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Best Yamaha YDP S52 Traditional Console Style Digital Piano In 2022

The Best Yamaha YDP S52 Traditional Keyboard Style Digital Piano

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Top Best Yamaha YDP S52 Review

With an excessive number of piano players and specialists, the Yamaha YDP-S52 is the best keyboard in Yamaha’s Arius Series.

This is a serious easily proven wrong subject however one thing everybody can concur on is the great execution of this specific piano.

Looking acutely into this keyboard, it is straightforward why it is so famous and recommendable.

The YDP S52 is an inside and out entertainer offering amazing administrations in everything that issues to musicians and music sweethearts.

Its structuring is first class. Its touch is so unique and instinctive for liquid execution and the sound quality and yield set the bar significantly higher.

The YDP S52 has a cutting-edge trendy plan to which heaps of mechanical devices are housed. The keyboard looks reduced and feels light yet inside it is all that you’ll ever need to scale your music vocation higher than ever.

The craziest piece of everything is that the keyboard is accessible at an entirely moderate value making a joke out of another top-of-the-line piano in the market.

Coming up next is all that you have to think about the Yamaha YDP-S52.

Initial introductions

The Best Yamaha YDP S52 Traditional Console Style Digital Piano

YDP-S52 comes in two hues, a white wood finish, and a dark pecan. These hues won’t simply mix in with your home style yet they’ll improve the general appearance of your home without taking a lot of your space. This keyboard has a smooth and conservative structure that empowers it to fit any place.

Discuss fitting anyplace, the S52 has a strong development that ensures solidness. Its general development is intended to continue you for however much time as could reasonably be expected.

The thing with music and every single electronic device is that overhauls will consistently come; some quicker than foreseen.

For anybody with a greater financial plan, moving up to new gadgets isn’t an issue however for every other person on a constrained spending plan,

The YDP S52’s development permits you to keep making your music for quite a long time until you are in a situation to at last make that update.

After you are finished valuing the looks, you will at that point go over the 88 Graded Hammer Standard keys. These are intended to feel and react like a genuine great piano.

The GHS activity brings all clients of the keyboard nearer to how a fabulous piano feels like and this is a one-of-a-kind chance for everybody rehearsing with the aim of performing on an acoustic piano in a world-class show sometime in the not so distant future.

The Yamaha S52 additionally accompanies full 192 Polyphony something that you probably won’t find in other premium keyboards that could cost double the cost of S52!

With this full arrangement of polyphony, both learning and propelled players will have a chance to clean their aptitudes with a difficult instrument.

For astounding sound yield, the keyboard has two 20W enhancers and a couple of oval-formed speakers estimating around 12cm by 6cm.

The speaker framework has truly satisfied the keyboard’s norms. They produce mind-boggling sounds whether you are playing reverbs, trebles, or bass. This ensures your music is engaging both to you and your fans.

How can it play?

How To Play Piano Online Free? Discover Here

We have built up that the keyboard looks fabulous and on paper, we likewise observe that it should be a significant instrument yet is it truly?

How well does the keyboard player and is it increasingly appropriate for apprentices or prepared musicians?

The feature of this present keyboard’s playability generally spins around the reviewed hammer keys. This tech gives the keyboard an authentic vibe of an acoustic piano.

Evaluated hammer keys feel and react in an extremely liquid way permitting you to play without hardly lifting a finger.

Utilizing this keyboard, you will likewise see that the lower notes are somewhat heavier and they get lighter as you move towards the higher notes.

To guarantee that the keyboard is all the more amicable to play, Yamaha has made the keys out of engineered ivory. This has been helpful in different manners yet the most basic of everything is the means by which it has totally disposed of the aggravation that is sweat-soaked hands.

Sweat or clammy will never be an issue again on account of the manufactured ivory that helps in retaining the perspiration.

This permits all students and experienced piano players to rehearse and perform for longer hours with no superfluous bothers.

At last, we have contact affectability alternatives which typically go undervalued. With this keyboard, you can switch between delicate, medium, and hard affectability.

This is a mind-blowing open door for you to customize the keyboard just as you would prefer. With this setting, you can likewise change to delicate when you need to let your kids with more fragile hands get a vibe of this stunning keyboard.

