The Best Roland F-130R Of CB Digital Piano Review

The Best Roland F-130R Of CB Digital Piano Review

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Best Roland F-130R Review Of CB Digital Piano – Some Vital Info!

With a space-sparing structure, in vogue looks, and incredible Roland advancements, the Roland F-130R carries top of the line piano execution to your way of life.

Roland’s acclaimed sound quality and keyboard contact puts the bona fide tone and feel of an acoustic fantastic under your fingers, all in a reduced, moderate instrument that fits proficiently in a loft or apartment suite.

The inherent sound system speaker framework gives rich, full solid for training and engaging, while the novel Headphones 3D Ambience impact lets you lose yourself in a vivid sonic encounter during private playing meetings.

Locally available mood backups upgrade the experience considerably progressively, giving you control of a total melodic troupe that naturally follows the harmonies you play.

The F-130R offers numerous extra highlights for improving your aptitudes and expanding piano happiness, for example, a locally available account,

The capacity to cooperate with main tunes by means of USB memory, and backing for Roland’s free piano applications for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod contact.

Roland F-130 R Overview and Features


What makes the new Roland F-130 R better than its antecedent is the way that they made a serious improvement in each territory.

From sound authenticity to the genuine experience of the keys, tender loving care is the principle idea that interfaces each viewpoint. This new model is a genuine rivalry for different brands in its value run.

1. Highlight:

  • Activity: Graded-hammer
  • Key size: Full
  • Aftertouch/Velocity: Velocity Sensitive
  • Key Type: Piano-style
  • Locally available Features
  • Rhythms: 72
  • Preset melodies: Not appropriate
  • Show: Backlit LCD
  • Impacts: Yes
  • Worked in speakers: Yes
  • Pitch twist/Modulation: Not appropriate
  • Different controls: Not material

2. Sound


Proceeding with the arrangement of enhancements over the past model, the sound is another perspective that gained some ground.

Roland digital pianos have a 128-note-polyphony sound chip incorporated with them, which they call SuperNatural. The 128 is the number of notes that can be played and supported immediately.

This is extraordinary in the event that you need to layer various sounds. In spite of the fact that Roland doesn’t state this obviously,

There are slight contrasts in sound quality between their various models, despite the fact that they all have the SuperNatural sound motor. This is fairly typical, as a more significant expense is just defended by higher worth.

The authenticity of the acoustic piano stable makes it a top contender for this element. The sound is smoother and substantially more adjusted looking like the acoustic piano stable near flawlessness.

The sound is examined from Steinway’s fantastic piano. To get further sounds, they tweaked it with their digital sound innovation.

  • Number of voices: 316
  • Polyphony (max): 128-note
  • Layers: Yes
  • Split: Yes

3. Keyboard

Online Piano Keyboard

One of the most amazing highlights that improves this variant so much is the key activity. They figured out how to create a great weighted sled key activity, called Standard Keyboard activity.

For one thing, all keys are appropriately weighted, implying that regardless of what note you’re playing on this keyboard will feel fundamentally the same as an encounter to playing it on an acoustic terrific piano.

The keys additionally have a decent touch weight, which is the resting weight of your fingers on the keys. In any case, this is just 50% of the condition.

The other half towards a true piano keys experience is the thing that you feel when you contact the keys, and this is an angle that they took great consideration about too. They have a fake ivory layer on them which causes them to feel extremely bona fide.

Another huge distinction, when contrasted with the past model in the part of keys, is the clamor that the keyboard of the past model used to make when squeezed strongly. There was a sure ticking toward the end when played hard.

They killed this issue effectively. The other thing that they figured out how to dispense with was the slight heartlessness of the keys when squeezed delicately. It’s sheltered to state that in its value go, the new F-130R Roland has a standout amongst other key activities.

4. Plenitude of tones

The pleasant pedals, with the extraordinary sound quality and contact of the keys alone, could place this digital piano among the best 10 in its value go, however, the sound assortment puts it among the best.

It has an absolute number of 316 unique tones. Every one of these tones is composed of 2 principle gatherings: “piano” and “others”.

The piano catch gives you 6 essential acoustic piano sounds and a couple of more varieties. The others button awards access to a broad base of the accompanying tones: strings, ensembles, electric pianos, organs, harps, voices, guitars, accordions, banjos, metal, synthesizers, woodwinds, reeds and a ton more.

There’s a bounty of tones to look over, and their quality is incredible when contrasted with the first instruments’ sound.

