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The Best Yamaha MOXF8 Music Production Workstation

The Best Yamaha MOXF8 Music Production Workstation

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By Ok Digital It Fiirm

Best Yamaha MOXF8 Review

On the off chance that you are enthusiastic about music, and not simply to tune in, at that point we welcome you to find the Yamaha MOXF8.

The MOXF8 is otherwise called the Yamaha MOTIF XF8. The advancement that is found in the digital condition might be seen likewise in the digital piano market.

These days, digital pianos are turning out to be multi-utilitarian, having the likelihood to utilize them as independent, yet additionally joining their highlights with PCs or cell phones.

The MOXF8 consolidates plenty of functionalities and highlights, magnificent applications, and awesome sound quality. While this piano is expensive, it merits each penny.

Best Yamaha MOXF8 Review

Prologue to the Yamaha MOXF8

Simple To Transport Of Moxf8

This is the kind of piano that sh0uld have voyaging performers salivating. The low weight and generally minimized measurements make for a keyboard that is anything but difficult to take in a hurry. What’s more, trust us, you are going to need to gig with this keyboard.

The sound quality, which we will expand on later, is made for the stage.

We should, in any case, note that on the off chance that you do go with this board, you will need to be cautious. We have heard reports that the unit is a tad on the delicate side. While it will hold up to customary playing without issue, it probably won’t handle stun well.

A decent, strong case and fundamental preparatory practices ought to work. Given the sticker price of this keyboard, you most likely aren’t probably going to need to be harsh with it in any case.

Sound Engine Of Moxf8


Yamaha is additionally known for making extraordinary sound motors. The Motif motor that you arrive is unquestionably going to fortify that notoriety. You get 136 unique voices with this unit (counting a wide range of piano tones).

The preset tone itself is a mix of two diverse grand pianos.

Most keyboards can’t exactly nail the terrific piano solid. And keeping in mind that this unit will be unable to supplant a show-quality piano, it comes quite close.

The sound you arrive at is extremely extraordinary. On the off chance that you request the absolute best out of your instrument, this piano will be a genuine easy decision.

MOXF8 Product particulars

MOXF8 Product Particulars

It gives an AWM2 tone generator and the most extreme polyphony has 128 notes. On the off chance that you pick this item, you will profit by a few impacts, for example, Reverb x 9 sorts, Master EQ in 5 groups, and Chorus x 22 sorts.

The sequencer has a limit of 226,000 notes and a most extreme polyphony of 124 notes. The sequencer has 64 melodies, a few blending layouts, and a few blending voices. The sequencer incorporates additionally 64 examples and 6 scene recollections for every tune.

The MOXF8 is 132 centimeters wide, 16.8 centimeters in tallness, and 40.5 centimeters down. Its weight is equivalent to 14.9 kg. The force supply of this digital piano is equivalent to 13W.

The Yamaha MOX F8 accompanies a huge number of highlights so as to give you the best understanding. Among these highlights, there are five chief highlights, in particular the sound quality, sound motor, VCM impacts, the likelihood to extend the glimmer memory, an implicit sequencer, and a presentation mode.

The sound quality is extraordinary for the Yamaha MOX F8 and this is because of the enormous assortment of instrumental voices that are remembered for this keyboard, for example, symphonic sounds, pianos, drums, and wind instruments.

The sound motor of this new model of the Yamaha MOX F8 incorporates 741 MB waveforms and 136 new voices. Moreover, you can discover additionally hip-jump sounds, clarinets sounds, and instrumental music.

Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) is an innovation that encourages the digital piano to improve the sonic surface in the MOXF in those old blowers that are simple. This new model of MOXF8 brings you additionally the likelihood to associate your receiver to the A/D terminal.

The likelihood to grow streak memory is another chief component of the new model Yamaha MOX F8. Having a discretionary Flashboard, this keyboard permits you to expand your new examples up to 1 GB.

You may even include tests from Yamaha’s items, yet in addition to different libraries that you may purchase.

An implicit sequencer is a device that gives you the opportunity to be inventive and produce your own top-notch music without the requirement for outer gadgets or utilizing your PC to blend your music.

The presentation mode is an extraordinary element given by MOXF8 that causes you to build up your imagination. You may consolidate up to four voices and afterward play these joined voices utilizing the MIDI channel.

