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The Best Yamaha YDP-S34 Arius Series Slim Digital Keyboard Piano

The Best Yamaha YDP-S34 Arius Series Slim Digital Keyboard Piano

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Top Best Yamaha YDP-S34 Review

Everybody adores a digital keyboard that conveys excellent great sounds from stupendous pianos. Lamentably, getting these sounds at a moderate cost is the most concerning issue.

The Yamaha YDP S-34 is a continuation of Yamaha’s endeavor at giving probably the best great piano sounds in a reasonable unit.

This keyboard is structured with probably the best exemplary sounds that we as a whole love. These sounds have been upgraded further utilizing a couple of mechanical contraptions to concoct enchanted voices.

The Best Yamaha YDP-S34 Arius Series Slim Digital Console Piano In 2022

Something different we truly cherished about this keyboard is its whole development. Yamaha was quick to convey not only an extraordinary keyboard as far as execution,

Yet one that will likewise include some magnificence into your home or studio. The Yamaha YDP S-34 has a smooth structuring with an astounding style that you’ll cherish from the word go.

In this survey, we will delve profoundly into what this new expansion in the Arius arrangement brings to the table. Here is the thing that you ought to anticipate from this instrument.

1. Early introductions

With the YDP S34, Yamaha has indicated that a digital keyboard shouldn’t simply be tied in with conveying the essential elements of voices, ports, etc.

They have planned this keyboard in a straightforward way yet it despite everything figured out how to come out very exquisite.

With this keyboard, there are no bunches of subtleties and others in vogue things to draw consideration from what is important the most; real execution. Indeed, even the maker’s logo has been kept up in a subtle way.

There are just two pieces of the keyboard with Yamaha’s logo; one on the cover marked with a sensibly little textual style and another on the left side which is somewhat greater. The remainder of the noticeable textual styles is totally completed in a dark facade secured with the wood surface.

The keyboards appearances overflow style and you’ll have the option to get this instrument in three unique hues; white, white debris, and my preferred dark pecan. The keyboard glances dazzling in these hues yet there is something one of a kind about the dark pecan.

It doesn’t simply look official however it’ll additionally mix into your home stylistic layout all the more easily contrasted with the other two hues. This is simply me however and shading is an exceptionally emotional issue so you may locate the other two additionally engaging.

2. How does the YDP S34 play?

Opening the keyboard’s cover acquaints you with 88-keys; dark matt and white gleaming keys. Toward the finish of the keys is a red felt strip that keeps dust off the inside of the keyboard.

The Yamaha YDP 34 keys highlight reviewed hammer standard tech that should improve the vibe and reaction of the keys.

We need to concede that evaluated hammer 3 is a progressively famous and powerful tech that we would have wanted to see here.

Fortunately, the GHS utilized in its place doesn’t perform so awful either. The keyboard plays delicately and we likewise found the nimbleness of the bounce back sensible.

The reaction and delicateness from this GHS keyboard convey a credible encounter that will be extremely helpful particularly for low-level piano players who are as yet culminating their aptitudes.

Getting to essential elements of the keyboard has likewise been made extra simple gratitude to a couple of catches and handles around the board.

You can get to the voices of the piano through the “Voice/Piano” button. The “+/ – ” will at that point permit you to move starting with one sound then onto the next.

Modifying the volume is really simple gratitude to the volume handle which is fitted with slight protection from helping you in choosing your volume all the more precisely.

There is additionally a “Metronome” button from which you can actuate click tracks whose beat you can increment or diminish utilizing the “+/ – ” catches.

In rundown, all the principle capacities that are utilized as often as possible would now be able to be gotten to through basic alternate ways which even fledglings will have the option to race in the blink of an eye.

There is then a manual that gives you access to the more digital alternate routes that you have to initiate capacities,

For example, controlling the inbuilt reverbs, making a split sound, modifying the touch affectability, and directing the Intelligent Acoustic Control.

You can likewise utilize a couple of alternate route stunts found on the manual to get to the Dual Mode that lets you layer two particular sounds and the Duo Playing capacity that isolates the piano into two segments.

3. Sound


The Yamaha Arius YDP-S34 houses the hints of the incomparable CFX Concert Grand Piano. Recollecting was the instrument that was utilized by the victor of the 2010 International Chopin Competition.

