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The Best Roland F-120 Digital Piano Review - Pros And Cons

The Best Roland F-120 Digital Piano Review – Pros and Cons

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By Ok Digital It Fiirm

Best Roland F-120 Digital Piano Review

At the point when you’re constrained on space in your home or loft, a digital piano is an ideal decision. At the point when concealed, it’s scarcely perceptible and doesn’t disrupt the general flow.

There are numerously accessible, however, when you’re confronting an ocean of various digital pianos, it’s difficult to pick the correct one.

A digital piano may not offer a similar encounter as that of an acoustic piano, yet Roland F120 comes nearer than some other.

“Peruse our survey of the Roland F-130, the new form of the F-120

Roland F120 Digital Piano isn’t just truly jazzy and simple to amass (shouldn’t take you over an hour to collect it!) it likewise has an extremely valid sound and is ideal for fledglings, since it doesn’t have the numerous pointless catches at the UI that numerous other comparative items have.

Besides, it doesn’t require any check-ups. This Roland model likewise has an exceptionally shrewd, moderate plan and will effectively mix into fundamentally any home inside.

F-120 looks essentially like a bit of current furnishings, with its perfect lines, but at the same time is extremely smaller. It comes in two hues: white and glossy silk dark and is additionally condition benevolent.

Roland F120 Digital Piano Features


The F-120 is a full-size digital piano that flaunts a few astonishing highlights, for example, the accompanying:

  • Heavenly Piano motor
  • Ivory “Feel-G” keyboard for genuine piano feel and contact
  • Reduced, lightweight and upscale bureau
  • Committed front-board catches for piano practice, exercises, and execution
  • Metronome, recorder, and “Twin Piano” highlights for exercises or next to each other exhibition
  • Condition agreeable; low force utilization and Auto-Off capacity
  • Two tasteful completions: Satin Black and White
  • Sound and MIDI yield jacks/connectors
  • Can play up to 128 notes simultaneously (polyphony)
  • Worked in an outside contribution for cooperating to your main tunes on your mp3 player

Sound quality


In case you will spend over $1,000 on an instrument, it should sound great. Isn’t that so?

Indeed, you won’t be baffled by the F-120. It sounds completely great! Nonetheless, in the same way as other electronic instruments,

You will receive much more mileage in return on the off chance that you use either earphones or an outside speaker framework. The Sennheiser HD518 open-back earphone fits pleasantly with the F-120.

Roland’s SuperNATURAL tech

Roland has built up an innovation they call SuperNATURAL, which they feel goes past what their rivals do regarding examining acoustic instruments for use in electronic instrument sound replication.

Roland has made sense of an approach to defeat three principal challenges in the realm of digital examining so as to give the most ideal sound quality.

Numerous producers will isolate the piano keyboard into explicit zones and test each zone independently. Roland tests the whole keyboard without a moment’s delay, giving a progressively uniform multiplication.

Furthermore, though numerous piano producers just example notes played at four distinctive volume levels (piano, mezzo-piano, mezzo-specialty, and strength),

Roland SuperNATURAL piano sounds contain 6 diverse volume tests (including pianissimo and fortissimo) for much smoother progress starting with one powerful range then onto the next.

At long last, in contrast to other piano creators, Roland has gone the additional mile as far as catching a legitimate rot of each note, similarly as it would the sound on an acoustic piano.

For all you nerds out there, you can get a significantly progressively off-camera take a gander at this new innovation here.

Once upon a time (interpreted: 1800s-mid 1900s) the white keys on a piano were made of ivory. This training is disapproved of today and is even unlawful in certain pieces of the world.

Truth be told, I urge you to please visit so as to assist you with figuring out how you can do your part to forestall ivory carrying.

Luckily, Roland digital piano has created what they call the Ivory Feel-G keyboard, which highlights reviewed hammer activity with escapement, and the look and feel of true ivory.

The escapement is the mechanical innovation created during the 1700s that took into consideration the felt pounds inside a piano to come back to their resting position in the wake of striking a key (for additional on “escapement,” look at this gathering).

The sound and the rage

The F-120 comes furnished with three diverse amazing piano sounds: jazz, “honky-tonk” (piano sounds layered with strings, ensemble, and ringers), and a split sound with the piano in the correct hand and bass and ride cymbal in the left hand for jazz backup.

Moreover, you have your decision of electric piano, harpsichord, organ, guitar, ensemble, strings, hammer percussion, and even some synthesizer sounds.

You likewise get 189 implicit old-style melodies and mainstream finger works out—ideal for the yearning understudy.

Roland F120 Vs F-110

The Roland Digital Piano F-110 is the forerunner to the F-120 and there are some huge contrasts between the two.

