The Best Yamaha PSR EW300 Review 76-Key Portable Keyboard

The Best Yamaha PSR EW300 Review 76-Key Portable Keyboard

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Top Best Yamaha PSR EW300 Review

At the point when you need a starter keyboard, the PSR-EW300 has given everything to you, with 76 keys for the more genuine piano apprentice. On-board exercise capacities help you to enhance normal piano exercises.

Plugin your versatile music player to the Aux Input for no reason in particular and utilize the tune silencer to mellow the lead vocal so, with your preferred tunes, you can sing and play along.

Yamaha has been since the start of the business a heavyweight of instruments, particularly the piano where it has been associated with the best developments of all history to bring forth undertakings of extraordinary prestige and furthermore incredible capacities.

The digital piano market might be youthful yet it guarantees disclosures just as the incorporation of all the more intriguing highlights for performers. In this survey, we will investigate the Yamaha PSR EW300 and investigate its capacities.

1. Keyboard Of Yamaha PSR-EW300

Best Yamaha PSR EW300 Review 76-Key

The PSE-EW300 accompanies 76 touch touchy keys implying that the keys react to the power at which you struck them.

Their volume changes on how hard or delicate you play.

They are full-sized importance they are of the standard size of a genuine piano where you can rehearse finger situating until you can progress to the following level.

This gives a decent playing experience particularly on the off chance that you have never played the piano.

Likewise, you enormously advantage from it in the event that you are awkward when playing weighted keyboards.

Tragically, the PSR-EW300 doesn’t offer any ivory or dark incitement where its keys are smooth plastic.

2. Design Of Yamaha PSR EW300

design of piano keyboard

The heaviness of Yamaha PSR-EW300 is around 13 pounds and measures 4.62″ X 45.37″ X 14.5″.

Its plan is minimal enough making it advantageous for the individuals who are searching for a keyboard to move around with.

It is light in any event, for the youngsters particularly in the event that you purchase a movable remain to effortlessly accommodate their necessary stature.

The piano has a decent assembled quality as it is made of solid plastic that is strong and sturdy.

It accompanies control components that are effectively open and exceptionally clear.

They make you’re playing peaceful and progressively fun.


The PSR-EW300 accompanies a 48-note polyphony that is very enough for an apprentice.

Actually, the piano doesn’t have numerous highlights so there is no requirement for more polyphony.

3. Sound Of Yamaha EW300


When purchasing a keyboard, sound is one of the most significant qualities that requires incredible consideration.

The keyboard accompanies a two 12-inch speaker framework and a 2.5+ 2.5 W enhancer that gives a serious decent solid.

This sound framework gives extraordinary piano stability in addition to more than 500 different sounds that you can browse.

There are additionally various impacts like the theme, reverbs equalizer, and concordance.

4. Feature Of Yamaha EW 300


With regards to highlights, the PSR-EW300 will, in general, be one essential instrument.

It significantly fits the individuals who exclusively need a piano to rehearse with.

In this way, in the event that you are an accomplished player, you’d most likely need an alternate instrument that will accommodate your playing experience and give you a choice to propel your abilities.

To locate the correct instrument for your necessities, check our definitive assortment of digital piano audits.

• 76 delicate keys (not weighted)

• 574 Different hints of piano and different instruments

• 48-voice polyphony (Number of notes that can sound on the double. This incorporates tunes that sound without a moment’s delay. So in the event that you play over a backup sound, more notes will collect.)

• 165 Styles (Accompanying styles that adjust to the harmonies we are playing. For instance they will put bass and a drum set that will adjust and synchronize with the notes we are playing on the keyboard.)

• Reverb, Chorus y Master EQ (Refers to the ace equalizer that permits you to modify the parameters of the blend of sounds that come out of your speakers.)

• 150 sorts of arpeggios

• Recording capacity

• Metronome (Element of essential investigation to study and practice the beat of a bit of music.)

• Audio Aux input.

• Headphones yield

• 2 x 2.5 W noisy vocal framework

• Measures (A x Al x Pr): 1152 x 118 x 369 mm and a load of 6.2 kg

• Weight: 6.2 kg

• Includes power gracefully and music sheet holder

• Can work with batteries

With the PSR-EW300, you will appreciate highlights like:


Pair mode

With this component, you can isolate the console into two segments that have an indistinguishable pitch run.

This permits two individuals to play with a similar octave and play out a two-part harmony.

The mode is an exceptionally valuable learning device where an educator can sit close to an understudy and play a similar tune while the understudy follows directly along.

Double mode

With double mode, you can layer two distinct sounds to get a progressively unpredictable tone.

That is the point at which you press a key, you produce two instrument sounds simultaneously.

This is amusing to play and test on.

Split mode

With the split mode, you can play an alternate instrument with various hands.

This is yet another device that can make the instrument very fan to play on.

Music Library Of PSR EW300

  • The PSRE-300 accompanies 154 inherent tunes that you can cooperate with and playback.
  • You can even alter the rhythm and include different impacts.
  • You are likewise ready to record up to 5 tunes and 2 tracks.

Different Features Of PSR EW300 Yamaha

The PSR-EW300 has Yamaha Education Suite that permits you to rehearse the preset melodies or MIDI records that you can play at your own pace.

The element gives you a nine-advance exercise work that you practice on each hand making it very simple for a fledgling to learn.

It likewise accompanies a scoring highlight including much progressively fun during the training and enormously propels you to improve your abilities.