This model of Yamaha MOX F8 incorporates 256 exhibitions that are available and these incorporate awesome music, jazz, and numerous different sorts of music from everywhere throughout the world.

Propelled highlights gave by MOXF8

Other than the previously mentioned chief highlights, the Yamaha MOX F8 has additionally some other extraordinary propelled highlights that you may appreciate by picking this decent digital piano.

These propelled highlights incorporate music creation programming, just a single USB link that ought to be utilized for MIDI associations and sound, Cubase AI 7, the likelihood to control the DAW programming, Steinberg Prologue VSTi, and YC-3B Tone Wheel Organ VST.

Music creation programming is exceptionally helpful when you are seeming to be innovative and attempt to deliver your own music.

By utilizing this product given by MOXF8, you will have the option to incorporate the music into your PC. This product incorporates MOXF Editor, Remote Tools, and MOXF Remote Editor.

One USB link is sufficient to associate your sound gadgets and the MIDI channel. Utilizing this single USB link, you may record your sounds legitimately to your PC,

Which implies an extraordinary component. Moreover, this single USB link permits you to incorporate your VST into your live shows.

The Cubase AI 7 is a rendition of the Digital Audio Workstation of Steinberg’s product and this propelled includes licenses you to record up to 48 MIDI tracks and 32 soundtracks.

Different functionalities of Cubase AI 7 incorporate the likelihood to record instruments to your PC or even interface a receiver.

Controlling the DAW programming is guaranteed by the remote method of the MOXF. By utilizing this instrument, you can include your tracks or even close the windows of your product.

The Steinberg Prologue VSTi speaks to a simple synthesizer, having an enormous assortment of sounds. This Prologue has an easy-to-understand interface and because of this, it is extremely simple to get to. Steinberg Prologue gives full altering functionalities.

YC-3B Tone Wheel Organ VST. This is a VST instrument and you may utilize it so as to acquire the sound of a tonewheel organ, it’s great sound.

So as to assist you with making your own soundtracks, this element gives access to 64 preset projects.

Yamaha MOTIF XF8 Apps

Might you want to adapt rapidly to how to utilize the MOXF8? For this situation, you should realize that MOXF8 gives the chance to utilize some helpful applications.

You can download from the applications store the Yamaha Synth Book, Voice Editor Essential, Multi Editor Essential, Mobile Music Sequencer,

Performance Editor Essential, Faders, and XY Pad and Synth Arp and Drum Pad. You can discover these applications and some other such applications by getting to the site

Yamaha Synth Book is an iOS application that incorporates the entire history of synthesizers having a place with the Yamaha makers. This application is perfect with iPod contact and it is streamlined for iPhone 5.

Voice Editor Essential is a management application that is prepared to adjust your Yamaha synthesizers. By utilizing this editorial manager, you will have the option to alter the framework impacts, equalizer, and supplement impacts. You can utilize the Voice Editor Essential on iPad and iPad 2.

Multi Editor Essential is another Core MIDI device, similar to Voice Editor Essential, however, the thing that matters is that this application permits you to blend every one of your soundtracks on your iPad, soundtracks originating from your Yamaha synthesizer.

Portable Music Sequencer is prepared to assist you with making your own music on the Yamaha synthesizer yet in addition to Steinberg Cubase. This sequencer is perfect with iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, iPad2, and iPad smaller than expected.

Execution Editor Essential is another Core MIDI instrument, as the over two different applications, that permit you to adjust your tracks from your iPad on the Yamaha synthesizer.

The additional usefulness given by this application is spoken to by the likelihood to alter the voice’s key range. Furthermore, you may alter the volume.

Faders and XY Pad is the application that is prepared to control your outer MIDI gadgets. How might you do this? Utilizing your iPad, you will send messages that will have the option to control your MIDI. You can utilize 8 faders and change 3 parameters.

These 3 parameters that can be changed incorporate 50 layouts. Having this application introduced on your iPad, you will have the option to change yours in one of a kind way your synthesizer.

Synth Arp and Drum Pad accompany plenty of excellent highlights. This application will bring audiobus support, a sound library, additional 19 tones, and 366 arpeggiator designs. Synth Arp and Drum Pad give the chance to appreciate 13 drum units and 80 great voices.

This application is good with Wi-Fi and furthermore with Core MIDI. So as to associate it to the Wi-Fi network, you need to purchase likewise a USB Wi-Fi connector.

