What I’ve Learned From Using the Bluehost Web Hosting Service Personally

What I’ve Learned From Using the Bluehost Web Hosting Service Personally

Multiple web hosting providers meet the demand for online presence. I feel really fortunate to have found Bluehost to get my website up and running. Almost every website I’ve put up uses Bluehost as its hosting service. For additional sites, I also rely on HostGator.

Bluehost Web Hosting Service

This is a testimonial of my time spent with Bluehost.

Experiencing Issues With BlueHost’s Customer Service? Here’s My

To be honest, I bumbled around in the beginning of my web development career. Just kept writing and writing and writing. Later on, I learned how to enhance my website’s search engine optimization (SEO), user conversion rate (CVR), and overall layout and design.

For months, I worked on two websites, each with between fifty and sixty pages of information. Then I determined that one of my sites needed a new domain name.

A major stumbling block for me was a lack of understanding of website domain migration.

My only option was Bluehost, which continues to serve as my site host. When I dialed their number, I waited maybe ten seconds before being warmly presented to a technical support agent. After explaining my predicament, they seemed to understand.

He said there was no difficulty, and he asked if I had 20 minutes to complete the procedure. I had all the time in the world if he could assist.

Bluehost Web Hosting Service

Within about 20 minutes, this Bluehost support agent took control and transferred my complete website to the new domain name without a hitch.

Personal Experience #2 with BlueHost’s Customer Service

Bluehost Web Hosting Service

As I’ve learnt to create websites, I’ve made some foolish technological choices. Inadvertently, I reinstalled WordPress on a popular website that already had a lot of content.

All of the site’s content is erased when WordPress is reinstalled on top of an existing one. Actually, that’s what transpired with me. A month’s worth of work was undone in a flash.

Seeing as how nothing seemed to work, I decided to contact Bluehost. Thankfully, Bluehost had recently completed an automated backup of that site.

To cut a long tale short, the helpful technician at Bluehost was able to bring back my entire site. About 50 minutes were needed for this procedure (I was told not to count on Bluehost to have a recent backup – but in this case they helped me tremendously).

A Quick Response Time From Bluehost’s Support Staff

However, not all hosting providers provide the same level of assistance to their clients. I was familiar with this fact because I used to use a competing, well-regarded hosting provider before switching to Bluehost.

A major focus in today’s website hosting industry is attracting new clients by encouraging them to register domain names through their service.

Bluehost Web Hosting Service

However, my former hosting provider seriously let me down in two important respects.

My initial need was assistance with the administration of domain names I had registered using their platform. Twenty minutes passed while I waited on hold after I called. I found this to be really tedious.

Second, it was difficult to navigate their interface. Actually, I was never able to figure out what was expected of me.

When I first called this hosting provider, I needed assistance with transferring ownership of some domain names I had registered with them. After getting tired of waiting on line and navigating the unintuitive UI, I looked into alternative hosting providers.

I found an informative blog piece written by someone who clearly knows his stuff. He didn’t waste time listing all of Bluehost’s features (after all most hosting services offer pretty much the same features).

However, this blogger gushed over Bluehost’s excellent customer service. He noted in particular that his wait time for phone help was typically under a minute.

I was virtually sold at that point. Further investigation led me to discover that Bluehost is the hosting service of choice for WordPress sites and blogs. That did it for me; I was sold, but I still wanted to test out Bluehost’s customer service.

I was only on wait for a minute or two when I phoned their sales department. I spoke out, and they graciously addressed my concerns. It was on that day that I decided to join Bluehost.

My calls to Bluehost for assistance have multiplied since then. If they can be of assistance, they throw on their work gloves, delve into my finances, and lend a hand.

What I've Learned From Using the Bluehost Web Hosting Service Personally

I also make frequent use of their live chat assistance, which helps me get answers to my queries and handle my little problems quickly.

There is a “can-do” mentality in customer service, and they have enough employees to respond quickly to requests for help.