Best WordPress Tools

Top Best WordPress Tools Free 2023 1

Linking takes Ages for all your blog entries. Not only can this tool tell you how many times each page is linked to, it creates suggestions about how to connect to another post from one page to another, but it also produces a lot of suggestions. You can add a connection at the click of a button if you like the suggestion.

A complete list of each of the links to each page

Intelligent suggestions for places to add ties

To add links between sites, one click,

Ongoing fee

It has 1 primary purpose

Top Best WordPress Tools Free 2023 2

Member’s wishlist

Fantastic plugin to allow your WordPress website access to various areas. With shopping carts and email, it’s insanely well integrated. It’s super easy to use and great for users, whether you do classes, membership areas, or just have private content.

With your shopping cart and email integrated

Link various pages and areas to various levels of membership

Simple to handle and inform all users of

The Monthly Fee

For WordPress Only

Top Best WordPress Tools Free 2023 3

Thrive Architect

I’ve made the move to Thrive Architect from Elementor, and I’ll never go there.

It is simple to use, has fast page load speeds, and a solid collection of resources. You can Very easily use templates with their smart pages to create lovely pages.

If you do not want a full Thrive Themes membership, you can pick up a 1-time fee for Thrive Architect (although the suite is worth it, I use every single tool)

Purchase One Time

Capturing the directly integrated email list

Smart templates make it easy to build pages for a lighting

A better deal is membership.

Top Best WordPress Tools Free 2023 4

Sumo software

App Sumo has a wide range of tech offers offering lifetime rewards. Some of these are brand new enterprises and some are long-established businesses. I’ve nabbed some amazing apps and deals with 1/10 of what it would otherwise have run. There are a few duds, but fantastic deals, apps, and possibilities overall.

Access to apps during life

Incredible tools for social media, productivity, and project management

Every few weeks, new sales and discounts

Any implementations ended up not being perfect. Some are firms that are new and untested.

Top Best WordPress Tools Free 2023 5

Short Pixel

I ran a variety of image optimizer tests. Shortpixel is simple to use, easy, and free or inexpensive (you get free credits each month). The pace of the site is critical and Shortpixel was the top performer by far.

Huge file size reduction

Simple to make use of

If you have a lot of videos, you’ll pay $10-$30 for 1 period,

Top Best WordPress Tools Free 2023 6

Affiliate WP

I’ve used a lot of websites with affiliates. For your affiliates and handling them, the majority are very difficult to manage and stressful. For both you and your affiliates, affiliate WP is so quick and easy to use. The interface and characteristics are top-notch, the best I’ve found.

Set advanced rules on payouts

Simple to apply and approval process for individuals

Outstandingly customizable

Alternatives that are cheaper (but not as good)

Top Best WordPress Tools Free 2023 7


This instrument can let you see where people scroll and where people press. For any paying traffic, this is extremely important. It can help you make a page layout change, see where you’re losing users, and can adjust where your buttons or call-to-actions are located.

Unless you have more than 2,000 page views a day, you’re free.

Click maps to view all web page clicks precisely

Scroll charts show how far people make it down the page

I’ve found that the loading speed has increased marginally,
Paying tool when there are more than 2,000 visits to your website a day

Top Best WordPress Tools Free 2023 8

BOOK AS Manager

The program for appointment booking is a Big time saver.

I spent too much time locating meetings, organizing, submitting reminders and questionnaires to Zoom Links. The whole thing is automated now.,

The beautiful design

Reminders for SMS (text) and emails

Advanced design and questionnaires

Lower priced alternatives exist (with fewer features)

The look can be personalized, but it’s limited.

Top Best WordPress Tools Free 2023 9

Pro Cartflows

Cartflows is a versatile creator of WordPress funnels with a Lot of advanced functionality. Upsells, down sells, upsells with one click, multiple project numbers. Using the current page builders and WordPress tools, it’s insanely easy to set up and customize.

Upsells, down sells, upsells in one touch, and more features
Frequently revised features are

It’s easy to configure and use.

You should use any of your resources for WordPress

In the works, split research is

You need a range of tools to combine email and courses in depth.


Thrive Themes

This is an absolute must-have if you are trying to generate emails, leads, and sales using your WordPress website. It has everything to build pages, break tests (testing multiple page combinations to see what works best. You can run quizzes, have a range of opt-ins for email. It’s really the complete package and it fits seamlessly together.

Pages for split testing and blog titles

My favorite page creator of all time

Receive messages or add individuals to your email list

Membership Monthly

Top Best WordPress Tools Free 2023 10

Plan 24 by School of Profits

I respect Project 24’s way of structuring it. The aim is to blog for a full-time salary in 24 months. They have a strategy, a roadmap, and their first 60 moves to achievement. A weekly podcast, community member forums, are also included. They also grown to help people build both a blog and a channel on YouTube.

There are 10+ courses, and they track meticulously how many individuals earn $1,000, $2,000, or full-time sales from their blog. They have hundreds of students making decent money and trying to develop the course and upgrade it.

A guide step-by-step

Tons of new and up-to-date instruction and tutorials

A lively forum to create your website with other people

You don’t get one at a time for course designers or direct Q and A. (though they do answer questions on the podcast)

No access for a lifetime, you pay monthly,

Top Best WordPress Tools Free 2023 11

Glorify Glorify

I used Canva to produce photographs, but this one is a lot easier. Next, with a strategy for all the various file sizes, you have access to ALL of their models. But, the backdrop remover is by far the greatest selling point. Cutting out a human from the context is Too easy.

I have used Photoshop and a range of methods, and none of them come close to eliminating the context. For basic photo editing, I do use Photoshop, but this is a vital aspect of my toolkit.

Basic free plan, basic free plan

A large array of models and modules

The finest context remover that I’ve ever used

The Pro package is more costly than Canva.

In terms of advanced image processing, Minimal

Top Best WordPress Tools Free 2023 12

With Cloudways

Most cheap hosts are sluggish and you need to use the C Panel. Managed hosting is a lot quicker, but you leap to $30+ per month easily. With very strong service and the best price, Cloudways has controlled hosting, but far more accessible. I was quite pleased with the pace and uptime (it has very few times when the site is down)

Incredible price for supervised hosting

Magnificent rates and uptime

Excellent support for

Costlier than shared hosting

A2 Hosting


A2 hosting has excellent support and for the price, it is decent hosting. It’s one of the best joint hosting options. Although my preference is Cloudflare, at under $5 a month, A2 is a great offer.

Inexpensive: Solutions for less than $5 a month

Amazing service

Excellent pace for the price

Not as fast as more costly alternatives

Have to use C Panel to solve problems

Top Best WordPress Tools Free 2023 13

Abandoned Cart Restore

The most sophisticated email marketing strategy I’ve come across is the Active campaign… at an expense. Their deep data API lets you tag and watch in your email a range of acts and behaviors. In sophisticated email tagging and monitoring, it’s the market pioneer.

Affordable Service

For future upgrades, a one-time charge

For each product, highly personalized emails

Only 6 months of the author’s help until you spend extra

Top Best WordPress Tools Free 2023 14

Free Cartflows

To do all of the most advanced funnels: upsells, down sells, order bumps, etc., you need the pro edition of Cartflows. But, Cartflows is also a fantastic option on your WordPress website to have a personalized checkout and thank you post. It’s much more than with a tool like Woocommerce, the default checkout you get.


Decent Customization

Not a real funnel maker for sales