Casio PX-860 Review – Digital Piano By Your Choice In 2020

Introduction to the Casio PX-860

If there is one thing we can all celebrate from the stiff competition in the digital keyboard arena is how it has made each brand to go beyond its comfort zone in ensuring that they deliver quality products. No company can take its fan base for granted anymore.

Additionally, all companies have been forced to invest further in research and technology in an attempt of coming up with new features and devices to attract more customers. I can imagine this is a nightmare to the companies but for us consumers, this is perhaps the best moment we’ve ever had.

This is so because we don’t just have a wide variety to choose from but we also have a huge group of really brilliant machines which can make choosing one from them an impossible affair.

Casio has been around for years and they are one of the most popular and reputable brands in the market. They have given us incredible machines in the past but is the PX-860 one of their success stories?

Here is everything you need to know about the Casio PX 860 to help you make an informed decision on whether to buy it or not.

First Impressions

It looks just like the PX-850 with very little differences that most users won’t even notice. This isn’t really a bad deal because the PX-850 was a good-looking keyboard but owners of the PX-850 who were looking for a fresh upgrade will be a bit disappointed.

We would also like to point out that the keyboard comes in three different colors: an elegant black wood tone finishes, an executive oak tone finish, and an insanely gorgeous white wood tone finish.

Whichever of the keyboard you select we are sure that it will perfectly blend with your décor adding an extra taste of beauty. We are certain that you will find it rather difficult to choose between these colors.


Looks can only take you so far but without the right technical features, a keyboard is doomed to fail. Fortunately, Casio has been around for long enough to know that quality sounds are a dream for every keyboardist out there. In this particular piano, Casio has gone out of their way to ensure that they could use every technology and resource within their grasp to deliver excellent sounds and we are glad about the results.

In fact, the PX-860 has been compared to the Casio PX-5S which is arguably the best sounding digital piano Casio has ever made.

To be compared to such a legendary keyboard is no joke. Credit to the PX-860 though because it does indeed come with some brilliant sounds that will overwhelm your taste buds with rich resonance and melodies.

The keyboard also comes with a hall simulation feature that allows the user to create a simulation of the sound they’d get if they were playing in a concert hall, stadium, or in a cathedral setting. Before you say that other digital keyboards also have a similar feature we’d like you to really understand that the effect and immersive nature of this keyboard should in no way be compared to a mere echo effect. The hall simulation feature delivers a clear and realistic effect that very few digital keyboards out there can match.

The keyboard has a classic appearance but this does not in any way mean that it’s only ideal for making classics or old melodies. This ensures that its users are never left behind when it comes to keeping up with the ever-changing taste of music fans.

We would also like to point out that the keyboard has some rather powerful speakers meaning that you won’t need to invest in an external system unless you are planning. For home and most other purposes, the four inbuilt speakers of the keyboard will be very comfortable to deliver loud sounds with extreme clarity.

However, in the sounds department, there are several limitations that you need to be aware of. The keyboard, for instance, comes with 10 classic tracks that you can play along. This is easy and an enjoyable experienced to seasoned pianists but intermediate or beginners this could be a bit too difficult to follow. To solve this problem, the keyboard allows you to use the playback setting in slowing down the tracks so that you can follow them with more ease.

Additionally, having just 10 inbuilt recordings doesn’t feel like enough. The good news is that you can use the various connectors available to use the keyboard with your computer, mobile device, and other smartphone apps. This way, you can find more music to practice and have fun with.


The Casio PX 860 accompanies a keyboard top in a structure like that of an amazing piano. Underneath the top is dark and ivory keys with a choice feel. The keys are intended to feel like the exemplary machine the PX-860 is intended to be while likewise imitating the vibe of an acoustic piano.

Obviously, the console doesn’t have the specific touch and feel of acoustic instruments yet neither does any of the digital consoles in the market. Casio has buckled down inside the constraints of making a financial plan well disposed of the digital piano to convey a touch reaction which carries us significantly more like a fantastic piano. In this manner, progressing from this piano to an acoustic one will be much simpler.

You can likewise tweak this console to accommodate your inclinations as far as to contact affectability. Along these lines, you can alter the keyboard to coordinate with the playing style you are feeling at a specific second. You can likewise alter this affectability to coordinate with your playing speed for an additional exciting exhibition.

The keyboard additionally accompanies a two-part harmony mode that parts the keyboard into halves permitting you to play close by someone else. This element demonstrates valuable particularly for transitional players who despite everything need help from a mentor.

Casio Privia PX 860 Specs

  • Measurements: width 1367; profundity, 299; stature 837mm
  • Weight: 35.5kg
  • 88key, tri-sensor scaled sledge activity keyboard
  • Three touch affectability choices (you can likewise turn them off)
  • 256-notes polyphony
  • 10 inbuilt tones extending from fabulous pianos to Electric pianos, harpsichord, strings, pipe organs, Elec organ to jazz organ among others
  • Split/layer capacity
  • Impacts: 4 corridor test systems, 4 melodies, brightness, and DSP
  • Tune extension: 10 melodies most extreme
  • Rhythm go: 20 – 255
  • Transpose: – 12 – 0 – +12
  • Tuning: 415.5 – 440.0 – 469.5 Hz
  • Beats 0 – 9
  • Three pedals: damper, delicate and sostenuto
  • Recorder: 2 tracks or 1 tune
  • Auto power off
  • Slide keyboard spread
  • Two 20W speakers
  • Two 12cm and two 5cm speakers
  • Connectors: USB (type An and B), two standard sound system earphone jack, line out and 24V DC outer force

Last Words

casio px-860

The entirety of the business heads has been battling to make a keyboard lodging highlights and characteristics of an acoustic piano at a moderate cost. This has for since quite a while ago been only a desire however lately, we have seen significant steps made towards this goal.

The Casio Privia PX-860 is one of the ongoing instruments that carry the acoustic experience significantly more like an ordinary piano player with only the enthusiasm for music and a somewhat limited financial plan. With this best-digital piano, you will get probably the best highlights of digital keyboards to bring to the table.

The Casio PX860 is no ifs, and or buts an OK alternative for musicians of all ability levels and it’ll assist you with meeting the desires for you and everybody around at whatever point it is called upon.

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