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Top Best Casio CDP 130 Digital Piano - Pros & Cons In 2022

Top Best Casio CDP 130 Digital Piano – Pros & Cons In 2022

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By Ok Digital It Fiirm

Casio CDP 130 Digital Piano Review

In case you felt a touch of the sentiment of history rehashing itself while looking at the Casio CDP-130, it is on the grounds that the suspension is on a very basic level vague from the CDP-120’s.

Believe it or not, the two pianos have a comparative authority, support, and accessibility decisions, so it’s easy to be bewildered while differentiating the helpful keyboards one close to the next.

The thing comes in two unmistakable consummations: the CDP-130BK (dim) and the CDP-130SR (silver), and the two versions can be changed into a family unit thing by including the planning Casio CS-44P stand, open autonomously for $119.

The primary interface of the Casio CDP 130 joins a Power get, a Volume handle, the Demo mode, the multi-use Function get,

Two gets to pick the Grand Piano or Electric Piano tones, the new Metronome mode (that licenses to practice with the cadence), and the revamp Reverb fragment, which presently fuses a progressively significant Hall exhibit that can be useful to propel the piano sounds.

Other impelled limits, for instance, the Touch Response, the Transpose, the understood DSP (for changing the Reverb power and the Chorus significance), and the Metronome Tempo/Beat, can be administered by crushing the Function get and the desired note on the comfort.

The top board joins the two 8W-oval Full Force Sound Speakers and an opening for putting the music stand, while on the backboard we find the Headphones yield, the Sustain jack, a USB port for MIDI accessibility, and the force supply jack.

Highlights of CDP-130

Casio CDP 130 Digital Piano

Snap to check the cost and a new release of CDP-130

Initially, there is a fairly reasonable sound system fantastic piano solid which at the cost is truly great. Next up is the weighted sled activity which causes the Casio CDP 130 to feel like a genuine piano.

Five unmistakable sounds including a sound system fantastic piano I and 2, electric piano, harpsichord, and strings

32-note polyphony (which suggests you can play up to 32 notes at the same time)

Eight mechanized effects including assortments of reverb and tune layer and transpose work locally available speaker system

MIDI information/yield (wonderful for using with your home PC) headphones and oversee pedal jacks.

The CDP-130 mechanized piano in like manner goes with an oversee foot switch – more on this later in the study.

Like the old CDP-120, the CDP-130 parts the excellent AHL Sound Source engine, which presently offers ten sounds (against the five tones joined into the past model) and a comparative proportion of polyphony, set to a generally extraordinary of 48 notes.

This empowers customers to play uncommonly complex sections of built-up music, for instance, arpeggios or scales, while crushing the oversee pedal. A comparable segment can be helpful while playing more prominent harmonies in Layer mode, with no peril of dropped notes.

In like manner returning from the CDP-120, the 88-key Scaled Hammer-Action Keyboard is an amazing way for understudies to start taking in the piano stray pieces and the centrality of stream,

By virtue of a spring-less hammer system that gives a heavier touch on the lower notes, and a lighter touch on the higher ones, many equivalents to a certified breathtaking piano.

The ability to set another key responsiveness (picking between three affectability levels, or despite crippling it on the off chance that you favor the standard touch response) is a remarkable gadget to really ace the particular movement that an incredible piano can offer when playing milder or stronger.

Regardless of the section level thought and the helpful arrangement of the CDP-130, the new propelled piano from Casio offers a reasonable trial that is magnificent for piano understudies and juveniles,

Just as for all of those live specialists who need a well-sounding and limited modernized piano for their gigs, by virtue of a to an extraordinary degree lightweight skeleton (only 23 pounds).

1. Polyphony

The piano offers a limit of 48 polyphony at any rate that I think in light of the fact that there is a logical inconsistency in the particular of the piano on the official site of Casio.

In the Casio International site, it says it has a limit of 48 polyphony however in the US Casio site it is referenced that it has a limit of 64 polyphony.

In any case, again when you go to the component page it says that it has 48 polyphony.

I truly don’t have the foggiest idea about that is it expected or a grammatical error. In any case, I can affirm that it has 48 polyphony since I utilized it for this survey.

2. Network

Network shrewd on the backside of the keyboard you will get one USB port, One pedal port, One force port, and a ¼ inch sound jack.

Thus, Spec shrewd it is a very decent piano on the off chance that you are a tenderfoot or a middle-of-the-road player.

There is nothing out of the world highlights, It can be ordered as a fundamental attachment and play keyboard in a moderate value go.

3. Keys

Piano Keys

I can say that the keys are heavier which makes it an extraordinary practice piano. It brings about minimal delicate scaling as well.

