Best Yamaha Montage 8 Review 88-key Synthesizer Workstation In 2022

The Best Yamaha Montage 8 Review 88-key Synthesizer Workstation

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Best Yamaha Montage 8 Review

The Yamaha Montage 8 is in response to the requests set on synthesizers today. This instrument has been intended to supplant the Motif keyboards in conveying top-notch sounds for a supernatural stage execution.

The Montage 8 utilizes the components of both the keyboards in the Motif and DX arrangement.

It additionally consolidates two diverse sound motors; the recurrence balanced amalgamation (FM-X) and the AWM2.

These two motors and particularly the AWM2 convey practical sound proliferations with right around multiple times the waveform limit found in the Motif XF. I don’t get this’ meaning?

This implies that Montage 8 obliges more examples for every instrument and subsequently more nuanced sounds than the Motif XF.

The FM-X, then again, produces everything from exemplary FM-based basses to probably the most recent EDM sounds.

This is simple yet one of the perspectives in which Montage 8 totally surpasses the Motif XF and every single other synthesizer named as “contenders”.

The Montage 8 expands upon Yamaha’s Montage 6 and Yamaha Montage 7. Presently, how is the Montage 8 any not quite the same as the other two renditions? For a certain something, you will see that the Montage 8 costs significantly more than the other two.

It goes for around $4000 which is over $1000 the cost of Montage 6 and around $600 more costly than Yamaha Montage 7! The numbers are crazy, I know! Anyway, is Montage 8 extremely worth spending such an unbelievable measure of money on?

Best Yamaha Montage 8 Review

Prologue to the Yamaha Montage 8

Initial introductions Of Montage 8

On the primary impression, Montage 8 can feel extremely scary. The top board is loaded up with heaps of catches and you will likewise understand that this one accompanies 88-keys which are a redesign from the past two synthesizers in a similar Montage arrangement.

Luckily, the many fastens on this keyboard are very efficient giving the keyboard a flawless and rich appearance. Discussing appearance, you will discover this keyboard is great looking encountering the expert craftsmanship of the folks at Yamaha.

The maker focused on all the fine subtleties from the keys, fastens, right to the bends, and edges guaranteeing that it closely resembles a 4 thousand machine.

All the catches, keys, and handles are made of premium materials for sturdiness purposes as well as to give you the most ideal experience.

We comprehend that with all the catches on the board it’s anything but difficult to get overpowered. Utilizing them is, be that as it may, significantly simpler than you might suspect.

When you power on the machine and get acclimated to it you’ll have the option to comprehend and utilize these catches without hardly lifting a finger.

At the focal point of the keyboard is a moderately little presentation screen. We despite everything can’t comprehend why even 88-key synthesizers are accompanying little screens yet they have enough space for greater presentations.

This is an issue with Yamaha as well as with different synthesizers out there. Fortunately the little and shortsighted nature of the presentation doesn’t meddle with the keyboard’s exhibition in any capacity.

You will even now have the option to see and access the wide extent of highlights of this synthesizer through the screen and the supporting catch situated on its sides.

The Montage 8 is an 88-key workstation synthesizer that consolidates components of the DX-and Motif-arrangement keyboards.

Utilizing Motion-Control Synthesis, the Montage consolidates two sound motors: AWM2 (combination and test-based sounds) and FM-X (recurrence regulation amalgamation.)

Controlled by restrictive Yamaha information pressure and playback innovation, the AWM2 motor gives reasonable sound propagation and highlights about multiple times the waveform limit of the Motif XF.

This implies the Montage considers unmistakably a larger number of tests per instrument than the XF and hence an unquestionably more nuanced sound.

The FM-X motor is equipped for creating everything from exemplary ’80s FM-based basses and ringers, to cruel, forefront present-day EDM-type sounds.

It highlights 8 administrator FM engineering and 128-note polyphony, taking into account a huge cluster of sound-structure choices.

The Montage highlights 16-section multitimbral activity, yet it accompanies a full scope of every single new solid, similar to the Montage 8 CFX Premium Grand Piano, point by point new strings and woodwinds, and select substance from the DX and TX families, all modernized to exploit the Motion Control Synthesis Engine.

Additionally, Montage is straightforwardly good with Motif ES/XS/XF voices, permitting you to move your most-loved presets and get the entirety of your sounds together in one spot.

Other eminent highlights incorporate an enormous shading touchscreen, Super Knob control that can control various parameters at the same time, double supplement FX for each of the 16 sections, ground-breaking design sequencer, and an arpeggiator that permits up to 8 arpeggio parts without a moment’s delay.

Movement Sequences Of Montage 8

Movement Sequences Of Montage 8

Movement Sequences are beat synchronized, adjustable control groupings that can be allocated to for all intents and purposes any synthesizer parameter to give better approaches for making a sound.

Movement Sequences additionally have committed controls on the front board making it simple to control and change continuously, giving intuitiveness and articulation.

Envelope Follower Of Montage 8

Envelope Follower changes over sound into a control hotspot for control of for all intents and purposes any synthesizer parameter.

For instance, a drum circle could drive impacts parameters for a cool rhythm or a vocal chronicle could control various parameters for a talking synthesizer. The sound can even be a live source played through the A/D input.

Sounds Of Montage 8


The main thing better than how exquisite the Montage 8 looks is its presentation. The Yamaha Montage 8’s presentation satisfies everyone’s expectations and this is the reason the colossal sticker price doesn’t look so strange once you begin utilizing it.

