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Top Best Useful Tricks For How To Record Piano Audio

Top Best Useful Tricks for how to record piano audio

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By Ok Digital It Fiirm

Top Best Useful Tricks For How To Record Piano Audio

A PC is the substance of a digital piano. This digital development of the acoustic instrument has numerous highlights and capacities that can leave the customary piano in the residue. Other than its conspicuous minimal plan and more amicable sticker price, the digital piano is stacked with a ton of helpful settings that make learning simpler and more fun.

Underlying Recordings


The chronicle alternative is a regular setting to be found on a digital piano or even on an electronic keyboard. Most digital pianos can store music on their hard drive. Remember that the limit is probably going to be restricted and can be reliant on the model and its plate stockpiling abilities.

There are different methods for piano players to record and saved their piano pieces without depending on the little space assigned in the digital piano’s motherboard.



Outer amplifiers have been the attempted and tried technique utilized by numerous piano players who need to record their music. The strategy is basic and only depends on legitimate mic arrangement.

Preferably, it is more shrewd to do this kind of recording at a studio where the sounds are controlled better. Surrounding clamor brought about by different outer elements can be decreased essentially.

People who select to record without a studio should be furnished with quality receivers. On the off chance that potential, piano players should scout for a territory with a more controlled climate and less solid disturbances or repeating.

PCs and Laptops

Useful Tools and Tricks for Digital Piano Recordings

PCs are one of the most compact flexible choices that an individual can plug their digital piano into straightforwardly. Doing so permits players to record the music onto their PCs.

Since chronicles and music designs watch out to occupying a great deal of room the PC to be utilized should have the option to deal with this.

A few journals are best left for perusing the web or accomplishing minor PC chip away at. Others are intended to deal with more thorough utilization while giving first-rate sound quality.

Ensure that the MIDI setting is accessible to guarantee that records are more modest and simpler to change over into MP3 or WAV.

PC Programs

On a similar note as PCs, programs are needed to record and later piano music. Most of the music authors, lyricists, digital craftsmen, and even DJs in clubs want to utilize a digital piano due to the numerous advantages of utilizing Digital piano has for their vocation.

Altering and recording programs arrive in a wide cluster with some centered around essentially saving quality music accounts of the piano player onto an envelope or document. Different projects can be used to add other melodic parts or tidy up superfluous clamors found on the track.

Another valuable program can print out a sheet music variant of any transferred piano score. This can end up being helpful for writers and people who are keen on imparting their creations to other people.



Besides PCs and PCs, piano players presently have the alternative to utilize handheld PCs, for example, tablets and some digital cells to transfer and save piano accounts on it. Clients are careful notwithstanding, the sound nature of these gadgets are inadequate than different contraptions.

It can fill in as a handy solution when a writer or musician basically needs to recollect the tune to re-try on a later date. Else, it isn’t prudent to record on a tablet at any rate, not on the off chance that you need great quality.

Applications are extremely common, some are gratis while others will expect you to hack up an insignificant charge. Just consistently be helped that the outcomes to remember the chronicle are not as noteworthy as different strategies.

Convenient Memory

Thumb drives, streak drives, or memory sticks as certain individuals call them are valuable apparatuses. Smaller in size and effectively fits in pockets or joined to scratch rings, musicians will in general convey one since they can undoubtedly plug into the digital piano to transfer or download recorded music.

Versatile drives come in different memory limits. Prior to going hard and fast and purchasing the greatest limit conceivable, ensure that it is above all else viable with the port. Ports on every gadget will have shifting necessities.

A ton of ports works with a thumb drive yet some work quicker than most. Determine that these drives are additionally infection-free. Since the digital piano or electronic keyboard is as yet a PC bugs can at present reason some harm to the framework.

Recording With A Headphone Output


On the off chance that your keyboard has sound system headphones yield no one but, you can utilize it. What you need to recall is that the headphone out on your digital piano isn’t intended for interfacing with line inputs, except if expressed in your instrument determinations.

Therefore, the strength of the yield sign can be excessively high for a standard “line in” on your account gadget, so please make an effort to remain cautious with interfacing your gadgets.

Your earphone’s sound system yield will have an attachment either for a 1/4″ (6.35 mm) TRS standard jack or a 1/8″ (3.5 mm) little jack connector.