To start with, the Roland F-110 doesn’t highlight the SuperNATURAL sound motor, nor the Ivory Feel-G keyboard. It does, be that as it may, highlight 128-note polyphony, a 3-pedal stand,

306 unique sounds (rather than the 30 on the F-120) including 8 drum packs and enhancements, and a 3 track recorder (the F-120 just records on 1 track).

The F-120 accompanies increasingly implicit tunes; the F-110 just contains 65. The F-110 is likewise somewhat heavier than the F-120 (once more, the F-120 is 75 pounds). The F-110 likewise includes the Twin Piano and comes in dark or white.

RolandF120 Vs Roland RP301

The Roland RP301 is presumably Roland’s nearest partner to the F-120 yet it, as well, is a previous model. Both elements are the SuperNATURAL sound motor and the Ivory Feel-G keyboard.

Rather than essentially dark or white shading alternatives for the piano itself, you can pick either dark or an exceptionally pleasant mimicked rosewood finish.

RolandF120 Vs Casio PX850

The Casio PX850 is another instrument equivalent to the F-120. It has 256-note polyphony, yet just 18 inherent tones. The keys are caused to feel like genuine dark and ivory, and it comes in dark, white, or earthy-colored completions.

Like the F-120, you can part the keyboard into two indistinguishable zones for educating purposes.

Not at all like the F-120, this Casio offers USB availability straightforwardly to your PC, and with Apple’s Camera Connection Kit for iPad, you can interface those two gadgets.

Another cool component of the PX850 is cover recreation, which means you can set it up to seem like a fantastic piano with the top either open, shut, half-open, or evacuated.

RolandF120 Vs Kawai KDP90

The Kawai KDP90 highlights 88-key examining, much the same as the F-120. It arrives in a rosewood bureau finish, which the F-120 doesn’t offer.

There are two earphone jacks, and, similar to the F-120, you can part the keyboard into 2 44-note keyboards, similar to the Twin Piano element on the Roland.

Though the F-120 contains exercise material from Czerny and Hanon, the KDP90 contains exercises from the Alfred Piano Basic Lesson Books 1A and 1B. You additionally get a seat with this one.

Roland F120 Vs Yamaha YDP142

The Yamaha YDP142 is a piece of their “Arius” line of digital pianos and they have endeavored to adjust Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound motor with their own PureCF inspecting.

For Yamaha’s situation, they have tested their incredibly famous CFIIIS 9 foot show great piano. All things considered, you get more highlights with the Roland F120 Piano.

For instance, the YDP142 doesn’t include encouraging instruments like the Twin Piano, nor does it offer the same number of implicit sounds (10) as the F-120 (30).

In The Box

Best Roland F-120 Digital Piano Review

At the point when you buy the Roland F120, it comes level pressed in one enormous box. It may take two individuals to convey it into your home, as it tips the scales at 75lbs, (86lbs. delivering weight).

Likewise, it makes takes you as long as an hour to assemble it, contingent upon how gifted you are.

At the point when you have it amassed, the F-120 matches 53-5/8 inches wide x 13-5/8 inches x 30-11/16 inches high (35-7/8 inches high with the cover open).

It accompanies a three-pedal stand, an AC connector, power string, earphones snare, and proprietors manual (in the event that you have to download the Roland Piano 120 manual, you can do as such here).

It additionally accompanies a top that serves as your music stand, which is convenient. It doesn’t accompany a seat, however, the On-Stage KB8902 keyboard seat combines pleasantly with the F-120.


It’s extremely reasonable to the touch. Like a genuine piano, it has three pedals (sostenuto, delicate, and a damper). It has an information jack that permits you to cooperate with melodies,

Tune in to an exercise on Youtube and furthermore has two headphone jacks, which are incredible on the off chance that you would prefer not to upset your neighbors.

Extraordinary digital keyboard, that doesn’t generally feel or sound like a keyboard. Entirely pleasant to tune in to and extra sounds are extraordinary as well.


Roland F120 Piano additionally accompanies a metronome and a MIDI link and can without much of a stretch be associated with a PC or a PC.

It additionally has twin Roland piano highlights for one next to the other presentation or exercises. On all, you likewise get a low force utilization.

Ending Of Roland F-120

The Best Roland F-120 Digital Piano Review - Pros And Cons

The main feeble purpose of Roland F120 Digital Piano is its absence of versatility since it doesn’t have haggles certainly intended to be sat on one spot, be that as it may, then again, it’s sufficiently light to be effectively moved around.

On the off chance that you need a digital piano that sounds stupendous, however truly isn’t and won’t execute your move,

Roland F-120 is the ideal decision. With everything taken into account, unquestionably a decent decision, an extraordinary model for fledglings to rehearse on and by a long shot the best in its value run. Enthusiastically suggested.