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The Best Yamaha PSR-E343 61-Key Portable Keyboard

The Best Yamaha PSR-E343 61-Key Portable Keyboard

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By Ok Digital It Fiirm

Best Yamaha PSR-E343 61-Key Portable Keyboard

In Yamaha PSR-E343 Review convenience used to be a key selling point for most keyboards back in the days when we were utilized to colossal keyboards that could scarcely be moved starting with one piece of the room then onto the next.

Things have anyway changed quickly and at present; convertibility alone doesn’t cut it. The maker ought to be in a situation to offer something beyond a light smaller keyboard. All things considered, of what use is a light keyboard on the off chance that it can’t convey when it is called upon?

PSR-E343, one of the pioneers in the music instruments industry, has broad involvement with the creation of a wide range of keyboards. On the off chance that anybody is in a situation to convey a versatile and high performing keyboard in them.

In the PSR E343, accepts they have given us a definitive compact keyboard that is fitted with quite a few highlights to fulfill a client’s needs. In any case, has it truly? Is the keyboard as great as Yamaha paint it out to be?

Prologue to the Yamaha PSR-E343

1. Sound


The Yamaha PSR-E343 produces fulfilling sounds taking everything into account. Recall this is a convenient keyboard that couldn’t be fitted with all the more remarkable intensifiers for better yield. Furthermore, the keyboard is intended to be inside the reasonable value go and subsequently,

This restricted the amount they could spend on making the keyboard; they are a business all things considered. Shockingly, the keyboard despite everything figures out how to deliver excellent sounds that can occupy a genuinely enormous room.

The Best Yamaha PSR-E343 61-Key Portable Keyboard

All sounds in the keyboard are done particularly the electronic ones. Catching digital piano tones precisely is constantly a troublesome undertaking that most section level keyboards as a rule neglect to accomplish.

With the Yamaha PSR-E343, we were very satisfied with the piano tones which sounded not too bad for an instrument so little.

The sound choices are likewise spread out taking into account the production of various types of music. You will likewise get an opportunity of utilizing the EQ in adjusting explicit tones exactly as you would prefer.

This permits you to get the sounds or tones you are searching for all the more precisely in this manner making it simple for you to make remarkable music. You will likewise get different impacts including amicability, wide sound system, reverb, and theme.

The keyboard additionally accompanies a tune silencer that gives perpetual music creation openings. Because of this component,

You can interface the keyboard to a blender, PC, cell phone, or another keyboard utilizing a line yield to the Aux-in association. When associated, you’ll have the option to alter tunes and stir up various sounds.

You can even quiet vocals of a melody and supplant them with your own sounds! The entirety of this lifts inventiveness and is additionally perfect for students as it permits them to cooperate with various types of music until they ace and broaden their abilities.

2. Contact


The keys of this keyboard felt somewhat baffling. There are such huge numbers of issues about the keys utilized here which may address whether even students should utilize the keyboard.

As a matter of first importance, the keys are very limited. Hitting an inappropriate key with this keyboard is subsequently going to be a predominant issue for some, students out there.

Over the long haul, they will become acclimated to these keys yet indeed when this happens they will most likely be propelled players searching for another keyboard set.

A superior keyboard that accompanies standard keys implies that they’ll need to again experience a correction period. Once more, this is unmistakably the value we need to pay to get a reduced and versatile keyboard.

Also, the keys are neither weighted nor pressure delicate. These days, all keyboards out there attempt to imitate the touch and reactions of acoustic instruments by accompanying weighted keys which are additionally pressure-touchy.

In this way, it implies that the keyboard won’t give you even the smallest of encounters of how an acoustic instrument feels like.

Obviously, as a student, this may not feel like a lot of a serious deal since you are likewise uncertain about whether you are ever going to bear the cost of a fantastic piano however the issue is more genuine than you might suspect.

You will get the hang of utilizing this keyboard and eventually, you will consider yourself a musician however one day you’ll get a progressed digital piano and you will feel like you have never contacted a keyboard.

We, hence, accept this is a tremendous slip-up by Yamaha. They ought to have attempted to in any event plan the keyboard even with a modest weighting innovation to give the clients a brief look at what best-in-class keyboards feel like.

All things considered, the keys play really well and individuals who have never utilized some other keyboard won’t notice anything amiss with them.

3. Key Realism And Action

Piano Keys

As we referenced in this Yamaha PSRE 343 survey previously, the PSRE is certifiably not a full-size keyboard, since it just has 61 keys. It doesn’t offer such an unbelievable authenticity a full-size digital piano would have.

Be that as it may, the Yamaha PSR-E343 Yamaha keyboard offers contact affectability which is a stunning element to have.

The keys are marginally smaller than those of a standard piano, and likewise with most keyboards of this sort offer just a one-contact reaction, with no weighting or weight affectability.

This means performers need a chance to build up better contacts of keyboard playing in figuring out how to modify the dynamic level through finger contact, hand weight, and weight.

My own vibe is that this leaves artists in a more unfortunate state in their expertise improvement over the long haul. The keys react a lot like those of a commonplace organ.

For tenderfoots anyway it despite everything offers a chance to play effectively and not need to concentrate on the better muscle control executions that must be made on weighted and speed touchy keyboards.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to rehearse and build up your piano aptitudes, at that point you should search for a further developed 88 key weighted keyboards.

4. Different Features


Plainly, the PSR E343 is made for students and that is the reason the keyboard is additionally fitted with the popular Yamaha Education Suite.

