Khaleda Zia Declines To Go BSTMMU

Khaleda Zia Declines To Go BSTMMU

Dhaka: BNP chairwoman Khaleda Zia declines to go BSTMMU (Bangabandhu tribal sheikh Mujib Medical University) on Sunday for receiving treatment, reports the UNB.

Jailer of recent Dacca Central Jail Mahbubul Islam told journalists that the BNP chairwoman refused to travel to BSMMU for treatment though they’d all the preparations to require her there.

Later, BSMMU Director Brig General Abdullah Al-Harun aforesaid, “Khaleda Zia was imagined to return here (BSMMU),

However she’s not returning. We’re able to receive her any time if she comes here.”

Talking to reporters on the bottom floor of BSMMU’s Cabin Block around 1pm, he conjointly aforesaid,

“The jail authorities earlier au courant United States of America that Khaleda Zia are going to be brought here these days,

However currently they told United States of America Khaleda Zia isn’t being brought here these days.”

The BSMMU director aforesaid medical board members and therefore the hospital authorities were able toofferher treatment.

“Cabins were readyduring this block (Cabin Block) for her. we have a tendency to would’ve provided her treatment had she return.”

He hoped that Khaleda mightreturn to their hospital another day for treatment.

Abdullah Al-Harun aforesaid the members of the medical board fashioned by the govt for Khaleda’s treatment visited her within the jail on Gregorian calendar month twenty eight last, and instructed conducting her follow-up health scrutiny.

On March 4, a high-profile BNP delegation, diode by its administrator Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, met Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan to debate Khaleda Zia’s health condition and her treatment.

Later, the house Minister aforesaid the BNP chief would be taken to BSMMU for making certainhigher treatment of her.

BNP chairwoman Khaleda Zia has been in jail since a special court condemned her in Zia Orphanage Trust graft case on Gregorian calendar month eight last year.

Meanwhile, the leaders of Doctors Association of East Pakistan (DAB), a pro-BNP doctors’ body, aforesaidKhaleda Zia needs to receive treatment at United Hospital, not at the BSMMU.

“We’ve data that Khaleda Zia’s health condition has seriously deteriorated, and she or he needs to possesstreatment at United Hospital since her personal physicians area unit there United Nations agency had long been providing her treatment.

we expect it’s not associate degree undo able need of her,” DAB caller Farhad Halim Donor told reporters at the BSMMU.

He claimed that the medical board members United Nations agency visited Khaleda recently in jail instructing her to the United Hospital as per her need.

Farhad aforesaid Khaleda was delivered to the BSUMMU double earlier against her canhowever she failed to receive correct treatment there.

DAB’s BSMMU unit president faculty member Saiful Islam Selim aforesaid Khaleda isn’t willing to return to BSMMU as she was earlier brought back from the hospital double while not finishing her treatment.

Mentioning that obtaining correct treatment is her basic and right, Selim urged the govt to admit Khaleda to the United Hospital straightaway.

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