Your account gadget can have either mono or sound system inputs. On the off chance that your chronicle gadget has a sound system input, utilize a sound system (adjusted) link and appropriated connectors to coordinate association attachments that can be TRS, RCA, XLR (Canon), or Combo (TRS + XLR).

In the event that your account gadget has isolated mono information sources (no doubt), you can utilize a Y splitter or a connector that will part your sound system (2 channels) signal into two mono (1 channel) signals.

At the point when you straightforwardly associate a sound system out to mono in, regardless of whether it sounds all right, you can consume your yields.

At the point when you essentially append two signs (left and right) together, you are driving both yield circuits to back-taking care of and dropping impedance, along these lines compelling them to a current cutoff and conceivably decimating them.

In the most ideal situation, you’ll get an uproarious sign with pops and snaps. Even from a pessimistic standpoint, you’ll consume your sound system yield.

You need an appropriate connector that uses resistors to coordinate the yield/input impedances of your gadgets to drop the current.

While present-day gadgets ought to have nice over-current insurance in the yield circuits, it is more secure to never yield sound system sign to mono without a legitimate connector.

Such connectors can be elusive and pretty costly. Here is one I found on Amazon with a 1/4″ sound system plug. There’s additionally another rendition of this link with a 1/8″ sound system plug.

On the off chance that you need to record a mono track of your piano, the most ideal approach to do so is to utilize one of its line mono outs extraordinarily intended for this reason.

We will talk about this methodology in the following area, yet for the present, we will share some data that will assist you with getting the most ideal sound quality:

All the time, a sign from the earphone out will be noisier and more contorted, so consistently use line outs whenever the situation allows.

Yields and contributions on your gadgets (keyboard and recording gadget) can be mono adjusted (TRS), mono unequal (TS), and sound system uneven (TRS).

Adjusted (mono) sound sign runs along three wires, while unequal requirements just two; adjusted and sound system (links) are the various names for a similar sort of 3-wire links.

A fair (sound system) link can convey a reasonable mono sign [tip (+), ring (- ), shield (ground)] OR an uneven sound system signal [tip (left), ring (right), shield (common)]

The adjusted sound sign is less helpless to clamor issues (turned around extremity hypothetically drops all the commotion), particularly when sending sound signs over longer distances (when you need links 6 meters/20 feet and over); simultaneously lopsided sound can have a more grounded signal.

To convey a fair sound sign you need all the components to be adjusted: yield, information, and link. At the point when you associate a fair yield to lopsided info or through an unequal link, you lose commotion insurance and the sound sign gets uneven.

Recording Audio

How would you set in the mood for recording your live or MIDI-recorded execution?

One of the upsides of digital pianos is that you don’t have to set up a convoluted arrangement of amplifiers to catch the sound. Simply interface your keyboard to a sound recorder and that is it! You can start recording.

Various gadgets may serve you as sound recorders, including devoted recorders like Zoom and Tascam or PC sound interfaces.

To pick the alternative that is better for you, think about the accompanying inquiries:

– Where to go to record my piano in the year 2022?

  • On the off chance that you will record at your home studio, at that point the most ideal decision will be a sound interface or sound card. This will offer you the chance to work with a DAW.
  • Simultaneously, on the off chance that you will record your live exhibitions at gigs or practices from your own place and you need something straightforward however versatile, at that point, the most ideal choice may be a smaller digital recorder.
  • This can be a helpful decision also in the event that you won’t utilize an outside sequencer, yet will utilize your instrument’s inherent MIDI sequencer all things considered.
  • Ultimately, one more element of these gadgets is that committed digital recorders have an implicit microphone(s), which can be helpful in certain circumstances, particularly in case you’re a keyboardist as well as a vocalist.

– what number of channels am I going to record?

For a quality digital piano chronicle, you need in any event two channels to make a sound system recording. Why?

  • To start with, in light of the fact that a genuine piano is an instrument that produces sound from a sizable zone of its huge body. In the event that your listening position is at the focal point of the piano, you can unmistakably hear that low sounds are stronger to one side, while high sounds are stronger to one side.
  • Furthermore, a portion of your instrument’s sound projects can be set in surround sound, and recording them in mono (on 1-channel) can debase their sound radically.

