Top Best Social Media Marketing Tools & Useful Software In 2023

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By Ok Digital Consultant

Best Social Media Marketing Tools & Useful Software


Sumo software

App Sumo has a wide range of tech offers offering lifetime rewards. Some of these are brand new enterprises and some are long-established businesses. I’ve nabbed some amazing apps and deals with 1/10 of what it would otherwise have run. There are a few duds, but fantastic deals, apps, and possibilities overall.


  • Access to apps during life
  • Incredible tools for social media, productivity, and project management
  • Every few weeks, new sales and discounts


  • Any implementations ended up not being perfect. Some are firms that are new and untested.


Glorify Glorify

I used Canva to produce photographs, but this one is a lot easier. Next, with a strategy for all the various file sizes, you have access to ALL of their models. But, the backdrop remover is by far the greatest selling point. Cutting out a human from the context is Too easy.

I have used Photoshop and a range of methods, and none of them come close to eliminating the context. For basic photo editing, I do use Photoshop, but this is a vital aspect of my toolkit.


  • Basic free plan, basic free plan
  • A large array of models and modules
  • The finest context remover that I’ve ever used


  • The Pro package is more costly than Canva.
  • In terms of advanced image processing, Minimal


Vid’s IQ

VidIQ provides a range of tools and indicators that you can’t get from analytics from YouTube.

You will see which content gets the most views every day from your rivals. It’s a perfect way to evaluate what fits well for your channel and other important metrics.


  • Views per metric of the day
  • Features of Channel Audit
  • To build your channel, see main metrics to


  • Restricted metrics for Free Plan

otter-ai Ai

For me, works well. Rev is more detailed and a little more pricey (about $1 a minute) and often I use it. But, fits well for my new workflow. In minutes, you will get an online transcription that’s 95% correct. Excellent performances and competitive costs.


  • In Minutes, Ready
  • Strong accuracy standard
  • Able to download a subtitle file


  • Not as detailed as

Zoho Social

Zoho Social Culture

Zoho Social helps you to prepare for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Business Page, and Google My Business Page in an inexpensive but efficient way.

You can also see and respond to comments directly. At the right moment for your audience, you can also get it shared and offer separate access to team members.


  • Compared to the competition, Inexpensive
  • Post to 6 platforms & watch comments and clicks
  • Getting several members of the team and access to


  • Subscription every month
  • Technical plan needed to see posts on a calendar for publication