This is a program or rather a guide that helps clients in figuring out how to play the piano easily, cooperating with different demo melodies, and even how to use certain impacts for an energetic presentation.

The Education Suite’s essence is colossal in addition to that all students will discover helpful. It accompanies 102 melodies and a striking demo demonstrating how you can play the tunes.

It even goes to the extent that giving you finger arrangements that can assist you with playing every one of the demo melodies. With the finger arrangements and all the demo melodies, you can rehearse or even learn all alone.

At the focal point of the keyboard’s top board is an illuminated LCD Screen. This performs different capacities including demonstrating to you the notes you are playing and the harmonies that are at present being used.

It’s likewise through this presentation, with the help of a couple of catches, that you’ll access the different highlights offered by the PSR E343. You will likewise observe the finger grouping and access the whole

Practice Your Fingers

Training Suite through this presentation. It’ll assist you with seeing how to place and move your fingers to play the tunes that you have selected.

The keyboard likewise considers the recording of two tracks and up to five tunes. PSR E343 has a locally available chronicle capacity. It likewise gives the choice of interfacing it to outside gadgets where you can send out the melodies you’ve made.

We likewise adored how the keyboard is perfect with cell phones, for example, iPod contact, iPhone, and iPad. Yamaha likewise gives an application through which you can control the keyboard utilizing your cell phone.

You should simply download the application and interface your contraption through the I-UX1 and you’ll deal with the balance and pitch twist.

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5. PSR E343 Specs

  • Weight: 4.4kg
  • 61 touch reaction keys
  • Illuminated LCD screen
  • AWM Stereo Sampling
  • 32-notes polyphony
  • 550 preset voices
  • GM and XGlite similarity
  • Impacts: reverb, agreement, ultra-wide sound system, ace EQ and chorale
  • Capacities: split, board continue and double/layers
  • Multi-fingering
  • 136 preset backup styles
  • 102 preset melodies
  • Recording: 2 tracks and 5 melodies
  • SMF playback
  • Yamaha Education Suite
  • Beat extend: 11 – 280
  • Transpose: – 12 – 0 – +12
  • Metronome and tuning are accessible
  • 7MB inner memory
  • Associations: AUX IN, AUX Pedal, USB to HOST, DC IN and Headphone jacks
  • Two 2.5W enhancers
  • Two 12cm speakers
  • Utilizations six AA batteries or an alternative connector (PA-3C/PA-130)
  • Force utilization: 8w and a discretionary PA-130

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


The quantity of highlights on this keyboard alone gives it an edge over its rivals and supplemented by the choice of voices and highlights is a sound age source that gives reasonable complex tones.

Customarily these less-expensive keyboards sounded fairly manufactured over the whole scope of voice determinations, yet this has changed with improved innovation and electronic tone age systems.

Yamaha has unquestionably improved the voice set on this keyboard and other electronic keyboard brands should up their game on the off chance that they are to contend in this market.

It’s an extraordinary keyboard for growing artists who need to explore different avenues regarding various sounds and who might want to instruct themselves to play, through experimentation and utilization of the onboard educating offices.

The Yamaha-Education Suite gives a prepared arrangement of instructing groupings to enable new players to gain the aptitudes to play out the stacked collection that accompanies the keyboard.

This framework is very noteworthy by the way it works and clients who are set up to invest some energy obtaining aptitudes will be flabbergasted at its viability in improving playing capacity.

It likewise offers some very mind-boggling fitting and backup highlights to make even the most punctual learners sound very practiced.

The accompaniment styles provide a rich tapestry of background sounds and chordal support to enhance performances and make the player sound great.

The recording facilities offer musicians an opportunity to use recorded fragments in performances and to learn the skills of layering parts to create more complex music.

A generous onboard memory also means that users don’t have to use external devices to save performances and new creations but can store their compositions on board for direct access.


As with most of these budget piano keyboards, the fact that the keys are slightly smaller than those of a regular piano can play havoc with those more accomplished musicians who are used to standard keys.

The soft keys also make virtuoso playing impossibility and tend to negatively impact the use of good hand shape and technique for more serious musicians.

For a keyboard with great layering and accompaniment options, it has a significantly reduced polyphony and the loss of held notes can be quite obvious if using the layering functions and accompaniment capabilities in ‘chordal heavy ‘ pieces.

With so many top digital pianos and keyboards coming out with 128-note polyphony as being standard, the 32-notes on this keyboard seem like one is being short-changed.

The fall-off from sustained sequences is very evident and unfortunately hampers the use of the, particularly innovative accompaniment features built-in.

It may sound like a small negative but the impact is felt throughout the instrument especially when using a range of functions simultaneously.

The soft-one touch response of the keys will also be a source of frustration to musicians who are used to a velocity-sensitive approach or a weighted keyboard action and in general limits the ability to deliver more virtuosic pieces. The instrument would present more problems for digital musicians.

Final Thoughts Of Yamaha PSR-E343

The Best Yamaha PSR-E343 61-Key Portable Keyboard

The Yamaha PSRE 343 keyboard is a handy keyboard to have. Yes, it is not full size, but it is fully packed with great features.

The sound quality is great and the keys are touch-sensitive which is an excellent feature t have. You can play with the built-in lessons to practice learning. If you are interested in different electric keyboard instruments as well, you can see the top choices right over here.

Hopefully, this guide cleared up any questions you might have about the Yamaha PSR-E343 keyboard. This is an excellent keyboard for those who are looking for good sound quality, nice features, and an easy-to-use instrument.