Definitively, playing this keyboard meets all the promotions around it. Its responsiveness and by and large plan guarantee that the two amateurs and propelled keyboardists can get the best out of the YDP S52.



Yamaha has figured out how to achieve a stunning equalization by giving you an assortment of sounds that will enhance your abilities.

From this keyboard, you will get seven distinct instruments and three mystical piano sounds carrying the all-out voices to 10.

The treble is madly perfect and the bass sounds rich and incredibly refined. These sounds are of high caliber and with gratitude, to the 40W enhancers, you’ll get an opportunity of making the most of their clearness.

We need to take note that the YDP S52 conveys sounds from the well-known CFIIIS show amazing piano that has been utilized by prestigious famous people in the most noteworthy of music arenas.

This digital keyboard brings the rich sounds from that grant-winning acoustic piano in your home at a moderate cost.

As though all that wasn’t sufficient, Yamaha went further to furnish this piano with a PureCF motor for a definitive reverb experience.

This motor reproduces common reverberation from show corridors and different scenes at amazingly high-caliber.

You will likewise approach impacts, for example, live jazz gigs, chamber setting, presentation lobby, show corridor among numerous others.

There are different highlights fitted to upgrade sound quality and choices considerably further. These incorporate acoustic streamlining agents, stereophonic analyzers, and shrewd acoustic control.


ydp-s52 yamaha

The YDP S52 has a lot of available alternatives making the keyboard adaptable and increasingly helpful to utilize. The greatest one is maybe the Digital Piano App which permits you to interface your keyboard to an iPhone or iPad.

This application brings all the elements of the keyboard to your hands. You can likewise utilize the keyboard through twelve different applications perfect with it. With these applications, you can record, compose, and test all your music.

The keyboard additionally accompanies a couple of standard sound system telephone jacks for sound yield. These can be utilized with an outside speaker framework for considerably stronger and better sounds. There is likewise a USB to HOST availability choice.

YDP S52 Yamaha Specs

  • Measurements: Width 1353mm; Height 792mm; profundity 309mm
  • Weight: 37.8kg
  • Four touch affectability: Fixed, delicate, medium and hard
  • Three pedal choices: delicate, sostenuto and damper
  • Collapsing spread style
  • 192-note polyphony
  • 10 preset voices
  • Four kinds of reverbs
  • Accompanies an Intelligent Acoustic Control, Damper Resonance, and Stereophonic Optimizer
  • Supports double and couple capacities
  • Accompanies 50 preset piano melodies and 10 demo tunes
  • Metronome work
  • Rhythm extend: 5 – 280
  • Transpose: – 6 – 0 – +6
  • Tuning: 414.8 – 440.0 – 466.8 Hz
  • All out inward stockpiling of around 900kb
  • Two standard sound system earphone jacks
  • USB to HOST network
  • Two 20W speakers
  • Two oval speakers (12cm by 6 cm)
  • Accompanies an acoustic streamlining agent
  • Dad 300C force flexibly (14W force utilization)
  • Highlight an auto-power off
  • The piano comes stuffed with a music book (50 Greats for Piano) and an AC Adaptor (PA-300C).

Last Word On Yamaha YDP S52

The Best Yamaha YDP S52 Traditional Console Style Digital Piano

On accepting this keyboard, you should do a smidgen of amassing before you begin. The amassing is truly simple and you ought to have the option to do it without anyone’s help surprisingly fast.

From all the highlights seen over, it’s very straightforward what the whine encompassing this instrument is about. The Yamaha Arius YDP-S52 offers astonishing highlights at a truly moderate cost.

For around $1300 you will get very good quality capacities that were at first accessible on progressively costly pianos.

The Yamaha Arius YDP S52 has everything for musicians of all expertise levels. It’s smaller and in vogue, structuring is something else we are certain you will experience passionate feelings for.

Be that as it may, After all not all musicians have the same tests, and might be my impression isn’t care for yours,

Before you settle on a choice look at our audits of the best-digital pianos of 2019 and past. In any case, get your by from amazon beneath.