The heaviness of the mallet activity keys is acceptable however not absolutely exact. In general, I can say that the keys are very substantial which makes it ideal for the piano players for the individuals who need to play acoustic, competitions or rivalries.

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Let’s comprehend the reason for Weighted Keys. Model on the off chance that you are a track sprinter you will frequently wear sandbags on your lower leg to reinforce your lower legs and legs, so it is to some degree comparative for keyboard player the heavier keys fortify our wrists and fingers.

So on the off chance that you play acoustic piano from time to time for rivalry and competitions and are in any restricted spending circumstance then I will emphatically prescribe this CDP-130 piano.

4. Sound Quality


We should discuss the sound quality, I can say that the sound is to some degree satisfactory. It doesn’t seem like any of those terrific pianos however it despite everything doesn’t seem like one of those $100 keyboards either.

In the event that you need an extraordinary top-notch sound then I will suggest these Casio – keyboards over this. However, If you are a fledgling or need to utilize it as a MIDI controller then this can be an extraordinary piano and worth your cash.

Another remarkable thing “the key commotion” the sledge clamor which is created when you press the keys is somewhat uproarious however despite everything that relies upon your activity like how far is the keys from your body, how much power you are applying when squeezing it and the speed moreover.

It isn’t excessive and won’t trouble you or individuals around you yet for a point-by-point survey for the advantage of my perusers, I investigate every possibility.

5. Alternate

The Alternative Of CDP-130 is Yamaha P 71 Digital Piano with the best quality. The Price is practically the same so remember to check it.

yamaha p71 88-key weighted action digital piano with sustain pedal and power supply

My Experience With CDP-130

CDP-130 isn’t accessible in a large portion of the nations these days. So here is a portion of the keyboards also like CDP-130 in a similar value extend so examine them.

In this, taking everything into account, I can say that it is an incredible piano for tenderfoots and middle-of-the-road keyboard players who simply need to fit and play.

It is actually a solid contender to beat at the cost/quality proportion it offers.

6. Smaller

A pleasant aspect concerning keyboards is that they are a lot simpler to ship than acoustic pianos. In case you’re a voyaging performer whose instrument of decision includes stimulating the ivories, you don’t have plenty of alternatives.

Keyboards are your most solid option. Also, the decent thing with the CDP-130, is that you get something that is anything but difficult to move.

The measurements are estimated to fit effectively in your vehicle. It is additionally moderately lightweight which normally is a convenient part of any keyboard.

The keyboard doesn’t accompany a stand, yet you can joyfully play the unit on any table.

The keyboards’ lightweight will make it simple to move around when required.

7. Weighted Keys

Weighted Keys

CDP-130 Accompanies Completely Weighted Keys.

This implies it is worked to have a vibe that is like an acoustic piano. Any better than average electric keyboard ought to incorporate weighted keys, however, this element is rarely guaranteed.

You likewise get the advantage of Casio’s great tri-sensor innovation. The overly sensitive sensors guarantee that the keyboard enlists even the scarcest touch. Basically, this component ensures a playing experience that will take after that of an acoustic piano.

Also, being evaluated, the keys are totally weighted in an unexpected way. This implies lower keys will be heavier than the higher notes.

This is another moderately little detail, yet in the event that you are attempting to intently duplicate the vibe of an acoustic, the component is important.

8. Different Tones

You likewise get ten distinct tones with this piano. That is one of the critical advantages of going with an electric piano over an acoustic.

The ten distinct tones that you arrive at incorporate various instruments and a few piano tones.

Tones incorporate choices like “terrific piano.” obviously, it won’t really be stable precisely like an amazing piano, however, the quality is still more than satisfactory.

Clearly, the more tones you get, the better. While numerous pianos highlight much more than ten, yet, for the cash you pay for this Casio, ten is fine.

9. Where to Buy CDP-130?

(If not in stock I prescribe the Casio px 160 or Casio CDP S100)


  • Free Shipping and plausibility of delivery in one day with Amazon Premium.
  • Full Guarantee yet they are no specialists in music hardware
  • Pioneer in quick shipments.
  • The value that change a great deal day by day.
  • The best alternative in the USA and around the world


  • Free Shipping
  • Full guarantee. In the event that you have any issues, they deal with everything.
  • 100% dependable installment.

10. Is it useful for any level?

Right now question could be better… what’s your financial limit? Obviously, in the event that you or your kid will be left without playing the piano since you don’t have a higher spending plan, this is the ideal and least expensive alternative inside what we consider “stately”.

Actually, numerous individuals concentrate on mid-run piano keyboards and some of the time with 61-key melodic keyboards with basic keyboard affectability without Hammer Action.

Sledge Action isn’t simply speeding affectability, however, it likewise implies feeling the heaviness of the key as though it were an acoustic piano. If you as of now have decent piano preparation, this model is ideal for training and support.

