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The Best M-Audio Keystation 88 II - 88 Key USB/MIDI

The Best M-Audio Keystation 88 II – 88 Key USB/MIDI

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By Ok Digital It Fiirm

The Best M-Audio Keystation 88 II – 88 Key USB/MIDI

M-Audio Keystation 88 II is a spending limit neighborly MIDI piano controller intended for both expert and learner music darlings at the top of the priority list.

It’s a multi-keyed and execution arranged piano controller through which you can consistently play robotic instruments and revamp your preferred music on a PC.

M-Audio Keystation 88 II comes bundled with 3 advantageous bits of programming which incorporate Ableton Live Lite music creation programming, virtual SONIVOX piano, and Xpand! 2 Multitimbral DAW programming.

It’s a multipurpose piano controller that can be utilized to basically play out all music structure, recording, and execution ventures.

Customary apprentice pianos were produced centered around ensuring that students have a simple time utilizing the piano.

The highlights of such pianos were likewise very constrained with the makers accepting that students didn’t require digital specs since they are, all things considered, never going to utilize them.

These misguided judgments brought about some normal piano which became out of date the second an understudy began developing, and this is an enormous issue.

In the event that you are a music understudy engaged and devoted to building a fruitful vocation, you need a piano that will continue testing you all through your advancement procedure.

A piano that you will never grow out of. One with something new and remarkable that will consistently push your abilities and think about what; the M-Audio Keystation 88 II piano is actually what you need.

Why so? There are such a large number of reasons why this is the ideal piano for understudies as well as cutting-edge piano players. Here is a portion of the reasons why the M-Audio Keystation MKII is the perfect decision for you:

M-Audio Keystation 88 II Overview

M-Audio Keystation 88 II Overview

88-note piano controller with a characteristic vibe.

Venture into PC-based music creation and execution with the M-Audio Keystation 88 II piano controller from M-Audio. Keystation 88 II is a basic, ground-breaking MIDI controller for beginners intended for sequencing music and playing virtual instruments on your Mac or PC.

It highlights 88 full-size speed delicate keys and a progression of controls that extend the scope of playable notes, expressive abilities, and improve your account work process.

Utilize the octave go catches; pitch-curve and tweak wheels; and transport and directional controls to play, perform, and record with your music programming without utilizing a mouse or trackpad.

M-Audio Keystation likewise incorporates a 1/4″ (6.3mm) continue pedal info that lets you utilize an outside control pedal, for example, the SP2 (sold independently), for real piano support.

Unadulterated Player Experience

Lightweight and tough, M-Audio Keystation 88 II is ideal for heading out artists who need to assume responsibility for music programming during live exhibitions or makers who wish to include an instinctive MIDI controller with a characteristic inclination keyboard to their studio.

For a simple to-utilize and versatile arrangement, M-Audio Keystation 88 II is USB-fueled, class-agreeable, and underpins USB-MIDI availability.

Besides, M-Audio Keystation backings the iOS network with the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit (sold independently), empowering you to perform and form with sound applications on your iPad and different iOS gadgets.

1. MK Design

design of piano keyboard

  • It estimates 9.8 inches wide, 3.6 inches down and 53.9 inches high. It gauges 17 lbs. Of all the M-Audio Keystation 88 II arrangement pianos, it’s the longest and biggest.
  • The keyboard is super-strong and feels pleasant while working. The keys are semi-weighted which implies you require more vitality to work them. Its Octave catches are overly cool and characteristic.
  • On the facade, the keyboard leaves a thin impression which ensures enough separating for keeping your other basic music instruments in the work area. The keyboard does exclude loads of superfluous cushions and fastens which makes it simpler to learn and utilize.

2. Features


  • M-Audio Keystation 88 II is lavishly provided with fitting and super-viable highlights. It has 88 full-sized super-quick keys that guarantee to emulate and improve your keyboard playing experience.
  • The keys are very cool and normal which makes the keyboard appropriate for both expert and beginner artists and entertainers.
  • The 6.3 mm support pedal info works impeccably with all-inclusive control pedals to ensure genuine keyboard maintainability.
  • The keyboard is USB fueled and it works impeccably with USB-MIDI network, Apple iPad camera availability, and iOS network.
  • It incorporates a space-age Ableton Live Lite program that permits you to proficiently and easily create, record, remix and alter your melodic thoughts in a liquid sound condition.
  • This stunning virtual keyboard controller also accompanies a Multitimbral workspace alluded to as Xpand!2 which remembers 4 powerful sound parts for every zone.
  • Every part incorporates with one MIDI channel and highlights one blend, balance, arpeggiation and note extend impacts settings.
  • What makes this keyboard controller all the more astounding is the FM blend and wavetables testing abilities just as accessible of a wide range of prepared to-play patches.
  • Another brilliant element of the M-Audio Keystation 88 II is the SONIVOX’s 88 Ensemble keyboard framework that lets you dependably catch a 9-foot CD327 Steinway keyboard.
  • This gadget is proficiently tested and will permit you to capably include your preferred exhibitions, structures, and accounts.
  • With its extraordinary synth cushions, choral cushions, and layer strings, you can genuinely make rich early-stage surfaces and soundscapes.

3. Full-Sized Keys

Piano Keys

How frequently do you go over an amateur’s keyboard with 88 keys?! Much of the time, an understudy’s keyboard normally has 61 keys going down.

This may assist you with acing the keyboard a lot quicker however how can it set you up for playing a genuine acoustic piano?