Everything about the sounds contained in this synthesizer is simply incredible. As a matter of first importance, the determination rundown of the sounds you can utilize is sufficiently gigantic to meet your most stunning melodic dreams.

Besides, the sounds are everything being equal and this ensures even performers with the most expanded aptitudes have something to clean their abilities with. At long last, you will totally experience passionate feelings for the real sounds and how they are created.

The validness, extravagance, lucidity, and in general nature of these sounds are amazing. We comprehend that there are a couple of recordings online that attempt to grandstand these sounds however with all genuineness, you will never completely welcome these sounds until you hear them live.

The organ sounds are similarly as glorious as the digital piano sounds. The channel organ is on its own degree of enormity. Saying the examples, explanations, and DSP/Effects are great is a gross modest representation of the truth.

We can continue endlessly about how magnificent the sounds from this synth are nevertheless words alone won’t be sufficient to completely portray how incredible they truly are. The Montage 8 has changed the synth game totally!


Montage 8 accompanies heaps of highlights. Covering them all could take an entire day so we are just going to discuss the Unique SuperKnob highlight.

The SuperKnob is a cutting-edge execution control interface that permits you to control different impacts simultaneously. It works with the Motion Control Synthesis Engine to convey astounding outcomes that will overwhelm your brain.

With this interface, you will deal with the sounds and impacts from the FM-X and AWM2. This prompts an electric live exhibition that will leave a lasting imprint on your crowd.

Because of the SuperKnob, you can blend diverse foreordained impacts running from swooshing dishes, FM fluff to soaked EQ.

In synopsis, the Motion Control Synthesis Engine and the SuperKnob settle on this keyboard a brilliant decision for live execution.

Envelope Follower Of Montage 8

Envelope Follower Of Montage 8

The Envelop Follower encourages changing over the sound to control sources that can control any synthesizer parameter. With this component you can, for example, utilize vocal chronicles to control various parameters for a talking synthesizer.

You can likewise utilize drum circles to control impact parameters to make cool musicality. The sound here can even be from live sources acquired through the keyboard’s A/D input.

Network Of Montage 8

  • The Montage 8 has USB Audio/MIDI associations that permit you to trade information between the synth and your pc. Through a solitary USB link, you can catch everything about your presentation to your DAW.
  • The USB driver on this keyboard permits you to get three and send up to 16 channels of sound system 24bit/44.1 Hz digital sound from/to your pc or macintosh. You’ll additionally appreciate an examining pace of up to 192kHz with this synth.
  • Obviously that the Montage 8 is class consistent and subsequently you won’t need any unique drivers or equipment to associate the keyboard to your PC.

The synth likewise accompanies an A/D input which permits you to utilize outer sounds with the synth’s DSP. You can interface the keyboard to guitars, mics, or different sources and procedure the sounds with interior impacts. You can even utilize a source with Sidechain to make your own sounds.

Yamaha Montage 8 Manual & Specs Details

  • Weight: 29kg (63lb 15oz)
  • 88 parity hammer impact keys
  • Introductory touch and after-touch sensors
  • 8 Elements FM-X; Motion control union Engine AMW2 and 88 calculations
  • Greatest polyphony: FM-X – 128 max; AMW2 128 max (sound system/mono waveforms)
  • 18 kinds of channels
  • Impacts: 12 kinds of reverbs, 76 sorts of varieties, 76 sorts of additions (A, B), 15 ace impacts, 71 A/D part inclusions, 5 groups of ace EQ, 3 groups of first part EQ and 2 groups of second part EQ
  • 7″ TFT shading wide VA LCD contact screen
  • Network: USB to Host, USB to DEVICE, MIDI (In, Out and Through), Foot controller (1,2) Footswitch(assignable/support), adjusted TRS jacks (6.3mm), standard sound system telephone jack, A/D Input (6.3mm)
  • 128 preset and 2048 client live sets
  • Accompanies 16 succession tracks, scene tracks, and beat tracks
  • Supports three kinds of chronicles: ongoing supplant, constant punch in/out and continuous overdub
  • Around 130,000 notes limit
  • 480 ppq note goals
  • Rhythm: 5 – 300
  • 27W force utilization
  • The keyboard accompanies a manual, AC power rope, and a Cubase AI download information.

Yamaha Montage 7

Yamaha montage 7

Not only Yamaha Montage 7 for any instrument, but a survey can also indeed disclose to you a limited amount of a lot however you can never completely see how a gadget performs until you get your hands on it.

By this, we don’t mean utilizing the instrument more than once and afterward passing your judgment. Several days alone aren’t sufficiently even to completely grasp what some instruments offer.

Typically, one needs two or three weeks or so for a progressively exhaustive comprehension of how to get the best out of a musical instrument.

With synths, for example, Montage 7, words alone can never be sufficient to portray the full degree of exactly how incredible the gadget is.

Last Word Of Yamaha Montage 8 Review

With Montage 8, Yamaha has refined all that we thought about synthesizers. They have taken everything great about their past synths, improved them, and afterward added a couple of additional highlights to think of this astonishing hardware.

This new model is a commendable successor to the splendid Yamaha Motif. The sound choice, quality, playability, and by and large form guarantee that you and your crowd will make some important memories around this keyboard.

For the exhibition and in general estimation of this keyboard, we won’t avoid saying that the Yamaha Montage 8 merits each and every penny that you’ll pay. There is no other synth in the market right now that I’d preferably spend my $4000 on other over this magnificence.