Adornments That Are Discretionary

Best Yamaha MOXF8

In the above segments of this audit, we have introduced the head and propelled highlights given by MOXF8. You have found likewise a portion of the fundamental applications that are good with your digital piano.

Presently we might want to show you a portion of the discretionary frill that you may require so as to appreciate Yamaha MOX F8.

MOXF8 Bag is required in the event that you need to move your keyboard starting with one spot then onto the next. This sack incorporates two shaped wheels that ought to encourage its pulling. It comes additionally with three pockets.

Foot Switch Style Sustain Pedal has a unique plan, including elastic holds that ought to support it on the floor while you are playing your digital piano.

The wired MIDI interface causes you to associate your MIDI with your iPad or iPhone. You simply need to interface your iPad or iPhone to the drum pack, synthesizer, or digital piano and it is fit to be utilized.

Bluetooth MIDI connector speaks to a Wireless association for your iOS items, for example, iPad, iPhone, or iPod contact.



One of the primary issues that most purchasers will knock facing promptly, is the cost. In spite of the fact that not the most costly keyboard you will ever discover, there is no denying that this unit is costly.

You do get what you pay for, however. The truth of the matter is that with electric pianos, you should be happy to pay as much as possible for good highlights. The MOXF8 isn’t a special case to this standard.

We additionally saw that the keyboard accompanies an interface that is somewhat testing to utilize.

There are bunches of controls and choices, which may leave apprentices baffled and confounded. So, this keyboard was likewise never implied for learner use. The interface certainly serves to fortify this.

Presently, in all actuality, the interface isn’t so testing to utilize that it ought to be a major issue. On the off chance that you are an accomplished artist, you ought to have the option to beat the expectation to absorb information in a brief timeframe.

The keys may likewise be somewhat delicate. Despite the fact that we didn’t experience any difficulty with them ourselves, a portion of the long-term proprietors that we got notification from reported issues.

In all actuality, while getting information from an auxiliary source, it is difficult to represent the factors that may have been in play.

Undoubtedly, there is no motivation to hope to have issues with the keys.

These things aside, there is actually nothing to report as far as issues. This is an incredible keyboard that will serve the necessities of experienced players quite well.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  • As indicated by Yamaha, the most significant aces of MOXF8 incorporate angles, for example, all around assembled digital piano, awesome quality, and vitality proficient and lightweight.
  • In addition, because of its highlights and applications, this digital piano is anything but difficult to utilize and simple to set up, likewise to analysts.
  • The help that is guaranteed for this item is additionally exceptionally complete. You can discover manuals and FAQs that can assist you in utilizing this digital piano.
  • Another in addition to MOXF8 has seen the value quality proportion, which is great as per analysts that have appraised this digital piano.
  • In view of these experts of MOXF8, the majority of the analysts would prescribe this keyboard to their companions. In the following segment of this item portrayal, you will find a synopsis of the surveys that were given to the MOXF8.


  • Cost may dispose of it as a purchasing alternative for a few
  • The entangled interface might be trying to utilize
  • Keys/keyboard might be delicate

Incredible surveys

Prior to choosing to purchase a digital piano, everyone does their own examination so as to locate the best item available.

The exploration infers value correlation, functionalities, and highlights given by the digital piano, and obviously, the surveys of past clients with respect to that digital piano.

Because of its highlights and functionalities, the MOXF8 has been granted the “KeyBuy grant-winning MOXF Synth” in the Keyboard Magazine Reviews.

Yamaha MOX F8 cost

The Best Yamaha MOXF8 Music Production Workstation

The Yamaha MOX F8 costs around $1600 which isn’t modest.

Yamaha moxf8 manual

Your MOXF6/MOXF8 synthesizer accompanies four distinctive reference guides — the Owner’s Manual, the Reference Manual (this record), the

Synthesizer Parameter Manual, and the Data List. While the Owner’s Manual is bundled together with the synthesizer as a printed version booklet,

this Reference Manual, Synthesizer Parameter Manual, and the Data List are given as PDF archives on the packaged CD-ROM.

Last decision Of Yamaha Moxf8

The Yamaha MOXF8 is a fabulous expert keyboard that won’t baffle you. On the off chance that you have a financial limit to spend, this is the one you ought to put resources into.