The CFX is an astonishing instrument whose amazing sounds were finely recorded and improved before they were customized into the S-34.

There are additionally sounds from the Mellow Grand which are likewise very great. A few people even asserted that the sounds were milder and their quality came out more normally particularly when utilizing the keyboard with the inherent speakers which aren’t ground-breaking.

The keyboard is likewise outfitted with sounds from different instruments like the Stage E Piano, Pop stupendous, Pipe Organ, Harpsichord, DX E Piano, Vibraphone, Strings, and Jazz Organ. As should be obvious, even experienced piano players will have adequate sounds to perform with.

You will likewise be getting 192-note polyphony that you can use to layer two voices to make another interesting sound. The keyboard additionally accompanies 10 inbuilt sounds and 50 demo melodies that tenderfoots can rehearse with.

4. Availability

yamaha ydp-s34

The YDP S-34 is very liberal with regard to availability choices. The nearness of a lot of ports builds the keyboard’s flexibility essentially.

With a USB attachment, for example, you can interface the keyboard to your PC permitting you to spare your sounds carefully or to include a couple of sounds into the keyboard.

Pivotal to take note that the S-34 programming is good with both Mac and Windows PC and subsequently you’ll never need to stress over similarity issues.

There is additionally a pedal jack close to the force jack attachment. You’ll likewise get an earphone yield which is set in a difficult-to-arrive at the spot.

Given the somewhat powerless nature of the implicit speaker, you will be utilizing this earphone to yield a considerable amount which makes its bizarre area much increasingly tricky.

The Yamaha S34 can likewise be controlled utilizing a free cell phone application that is accessible for both Android and iOS gadgets.

The “Shrewd Pianist” application permits you to control various elements of the keyboard all the more advantageously.

Tragically, the size of the contraption’s screen decides if you have full control of the keyboard with this application.

With an iPad or tablet, this shouldn’t be an issue however on the off chance that you are utilizing a cell phone you probably won’t increase total access to the piano’s capacities.

Yamaha YDP-S34 Specs

  • Measurements: Width 1353mm; Height 792mm; profundity 296mm
  • Weight: 35.9kg
  • 88 GHS keyboard
  • Contact Sensitivity: Fixed, delicate, medium and hard
  • Supports three pedals (delicate, sostenuto and damper)
  • Collapsing key spread style
  • 192-note polyphony
  • 10 voices
  • Four reverbs
  • 10 demo tunes
  • 50 preset piano tunes
  • Information Capacity 100kb per tune (11,000 notes)
  • Supports recording of two tracks or 1 tune
  • Accompanies Intelligent Acoustic Control, Damper Resonance, and Stereophonic Optimizer
  • Double/Layers and Duo capacities
  • Metronome capacity
  • Rhythm go: 5 – 280
  • Transpose: – 6 – 0 – +6
  • Tuning: 414.8 – 440.0 – 466.8 Hz
  • Two standard sound system earphone jacks
  • USB to Host availability
  • Two 8W speakers
  • Two 12cm speakers
  • The keyboard likewise accompanies an AC Adaptor (PA-150B), SubZero SZ-H100 sound system earphones, and a songbook containing 50 old style music.


Lamentably, the YDP S-34 additionally has a couple of weaknesses that we wanted to feature. The greatest which we have just called attention to is the powerless speakers.

It’s somewhat dismal that Yamaha Arius didn’t fit this keyboard with speakers ground-breaking enough to do equity to the mind-blowing hints of the CFX.

The bass particularly is so poor and could without much of a stretch ruin your entire execution. Fortunately, utilizing earphones delivers much better sounds.

Furthermore, you will see that there is no sound info and the metronome likewise doesn’t have a supporting showcase.

End Of Yamaha YDP-S34

Yamaha YDP S34 Review 2020-An Extraordinary Piano In The Year 2022?

The Yamaha Arius YDP S34 accompanies a couple of difficulties that we can’t simply forget about. Luckily, taking a gander at different things that this keyboard brings to the table is persuading enough for us to give this keyboard a fair appraising.

It has smooth planning and a decent number of highlights that we are not used to finding in keyboards inside its value go.

In this way, on the off chance that we are talking about an incentive for cash, the YDP S-34 is unquestionably a decent alternative. The two learners and propelled musicians will discover this keyboard exceptionally fascinating to utilize.