Yamaha S90 Review – Expert Says In The Year 2020

Prologue to the Yamaha S90

At the point when the Yamaha S-90 was discharged in August 2005, it denoted a tremendous advance in digital piano and blend innovation. Its Motif ES roots and its different capacities aside, the Yamaha S-90 is the better sounding and feeling digital piano/ synth we’ve played up until this point.

The best new substitution for the Yamaha s-90sx is the MX88 Yamaha:

The piano console runs on the new multi-speed, the sound system great piano example with soundboard reproduction and half hosing (when joined with the FC3 pedal) that is rich and unfathomably sensible. Up until now, it’ the best Yamaha has utilized in a synthesizer.

The studio associations similarity, 128 note polyphony tone generator, PLG expandability, and LAN extension opening give it all the amalgamation control and amazing usefulness of Yamaha MOTIF ES.

Yamaha S-90 Features

Right off the bat, Yamaha has pitched the keyboard as an “ideal harmony between digital piano and synthesizer”. How’s that for a precise proclamation. This piano offers one of the best, best-feeling weighted keyboard activities we’ve at any point experienced on a synth.

The mod wheels, continuous sliders, and pitch twist display the S90 synth side. Furthermore, the Yamaha S-90 offers 128 notes of polyphony (barring the additional polyphony one can include with any module extension sheets), and well more than 500 projects utilizing the 228 MB great waveforms driven from the AWM2 24 piece DSP chip.

In case you’re as of now experienced with the Yamaha Motif you will feel comfortable with S90ES. The S90ES keeps recognizable menus, similar to, voice, ace, and execution modes for changing your sound settings. The S90ES sound banks are organized especially indistinguishable.

Console Feel

Yamaha S-90 console activity is an even mallet component with an aftertouch. We cherished the structure of this console; its smooth reaction gives the artist a wide powerful choice of volume. On an 88-key synth/ digital piano, the S90ES is unimaginably light weighing just 22.5kg (49lbs, 10oz) making the S90ES an incredible console for voyaging artists.


S90ES’s soundbanks are sorted out completely, much the same as the Motif’s sound banks-A. Piano, Organ, Keyboard, and so forth. I was overwhelmed by the Yamaha S-90 sounds, particularly, the S90ES’s fresh out of the plastic new piano examples.

The piano examples are restricted to the Yamaha S-90 making up 53 MB of the 228 MB test sound. The piano examples were recorded in the Yamaha S700 thousand piano. (We performed research around the S700 and couldn’t discover any data and closed the S700 is a piano Yamaha created for testing purposes as it were).

Just an observing ear will separate this piano from the genuine article. S90ES integrates thoughtful reverberation impacts while permitting you to utilize half-damper accelerating with the alternatively accessible Yamaha FC3 damper pedal. Yamaha S-90 is perfect with BC3, FC4, FC5, and an FC7 damper pedal, articulation pedal, and footswitch.

Different sounds that intrigued us were the electric pianos, cushions, strings, synth leads, and symphonic instruments. Yamaha even customized controllers like the mod wheel, aftertouch, and information sliders into a large portion of the soundbank programs, fabricating an abundance of playable sounds for making new tune thoughts.

Programmable Controllers

The Yamaha S90 is adaptable enough to let you program the controllers to influence one or various boundaries of your projects at the same time. For example, you could assign the mod wheel to ace panning and LFO pitch profundity, in this way letting you all the while perform panning and control pitch profundity with one controller.

The S90ES’s 4 sliders, pitch wheel, mod wheel, breath, foot controllers, and switch are assignable with the bit of a catch. Yamaha structured pre-allocated capacities to the sliders. In the event that you chose to contact the PAN/SEND button, the sliders would control reverb, beat, container, and ensemble. Be that as it may, when you press the TONE button, the sliders will control assault, reverberation, cutoff, and discharge boundaries. How cool?

Basic Operation

Regardless of whether you want to just peruse and mess around with the voices or control an entire MIDI apparatus, the S90 ES’s colossal LCD screen, and instinctive hands-on UI make it amazingly easy to utilize.

Smartmedia™ playback sequencer

The S90 ES’s playback sequencer permits you to playback MIDI records (group 0) directly from a SmartMedia ™ card. Utilize this capacity to make a library of up to 100 melodies, which can all be instantly called upon the bit of a catch incredible for live shows! Chain playback is in like manner conceivable.

The gave File Utility programming will make it simple and brisk to move MIDI records out of your PC to a SmartMedia ™ card with the goal that you can leave your PC at home next time you have a gig.

Different Features

For the individuals who have an outer sequencer, the S90ES could be utilized as a multitimbral tone generator. One component we discovered proved to be useful is the REMOTE catch. This lets you control sequencer programming on your pc from the S90ES’s board.

The Yamaha S-90ES incorporates an arpeggiator with well more than 1700 styles, 3 openings for upgrading the S90ES sounds utilizing the alternatively accessible measured blend module sheets, and the mLAN16E board that adequately stations your MIDI and sound information to one IEEE 1394 association annihilating the requirement for heaps of links.


  • More than 500 Motif quality sounds.
  • Offers incredible programmability–numerous channels, oscillators, LFO shapes, channel, speed, DSPs, and pitch envelopes.
  • Staggeringly sensible pianos.
  • Extremely smooth 88-key pleasantly adjusted mallet keyboard activity.
  • Four programmable sliders, pitch wheel, mod, and aftertouch.
  • Expandable with discretionary mLAN16E board and combination module sheets.
  • Lightweight for a 88 key console (22.5 kg/49 lbs, 10oz).


  • Needs locally available sequencer for recording.
  • Doesn’t accompany a switch pedal.

End on the Yamaha S-90

yamaha s90

Yamaha S90 has the most pleasant 88 weighted key activities we have seen on Yamaha’s consoles. The piano sounds are strikingly exquisite and playable-we were unable to quit playing them! Other than the pianos, different sounds are exactly what you would anticipate from Motifs without the Motif sticker price.

We adored the adaptability and expandability on the S90ES alongside its lightweight; all things considered, we anticipated that it should, in any event, incorporate a footswitch pedal along with an inherent account sequencer for those among us that aren’t utilizing programming sequencers. It could likewise be pleasant if Yamaha presented an S90ES rack module later on for the individuals who have just got a devoted 88 key controller.

The Yamaha S-90 is extraordinary for proficient artists who need a piano and synth controller that they can use as their fundamental instrument in their studio while being sufficiently compact to be put on the rearward sitting arrangement of a Honda when essential. The S90ES is a perfect harmony between advanced piano and synthesizer.

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