Recommended Best Paid Courses Resources For Beginner In 2023

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By Ok Digital Consultant

1. Best Pinterest Course


Perfect Pinning

On Pinterest, this is how you evolve. I was just pinning it and it didn’t fit. I saw a 100,000 percent rise in impressions following their formula and went up to 60,000 impressions a month. Not just that, they update the course regularly, and there is a great group of participants. This one is truly super well-priced with this amount of service, upgrades, and advanced tactics.


  • Entry to advanced lessons and technique for a lifetime
  • Highly-priced with upgrades per year
  • A supportive group for answering all your questions on Facebook


  • Oh, no Q and A.
  • It’s just the correct duration, but don’t expect the content course to take 40-60 hours.

2. Top Best Blogging Course


Plan 24 by School of Profits

I respect Project 24’s way of structuring it. The aim is to blog for a full-time salary in 24 months. They have a strategy, a roadmap, and their first 60 moves to achievement. A weekly podcast, community member forums, are also included. They also grown to help people build both a blog and a channel on YouTube.

There are 10+ courses, and they track meticulously how many individuals earn $1,000, $2,000, or full-time sales from their blog. They have hundreds of students making decent money and trying to develop the course and upgrade it.


  • A guide step-by-step
  • Tons of new and up-to-date instruction and tutorials
  • A lively forum to create your website with other people


  • You don’t get one at a time for course designers or direct Q and A. (though they do answer questions on the podcast)
  • No access for a lifetime, you pay monthly,

3. Best Course on Facebook


Education on Paying Traffic

The highest paying course I ever did. Max is a total professional who not only has hundreds of sophisticated Facebook ad campaigns. But, there’s a 90-minute weekday Q and A, too. Every week, I turn up to get a question answered. You will also watch 100+ hours of the previous Q and A workouts. It teaches Facebook advertisements, but it also has a lot of knowledge on running a business or organization, developing a brand, etc.


  • 90 Minute Q & A Weekly
  • Insanely In-Depth course with lessons of 100+ hours/past experience
  • Advanced tips on advertisement and business strategies in general


  • Charge monthly or annually, not lifetime educational access