Another incredible component is the capacity button that you can use to change the volume beat and rhythm.

There is additionally an LCD that shows you the settings, your exhibition, and different elements of the console.

There is additionally a tuning capacity that can be utilized to calibrate the volume and pitch to coordinate your inclination.

5. Connectivity Of PSR-EW300

Best Yamaha PSR EW300 Review

The instrument accompanies standard association abilities. The sound yield empowers you to interface it with a couple of earphones for an enhancer for a huge group execution or quiet playing.

It likewise works in a USB-MIDI port that enables you to record or burden tunes to the instrument. The port likewise empowers you to associate it with DAW and use it as a controller. Sadly, there is an absence of remote availability where it just permits an association utilizing a USB connector.

Pros and Cons of Yamaha PSR-EW300

Pros & Cons


• Easy on the wallet.

• 574 instrument voices, 165 backup styles.

• USB to have availability.

• Classic and compact structure.

• Great form quality.

• Yamaha Education Suite.

• powerful form quality

• compact structure

• modest

• Yamaha training suite


• The keys are not weighted.

• Loud backup sounds.

• It just has 76 keys so you don’t get the playing full range (in spite of the fact that it is very agreeable for a fledgling).

Yamaha PSR EW300 Vs Yamaha PSR EW410

The PSR EW410 is a top of the line model and that comes the model EW300 having nearly similar highlights yet changing and improving hardly any things over the past model,

Among them, I can feature that the PSR EW410 is increasingly a piano that previously went into the scope of experts including capacities,

For example, live solid sifting that the PSR EW300 doesn’t have, anyway I can say that little is developed to legitimize its a lot more significant expense.

The Yamaha model PSR EW300 has 76 delicate keys just as in excess of 550 sounds separated from the digital piano, 48 polyphonic voices which permit to accomplish a decent volume of sound,

A chronicle work just as the alternative to pass those accounts by means of USB, likewise has 150 kinds of arpeggios and essential impacts, for example, the reverb the theme and the Master EQ.

Then again the Yamaha PSR EW410 model is a replacement of the PSR EW400 model and has 76 keys with dynamic affectability, in excess of 700 sounds, 48 polyphonic voices, in excess of 200 styles, wheels to change the pitch, a preset ace EQ, design work, metronome among others.

The digital piano Yamaha PSR EW300 is typically around 127 € less expensive than Yamaha PSR EW410.

Yamaha PSR EW300 Vs Casio WK 6600

They have comparable attributes in a few perspectives yet the Yamaha model has the disposition of having an account framework and a Master EQ framework,

In spite of the fact that it misses the mark for the individuals who need something increasingly proficient like the Casio WK 6600 that coordinates functionalities, for example, smaller than normal jack Stereo and fare of parts by means of SD.

I can likewise bring up that the two models have an attachment where to interface a support pedal however just the Casio WK6600 model accompanies the pedal included with the digital piano.

The digital piano Yamaha PSR EW300 is normally around 91 € less expensive than Casio WK 6600.

Yamaha PSR EW300 Vs Yamaha PSR E363

The PSR EW300 holds a large number of the elements of the PSR E363 model yet, in addition, improves a few capacities, for example, the quantity of pressable and touchy keys just as incorporating Chorus, reverb, and Master EQ capacities.

Remember that the keys of the model PSR EW3000 are touchy yet not with weight as they are those of the PSR E363.

The PSR E363 model has 61 touchy keys just as in excess of 500 sounds, in excess of 100 styles, 150 incorporated melodies, 48 polyphonic voices, reverb, theme, and ace EQ impacts just as a double capacity, a very worthy account work, memory registers, metronome, transpose an LCD screen and a support pedal.

The digital piano Yamaha PSR EW300 is for the most part around 69 € more costly than Yamaha PSR E363.

Yamaha PSR EW300 Vs Yamaha PSR E463

The two pianos have specialties altogether different from one another, from one viewpoint the PSR EW300 is considerably more focused on live craftsmen and makers in the studio,

Then again the model PSR E463 is highly focused on understudies being its extraordinary capacities for them, contingent upon the capacity of the client who needs to secure a keyboard can prescribe that on the off chance that you need to begin to select the PSR E463 and on the off chance that you are as of now proficient decide on the PSR EW300.

The computerized piano Yamaha PSR EW300 is typically around 40 € less expensive than Yamaha PSR E463, yet with so little value distinction this can fluctuate.

Last Word

Best Yamaha PSR EW300 Review 76-Key Portable Keyboard with Power Supply

The PSR-EW300 is a decent passage-level keyboard that gives you all that you have to begin the excursion of learning a piano and even an incredible decision on the off chance that you are simply searching for an instrument to mess around with.

Tragically, it probably won’t be ideal for each middle player particularly the individuals who are hoping to progress to an acoustic piano since it has fewer keys and the keyboard isn’t weighted.

Additionally, there are hardly any quantities of highlights which may restrain your inventiveness as a propelled player.

Fortunately, you can even now utilize the USB to have highlighted to extend your inventiveness by interfacing with training and other melodic applications in your PC.

You can likewise have a ton of fun particularly when you utilize the tune silencer to lead vocals with the goal that you can chime in and play your main tunes.

For those individuals who are searching for a straightforward then Yamaha PSR-EW300 is a wonderful decision, modest and convenient keyboard to play with. It’s a superb decision for tenderfoots, advanced performers, and easygoing players.