Is it accurate to say that you aren’t in an ideal situation getting the viable experience of an 88-full measured key keyboard like one from an acoustic piano?

This full piano will guarantee that you learn on a progressively practical piano. One where you can easily adjust to an acoustic instrument without spending superfluous hours on extra rehearsing.

These keys are likewise speeding delicate, and as per the producer, they are semi-weighted which should make playing somewhat simpler.

The magnificence of having a full-sized piano is that individuals of various expertise levels can utilize the piano. In the event that you are a propelled player and need a piano that your child can likewise learn with then look no further.

4. Points Of Interest

Points Of Interest

M-sound Keystation 88 II is a top-of-the-line piano controller that is connected to numerous advantages. Artists and entertainers who recently utilized this key station prescribe it because of the accompanying advantages.

  • Phenomenal solidness and compactness
  • The piano has a strong body structure and is sufficiently convenient to be effectively moved around the studio. Gauging l7 lbs, this piano can be securely laid on any sort of table.
  • Accompanies numerous simple to work keys
  • The 88 sound delicate keys are right now simple to move and don’t expect you to have any extraordinary abilities and information.
  • It very well may be securely fueled by a USB.

This implies, when you put resources into this piano, you will diminish wire jumbling in your studio just as increment your investment funds on energy. It makes playing all-out-of-box piano sounds conceivable.

The piano is improved with brilliant highlights like VSTi piano instrument, Ableton Live Lite, and SONiVOX 88 Ensemble which make it workable for you to easily play all out of the crate piano sounds.

5. The Controls

The M-Audio Keystation 88 II has some cool octave catches for control purposes. Each control highlight on this piano has been added to guarantee that it conveys its proposed reason while likewise giving the piano a satisfying tasteful appearance. You won’t locate any pointless cushions and fastens as is regular in numerous other MIDI controllers.

It is additionally unavoidable to pass up a major opportunity with the thin impression of the piano. It will serenely fit in a work area and even leave some space for your other melodic gadgets.

of the mix in digital instruments and this is the reason this piano is good with DAW. This allows you to utilize your piano with both Mac and PC, and you will do this effectively without the requirement for any help from a tech nerd.

Its availability to PC is made much simpler with the Ableton Live Lite programming. The piano can likewise work with other M-Audio Keystation 88 II Pro Tools and Garageband that supports its similarity with Mac. A snappy look at the client tributes shows exactly how helpful this element is.

6. Transportability

Transportability is a basic factor particularly on the off chance that you are an amateur who will invest some energy moving with the piano starting with one spot then onto the next.

Entertainers additionally need convenient instruments which will make gigging a lot simpler. M-Audio 88 II has contemplated this factor, and that is the reason the piano is made lightweight for basic transportation.

Understudy and Pro Friendly

You need to concede that finding the centerline where the two understudies and Pros can discover the piano energizing and clear to utilize isn’t simple.

The M-Audio 88 has some way or another figured out how to accomplish this. As a novice, you won’t need hacks or instructional exercises to get the piano running.

It can likewise work with fitting and play, and the digital sound workstation network will enable any understudy to figure out how to utilize different gadgets in improving music creation.

Two virtual instruments preset will likewise give a beginner a simple time learning the piano.

For an expert set up this piano is similarly astoundingly simple. The propelled highlights will likewise keep you involved and guarantee that your aptitudes are very much honed.

  • The piano includes a strong body; not very huge to make conveying it a bad dream yet tough enough to make it a solid thing.
  • The piano offers SONiVOX 88 Ensemble, VSTi piano instruments and Ableton Live Lite which makes playing the piano an amazingly fun encounter.
  • This piano utilizes USB charging, and this is a gigantic favorable position that can without much of a stretch be neglected. Through this port, power utilization is extremely constrained, and this will essentially diminish your capacity costs. The USB port likewise wipes out wire mess issues in the studio. Clients can likewise decide to utilize a force supply, yet this is colossally disheartening.
  • The piano has 88 keys which are a preferred position to anybody originating from a piano with no adjusting will be important. Learners likewise get an opportunity to rehearse on copy size of an acoustic piano.
  • The M-Audio 88 piano weighs under 19lbs. You can move the piano around easily.

While countless the clients who purchased this M-Audio Keystation 88 II framework appraised it emphatically, there are various negative things they called attention to about it. These incorporate; Makes bunches of commotion as a result of the spring introduced underneath the keys.

  • The USB port bundled with the piano is excessively short.
  • It scarcely wants to play a genuine piano.
  • A few people found the springs utilized beneath the keys boisterous
  • The USB link picked with the piano is likewise very short

7. 88 II Specs

  • 88 Full-sized and speed delicate keys
  • SONiVOX and Ableton Live Lite Ensemble
  • Fitting and-play network
  • Continue pedal for cutting edge and sensational execution
  • Outer sound module availability
  • MIDI piano capacity
  • Digital Audio Workstation empowered
  • Lightweight and smooth structuring
  • Semi-weighted keys

Last Word Of M-Audio Keystation 88 II

The Best M-Audio Keystation 88 II - 88 Key USB/MIDI

M-Audio Keystation 88 II is exactly what you have to get down to business in your music profession. It furnishes you with all the abilities an apprentice will ever need and afterward, allows you to ace them.

On the off chance that you are a genius, at that point, this is the perfect instrument that you have to keep your game at the top.

It’s a splendid yet straightforward instrument which additionally happens to be very spending amicable.