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Maui fire Update: death toll increases!

Maui fire Update 2023: death toll increases!

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By Ok Digital It Fiirm

Maui Fire Update: 67 people have died, as residents of Lahaina have returned.

Kaleikaumaka Johnson, 21, returns to work as a waitress in Kahului, Maui, after three nights of thinking about her family, but her home is distant.

I can’t even be alive without thinking about what is, has happened to my people, my family, the woman says. “I go to sleep and I just wake up gagging, throwing up, and then I start crying.”

The Hawaiian island of Maui experienced a devastating natural disaster, with fast-moving flames destroying the historic town of Lahaina, which is the largest natural disaster in Hawaii State history.

The fires maui destroyed 80% of the beachfront town, claiming the lives of dozens of people. Even days after the town was destroyed, more people are still dying. Pictures of bodies in Maui are all over social media accounts.

In Lahaina, several individuals were trapped by the fire, and some lost their lives attempting to save their homes. A distant cousin, Ms. Johnson, claims that he was discovered burned to a crisp in a lawn chair in his yard because he refused to leave his house.

Other attempts to flee the fires have been unsuccessful. Four of her relatives’ homes in Maui were devastated, and her aunt is the only person still standing. The remaining homes are now at risk of looting as the community enters its third day without water and electricity.

Ms. Johnson, a 21-year-old, claims that people are not robbing homes because they are thieves but because they are in survival mode. She is aware of the disaster’s scope and has informed her bartender that she will not be returning to school this year due to financial constraints.

Some folks are not in a rush to get home.

Evacuees at the War Memorial Stadium shelter are not eager to return home, despite some being allowed to return to Lahaina on Friday.

Most of them saw their houses burn as they made it out, and they are confident there is nothing left to return to. Most people are thankful for their survival, and as they learn more about their neighbors, some of whom did not survive, the sentiment grows.

Bezos and Sanchez will donate $100 million.

Maui’s relief and aid organizations are receiving donations from affluent individuals, including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Bezos and his partner Lauren Sanchez have contributed $100 million (£79 million) to aid fire victims.

Sanchez expressed gratitude for the families and devastated community, stating they are establishing a Maui Fund to assist in rebuilding and future needs.

Residents of Lahaina Return To Examine Fire Damage: Maui fire Update

Maui fire Update: death toll increases!

Lahaina residents returned home after a devastating inferno neared destruction, allowing them to return home.

Lahaina locals come back: Maui fire Update

Lahaina residents who escaped fires are now welcome to return. The governor advises people to prepare for the catastrophe, as authorities are expected to search inside burning buildings. The governor announced 59 deaths, but the number is expected to rise. A curfew will be in effect by 10 p.m. local time.

Hawaii’s fires demonstrate how expensive climate calamities are.

Hurricane-related offshore winds exacerbated a fire in Hawaii, which is more frequent due to climate change, reduced rainfall, and longer droughts. Scientists also attribute the effects to altered farming methods. The richest people worldwide are already experiencing the effects.

Locals claim to have received SMS messages, but some have not. Officials are focusing on finding bodies and aid. The magnitude of the task ahead is enormous, even though the rest of Hawaii remains unscathed. A climatic catastrophe is pushing one of the richest states in the world to its breaking point.