In-Depth Analysis of the Popular Web Hosting BlueHost

In-Depth Analysis of the Popular Web Hosting BlueHost

I have two Bluehost accounts and am very satisfied with the service. When I initially found Bluehost, the unlimited website hosting was the most unbelievable feature.

My previous website hosting service charged me $300 yearly to host and use their website builder for a single domain name.

For a single domain, that’s $25 monthly. So you can imagine my delight when I found out that Bluehost allows me to host an infinite number of websites for only $6.95 a month.

During my sales inquiry call, I inquired about limitless website hosting no less than three times. That was so unbelievable to me that I had to keep pinching myself.

This gets right down to the meat of the issue. What follows is a summary of some of Bluehost’s best qualities. For only $6.95/mo., you can host an unlimited number of websites.

Bluehost makes it simple to register domain names. There is no need to go anywhere else; this is your one-stop store.

Top-notch customer service and technical assistance by phone, chat, and email. In this first installment of my Bluehost reviews, I’ll discuss two occasions where I experienced exceptional service from Bluehost that ultimately led to my being a dedicated, loyal client.

Simple one-click setup for widely used content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. When using Bluehost, installing WordPress is a breeze.

Site copies saved as a courtesy (this saved me an entire 60 page website). As a result of this function, you may avoid a great deal of stress (as it did me).

The quantity of email addresses under a given domain is unrestricted. Your absence of an email address will never be an issue again. Creating an e-mail account is a quick and easy process that takes less than a minute.

  • No limits on storage space (build websites as big as you like… I do).
  • Secure protocols like SSL are available for online stores.
  • $50 Bonus Google Play Funds.
  • I’ve had brief outages of a few minutes or hours in spite of the service provider’s promise of a 99.9% uptime network.

Included Are E-Mail Accounts Named After Your Domains

Bluehost makes it simple to create email addresses for each of your domains. For all of my sites, I created an address.

With Bluehost, you’re free to establish as many email addresses as you like for each domain you host.

Having an email address (or addresses) associated with your website gives off a far more professional vibe than using a free service like Gmail or Hotmail. Spend the three minutes needed to create a domain-based email account.

There Are Many Resources Available to Help You Launch Your Websites

If you’re the DIY type, you can learn how to utilize WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Dreamweaver, and more with the help of Bluehost’s dozens of video lessons.

I have two issues with Bluehost.

In-Depth Analysis of the Popular Web Hosting BlueHost

They don’t provide you with advance warning if there will be a brief outage of a service because of maintenance.

When I contacted them, they said that prior to the planned surgery, they used to send out warnings, but that it became more hassle than it was worth due to the high volume of calls they received.

Thankfully, updates and upgrades occur so infrequently that I rarely notice them.
The interface for checking the availability of domain names is cumbersome.

GoDaddy has a fantastic user interface, therefore I use it to check for domain availability. After selecting the perfect domain name, I sign up for a Bluehost account.

An important consideration when registering a domain name is to have it automatically renewed, unless you are only creating a temporary website.

You should avoid losing your domain because you forgot to renew it. It would be devastating to work hard on a website with fifty pages of content and see it rise in the rankings just to have the site disappear because the domain name was not renewed.