Regardless of whether you’re an amateur or a further developed piano player you can profit a great deal from this wide variety accessible readily available.

5. Availability

This is a significant viewpoint today, in the digital age. The capacity to associate different gadgets to your digital piano is something exceptionally valuable, for both novice and propelled musicians.

You can record both wav sound documents (like the ones on CDs) or the MIDI account. This is a very helpful component as you can without much of a stretch break down and keep tabs on your development in case you’re a fledgling, or play around with your accounts in case you’re further developed. You can likewise effectively send them to loved ones, on the off chance that you need to.

A little shortcoming of configuration would be the absence of a 2-track MIDI chronicle and playback highlight rather than the 1-track. This would have given you the likelihood to record what each hand is playing freely, which would have empowered a significantly vaster scope of

  • AUX input: Yes
  • MIDI Connectivity: MIDI In/Out
  • Line yield: Yes
  • Line input: Yes
  • USB Connectivity: Yes
  • Earphone jacks: 1
  • Pedal sources of info: 3
  • Capacity Type: Internal and USB
  • Expandability accessible: No
  • sound customization.

The 1-track MIDI record and playback include give you the capacity to independently record left and right hands if you split the 88 keys into two 44 key zones. This capacity makes it conceivable to play any 2 instruments each on half of the keyboard simultaneously.

For tenderfoots, this is a helpful component also in light of the fact that it makes study meetings with instructors simpler and undeniably progressively intuitive.

Both understudy and instructor can utilize 2 equivalent 44 keys, making figuring out how to play the piano progressively fun and proficient.

Through the Roland Partner iPad application, you can get to all the various highlights of your digital piano remote. You can figure out how to play the piano more than ever, and furthermore get to 200 renowned and valuable practice tunes.

The iPad application is an amazingly basic and instinctive answer for an in any case entirely complex circumstance, in view of the sheer immeasurability of innovative highlights of the Roland F130R.

It’s conceivable to control everything from the catches on the control board, with the assistance of a little LED screen, yet it’s a lot simpler to simply utilize the Roland Partner application.

The new Air Performer iPad application is another extraordinary application from Roland made for its new digital piano range that enables you to play your main tune records from your iPad directly through your digital piano’s speakers, obviously, remote. It’s a quite cool application that makes tweaking sound or figuring out how to play certain entries a breeze.

6. Speakers

The Roland F-130 R has a worked in 2-speaker framework that has an absolute intensity of 24 Watts. You ought to know that in this value extend, different makers have digital pianos with all the more remarkable speaker frameworks, yet, in common conditions, you would only sometimes require beyond what the 2 speakers of this Roland can put out.

7. Pedals

Piano Pedals

The pedals are an extraordinary expansion that this model has inherent. Not every single digital piano accompany included pedals, and not all pedals do what they should do at exclusive expectations. So’s another viewpoint that Roland has treated with incredible meticulousness.

The 3 petals of a piano are the correct damper pedal, the delicate pedal, and the sostenuto. What they call ceaseless recognition hardware is a component that follows up on the delicate and damper support pedal.

It has a significant effect when you utilize the pedals. You’ll see that when you push the pedals and lift your foot, the change is characteristic, dislike an on/off switch, which is better than numerous sorts of digital piano pedals.

The thing with piano pedals is this: if the piano understudy is extremely youthful, and children can begin figuring out how to play the piano even at 5-6 years of age, pedals are not the most significant thing to search for.

In any case, later, as they advance and develop, the pedals will have a major effect on consenting to a predominant playing level.

Along these lines, in spite of the fact that pedals are not a need for each player, they are a pleasant expansion to gather together the entire bundle.


  • Reverb: Yes
  • Chorale: Yes
  • Deferral: No
  • Equalizer: No
  • Arpeggio: No
  • Other: Not pertinent


  • Width: 53.625″ (1361 mm)
  • Stature: 35.875″ (910 mm)
  • Profundity: 13.625″ (345)
  • Weight: 76 lb. (34.5 kg)
  • Force: Adapter included
  • Batteries: Not pertinent

Last Word Of Roland F-130r

roland f-130r

In general, the Roland F-130 R established a solid connection, and will additionally develop Roland‘s notoriety for being a great digital instruments producer. They made very a few upgrades in each perspective, contrasted with the past model.

The wealth of bleeding-edge innovation that is available in this digital piano really settles on it probably the best decision in its value run.

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