  • Most devoted recorders (yet not every one of them!) have at any rate two channels for recording, yet some sound interfaces – like the PreSonus AudioBox iOne – have just one. This is on the grounds that they are intended for solo craftsmen like vocalists and guitar players who normally need just one account channel.
  • Nonetheless, you should seriously mull over chronicle along with different performers, so you most likely ought to have multiple channels. Ponder this when you pick your account gadget.
  • You should check a couple of alternatives in our short Audio Interfaces and Digital Recorders segments.

– What are my sound quality norms?

  • This inquiry is connected with your financial plan and your most regular purposes behind the account. Yet, what you should make certain about is that you can get your soundtracks within an event at 44.1 kHz test rate and 16-digit of profundity.
  • The explanation is that lone 44.1 and higher example rates give you the whole human hearing’s recurrence range, which is from 20Hz to 20kHz.
  • A touch profundity boundary is liable for the dynamic scope of your sound accounts and their perfection. These days, the expert norm for recording is 24 pieces, so it is desirable to record with 24-bit profundity. You can scale back to 16 pieces at the last handling stage if necessary.
  • Be that as it may, the genuine quality depends on the numbers, yet on the nature of your equipment. You’ll improve sounding tracks at 44.1 kHz and 16 pieces with RME Babyface than at 88.2 kHz and 24 pieces with the inherent sound card of your motherboard.
  • Simultaneously, even with an inherent card you can record your thoughts and remember enlivened minutes. This quality might be sufficient for you on the off chance that you need to impart your music to your companions or show it to possible makers and financial specialists.

  • Attempt what you as of now have prior to burning through cash on more costly gadgets. Now and again even your cell phone can be utilized as a recorder. Why not?
  • All in all, how might you record your piano? To begin with, you need to discover what alternatives you have. Do you have line yields, digital out, or just inherent speakers and earphone out?
  • Or then again is your keyboard a midi-regulator just without work in sounds? How about we have a short glance at every choice.


Digital Piano Recordings

  • In the event that you have a digital out on your keyboard, you are in all probability a fortunate individual with a costly instrument, with an inherent AD convertor.
  • In any case, to record carefully, both your keyboard and recording gadget should have digital associations (input/yield).
  • Most digital pianos and sound interfaces will have such association attachments, for example, Toslink, Coaxial (RCA), or AES/EBU.
  • For the most part, you can utilize a connector for associating various kinds of digital attachments. Allude to your gadgets’ manuals to check what connectors and links will work for your arrangement.
  • It is difficult to diagram a bit by bit guidance on digital account here in light of the fact that this cycle can differ incredibly from gadget to gadget and programming to programming.

In any case, we might want to point a couple of general things that will assist you with understanding the rudiments of digital account:

  • You should associate digital with digital and simple to simple. You can’t blend digital and simple channels, besides with a committed converter or if the info/yield of your gadgets is intended to convey the two kinds of signs.
  • You should keep all your digital gadgets in a state of harmony (digital clock). To do this you should appoint one of your gadgets as an “expert” and all others as “slaves.” Your lord gadget will give timing information and any remaining (slave) gadgets in your chain will be bolted to it.
  • This system is essential for recording and putting away sound information accurately since digital streaming involves sending discrete numbers.
  • In the event that a yield gadget (digital piano) produces 44100 examples for every second, for instance, yet the information gadget (sound interface) gets 48000 examples for each second, you can get blunders among unique and recorded information.
  • The pinnacle levels of your account ought to never surpass the 0 dBFS point, which is the greatest conceivable digital level (clamor).
  • You typically have a volume meter with your chronicle gadget, regardless of whether a product one (with sound interfaces) or an on-screen one (with digital recorders). Kindly allude to your gadget manual for additional subtleties.


In the event that you utilize your piano as a MIDI regulator and are recording sounds from your VSTi modules or other virtual instruments, you’ll normally have to deliver your sound as it were.

Allude to your product manual on the best way to do it, as the strategies can change starting with one program then onto the next.

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Last Words Of How To Record Piano Audio

Top Best Useful Tricks For How To Record Piano Audio

We trust that you currently comprehend the nuts and bolts of recording sound and MIDI and are prepared to get your very own set-up that suits your space, necessities, and financial plan.

We trust this guide will help you push ahead with your music-production objectives. Should you have any inquiries or recommendations, kindly don’t spare a moment to leave a remark.

We’re generally eager to assist and to catch wind of your encounters with any of the account gadgets we’ve referenced or with any others you might want to suggest.