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Did Lil Tay Die: Lil Tay's family claims she's alive and her account hacked!

Did Lil Tay Die: Lil Tay’s family claims she’s alive and her account hacked 2023!

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By Ok Digital It Fiirm

Did Lil Tay Die?

Lil Tay claimed she passed away in a statement removed from her verified Instagram account, raising doubts about the veracity of the initial report. The teen’s family provided TMZ with a statement claiming her account was compromised by a third party, spreading misinformation and rumors about her.

ABC News has not independently verified this report, and Instagram’s parent company, Meta, declined to comment on the account’s hack. The report does not mention the owner of the account, and the family cannot be reached.

Lil Tay, her mother Angela Tian, and brother Jason Tian, were reportedly upset and struggling to communicate their safety. They received tearful phone calls from loved ones during the traumatic 24 hours.

Chris Hope, the father of a 9-year-old rapper, raised doubts about the authenticity of an Instagram post about his daughter and brother’s death. The rapper’s contentious videos, which showcased her opulent lifestyle, gained widespread recognition at just 9 years old.

Did Lil Tay Die: Lil Tay was referred to as Claire in Wednesday post!

Claire’s tragic passing has left a heavy heart on Instagram, with some expressing shock and anguish. Lil Tay’s brother Jason Tian has also passed away, and their deaths are being investigated. The article does not specify how or where they perished. The news is a shock to many.

The statement on Wednesday expressed grief over Claire and her brother’s passing, stating that the circumstances surrounding their deaths are still being investigated. The statement urged for privacy as mourners mourn the loss of Claire and her brother.

Lil Tay’s final Instagram post on June 18, 2018, appeared to be Facetiming with the late rapper XXXTentacion, whose true name is Jahseh Onfroy. The tribute post is in memory of the rapper, who was shot and died on June 18, 2018, in Broward County, Florida, at the age of twenty.

The post claims that Lil Tay changed their life by supporting them when they were down and offering advice. The vulgar language in her social media videos and her impersonations of gangster rappers, including using the n-word and posing as drug-dealing, sparked debate and concerns about the potential exploitation of minors.

Lil Tay, who was 9 years old at the time, discussed her social media fame and her status as the internet’s “youngest flexer” in a 2018 Nightline interview.

Did Lil Tay Die: Mother and brother defend Lil Tay’s videos in Nightline interview.

In an 2018 interview, Jason, a 16-year-old, shared her positive attitude and belief in her daughter’s potential.

Angela Tian, a proud mother, praised her daughter’s accomplishments and predicted her daughter to become a superstar. Lil Tay, however, denied being compelled to manage her Instagram account, stating that she did not feel compelled to do so.

Is Lil Tay Dead: I’m Not Dead-Lil Tay Say

Did Lil Tay Die: Lil Tay's family claims she's alive and her account hacked!

Lil Tay, a social media influencer, claims her Instagram account was hacked and used to spread misinformation about her brother’s passing. She is heartbroken and struggles to find the right words to express her grief.

She claims her account was hacked by a third party and exploited to spread false information about her, including incorrect names. Tay Tian, not realizing her name is Claire Hope, claims her brother and sister are safe and alive.

Tay thanks Meta for helping her Instagram account be returned and removing false death announcements. The reason it took her 24 hours to announce her survival remains a mystery, as she claimed her account had been compromised.

TMZ contacted local authorities and family members, who were unaware of her loss, to understand the reason.

Tay announced her false death on Instagram, describing her sudden and tragic passing as an unbearable loss. Her family is in shock, and her brother’s death adds to their grief.