It is likewise useful for fledglings who are beginning, in spite of the fact that when you are in the center studio you may as of now be somewhat short and will restrain your learning.

It is ideal for the piece. It has an all that could possibly be needed sound and has a colossally reasonable cost.

For kids or amateurs, a modest digital piano like this is a decent choice, since it permits you to read with earphones and for the level, you can have toward the start, this keyboard can cover that.

Both in Hammer Action in feel and sound will get shorter for our improvement, as we advance and our level gets a greater amount of middle of the road type. For experts, it might be legitimate for shows in little cafés.

In this way, your thought is to have a superior piano keyboard however this model accompanies two amazing 8W speakers very incredible.

11. Pedal

This is significant on the grounds that the pedal is fundamental for a keyboard to be viewed as a piano keyboard. This keyboard accompanies the continued pedal. Which keeps the note in time regardless of whether you quit squeezing the note key, however, keep the pedal squeezed.

A significant interpretative resource. It doesn’t concede a total triple pedal. Be that as it may, it is one more factor to consider in the middle of the road levels.

Significant additional items and availability

From its 2 piano tones, it has a couple of something else. In any case, we like the Jazz Organ tone that mirrors a Hammond.

Beneath we connect a few recordings for you to perceive what should be possible with this piano keyboard. It brings transposition work up to an octave and metronome.

Accompanies power supply yet doesn’t bolster batteries. It likewise has USB to HOST MIDI availability. We can utilize it as a MIDI controller and associate it with our PC. So with programs like Sibelius, we can compose scores while playing progressively.

We can likewise record MIDI tracks with programs like CUBASE, Ableton, and so forth. So the recorded track (with genuine piano stability) can be sent out to score.

It has a passageway for earphones so you can concentrate peacefully. Imperative to begin and that your flatmates or neighbors don’t slaughter you and end up with a beginning and promising melodic vocation.

The yield of enormous jack makes bodies, however, this doesn’t imply that it is line yield. In the event that you associate with enormous intensification gear (an open-air direct),

You may require an infusion box to give your sound sign more force. For a little enhancer, however, there is no issue.

Its weight is ordinary on this sort of piano keyboards, about 11.4 Kg. With this weight, we can say that it is compact with the correct rucksack.

We generally prescribe that, If conceivable, you have knapsack handles, with the goal that you don’t hurt your back while conveying it.

Beneath we will interface you to one. Here is a video for you to hear what it seems like, yet then continue perusing that there’s increasingly significant data to remember.

Furthermore, right now (in English) you will perceive how to attempt the various tones accessible from minute 5. We will leave you the video, beginning right from that second. The man shows you first the stupendous piano stable and afterward the electric piano solid.

Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons

Since you have perused the audit, the time has come to go over our discoveries. Underneath we have gathered all the focuses concerning what the Casio does right, and what it fouls up. Peruse on…

  • Simple to move.
  • Reasonable
  • Weighted Keys.
  • Tri-Sensor Technology.
  • 10 Different Sounds.

  • Sounds contort on higher volumes.
  • Adornments sold independently.

Casio CDP 130 Digital Piano Vs Yamaha P45

Top Best Casio CDP 130 Digital Piano - Pros & Cons In 2022

It is significant that you know different alternatives at comparative costs and afterward you choose which one suits you best. The direct contender of the CDP-130 is the Yamaha P45.

Yamaha’s will in general addition in deals in spite of the fact that Casio likewise has its piece of the overall industry, however, Yamaha outperforms it. There is typically a little contrast in cost. A couple of many euros, yet this can shift a considerable amount.

In the event that you see a little distinction, better pick the Yamaha P45. In spite of the fact that the beneficial thing about CDP-130 is that in value it is top-notch.

The Yamaha P45 has a polyphony of 64 voices contrasted with the 48 of the CDP-130. This permits you to play more works and accomplish more things with layering…

Yamaha’s Hammer Action GHS framework has 4 sensitivities in the bit of the key versus the 3 sensitivities of Casio.

The CDP-130 gains in amplifier power with its 8 W contrasted with the 6W of the Yamaha P45. Cassius has a marginally progressively plastic feel.

Conclusion Of Casio CDP 130 Digital Piano

While no item is totally great, it is sheltered to state that the CDP-130 has a bounty for the purchaser on a tight spending plan. It is a great piano with keys that do well to mirror the vibe of an acoustic.

It has better than average sound quality and loads of highlights that you will like on Casio CDP 130.

In the event that you are a learner or even somebody that wouldn’t fret straightforwardness, you will discover bounty to like here.

Despite the fact that it’s not the best digital piano available, a few people will adore it, and we do suggest that you attempt the CDP-130 to perceive how you feel about it.

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