Bluehost Review 2022- The Good and Bad

Bluehost Review 2022- The Good and Bad

Want to know if Bluehost is a good investment? Before deciding on a web host, we need to make sure of a few things. Our team can assist you in evaluating key factors such as customer service, functionality, uptime, downtime, cost, and more.

General Description of the Company

bluehost review

First, it would be beneficial to acquire some knowledge concerning the web hosting company we are considering.

Despite being among the oldest web hosts, Bluehost has become one of the most popular. You and I, as Bluehost customers, will benefit greatly from the new updates to Bluehost’s package offerings.

Since then, they’ve upped the ante by providing more disk space, bandwidth, and domains per user.

Through the aforementioned alterations, Bluehost has risen to the top of the industry while still maintaining competitively low prices.

You can host an infinite number of domains with Bluehost. As an added bonus, you can also host a number of different domains.

In addition, you should know that Bluehost and Hostmonster are owned and operated by the same company, so their services are rather comparable.

Don’t act so shocked! The final point to make is that Bluehost is the best choice if you want a shorter contract time.


bluehost review

So many people rely on Bluehost because of how trustworthy it is, since they possess the following characteristics:

  • Safe, precise, and dependable data backups
  • Superior Quality Customer Service
  • Superb hardware and server facilities.
  • Maximum SLA Availability
  • Tools for administration that are both flexible and effective

Which Functions and Operating System Does It Use?

Only Linux hosting is included in Bluehost’s plans, but the company’s feature set makes setting up a Linux server simple for both experienced and novice webmasters.

Since Bluehost provides nearly everything you need to operate in a Linux web hosting environment, let’s talk a bit more in depth about their packages.

Notable examples include the popular and easy-to-use script installer Fantastico, and the industry-leading control panel cPanel.

Using Fantastico, you may quickly and easily set up a wide variety of well-liked open-source software solutions, like Joomla and WordPress.

In addition to the standard.htaccess and PHP.INI file customizations, Bluehost offers a high level of PHP flexibility in its packages. etc.

Smart people know that Bluehost’s Shell Access(SSH) option simplifies website installation because it gives you direct access to your server.

Also, Bluehost allows you to host an unlimited number of domains under a single account, and they offer a wide variety of sub-domain options.

Bluehost offers DDOS prevention and power backup services to safeguard your data and ensure maximum uptime.


bluehost review 2022

In terms of functionality, Bluehost is on par with its rivals. Bluehost’s service quality is high enough, according to customer ratings and feedback.

Bluehost’s service was found to have an uptime of 99.3 percent, the highest of any of the web hosts tested. Bluehost is a reliable web host, therefore you can use them for your important website.

The support staff at Bluehsot is excellent. However, they have lately made it more difficult to get in touch with customer service representatives; now, you have to submit an issue ticket to receive the help you require.

Not that you should let it bother you too much, because Bluehost’s service won’t give you any trouble that would necessitate calling for help, and it’ll be as stable as you’d like.

And just in case you run into any trouble, Bluehost has a knowledge base full of information to help you fix any issues.

Cost Structures

bluehost pricing

Unlike its competitors, Bluehost only has one pricing tier. Perhaps this reflects the company’s level of confidence in the quality of their wares.

Their two-year subscription plan is $6.95, while the annual plan costs $7.95 per month. If you take into account everything they offer, Bluehost is an excellent value.

Prices for BlueHost’s Web Hosting Packages:

  • Distribution: Linux
  • The monthly fee is $6.95.
  • Limitless Space
  • No Caps on Bandwidth


Bluehost Review 2022- The Good and Bad

Overall, Bluehost is a great option for novices because it includes everything necessary to set up a WordPress site, from a free domain name & instant WordPress installation to just a free drag-and-drop content management system and detailed step-by-step guidelines for every aspect of the process.

Since Bluehost provides such a wide variety of services, including hosting for WordPress sites, shared wordpress, or dedicated hosting, and even a variety of pricing tiers, we expect the vast majority of its customers to be pleased with their experience.

The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks, making this web server a strong contender, especially for WordPress sites.