Ultimate Guide Of Bluehost Hosting Plans Review

Ultimate Guide Of Bluehost Hosting Plans Review

Since their inception in 1996, Bluehost has been one of the most reliable and trustworthy web hosts available to both individual and commercial users. Over 270,000 domains are hosted by this massive firm out of their headquarters in Utah.

Even though many of their rivals have come and gone throughout Bluehost’s nearly two decades in business, the company is not only still going strong but has risen to the top of its field.

Ultimate Guide Of Bluehost Hosting Plans Review


To date, Bluehost has only provided a single hosting package. In spite of this, the plan’s extensive features make it appropriate for everybody,

from a beginner hosting a single personal site to a large enterprise operating a network of sites. If you need Windows hosting, you’ll need to explore elsewhere because this plan only supports Linux.

You may find more information about Bluehost’s features on their website. The most crucial aspects, in our opinion, are outlined below:

Unless you run a very large number of very popular websites, you will not come close to using up your monthly bandwidth of 3000GB. This means that even if your site’s traffic spikes, you won’t incur any additional costs.

Again, 300GB of disk space is far more than the vast majority of websites will ever need, but it’s ideal if you have a lot of media files to store.

200GB is enough capacity for a website with 57,142 MP3 songs (assuming each file is 3.5MB in size). Therefore, repeat penalties for going over are quite improbable.

Ultimate Guide Of Bluehost Hosting Plans Review

Having the ability to host an unlimited number of domains at no extra cost is a fantastic bonus. Then, the hosting service’s resources, such bandwidth and storage space, will be distributed evenly across all of your sites.

If you do this, you’ll be able to fully take use of your allotted data transfer and storage capacity. In the past, and with some providers even now, you needed a separate hosting account for each domain.

Comparatively, having a different host package for each site is more expensive, more complicated to set up, and more difficult to manage than using this method of hosting several domains under one account.

If you’re looking for a web host, go no further than Bluehost; they’re at the forefront of this new era. Adding a new website is as simple as going to your account’s control panel, clicking the “add-on domain” button,

and entering the new website’s domain name (i.e. “http://www.YourWebsiteName.com”), so even if you only plan to host a single site initially, you may find that adding a second site is desirable in the future.

Website creation has never been easier with this free, intuitive program that doesn’t require any knowledge of HTML or coding. If you don’t have access to website design software like Dreamweaver or FrontPage, this is a fantastic alternative. If convenience and saving time are your top priorities, you may prefer this software even if you have access to others.

To have a website on the internet, you must first register a domain name, which typically costs between $10 and $15 a year. However, some websites provide free domain name registration.

Ultimate Guide Of Bluehost Hosting Plans Review

Bluehost eliminates the need, and the associated costs, of registering your domain name. They also offer free domain name privacy protection. This prevents the WHOIS database from displaying your personal information.

Dot com registration is typically an extra paid service. As long as you are a customer of Bluehost, they will renew your domain at no additional cost. Also, the domain name is yours to keep and transfer to a new host if necessary.

Since this is the case, switching is a breeze (some less scrupulous companies register the domain in their name, making transfer very difficult).

There can be as many as 2500 encrypted email accounts in use at once, one for every employee. Another option is to use multiple email addresses (such as sales@, support@, enquiries@, etc.) to give the impression that your business is larger than it actually is.

There is support for Fantastico scripts, which allows you to easily install more than 50 different scripts, including discussion forums, shopping carts, and portals, directly from your control panel.

Even if you don’t believe you’ll ever need more than one database, the fact that each Fantastico script you run often requires its own MySQL database makes this huge number of databases quite beneficial for most users.

Tools for submitting your site to search engines, researching keywords, and tracking your site’s search engine rankings are all provided at no cost to you.

There will be no cost for the marketing credits, which include $50 in Yahoo credits and $25 in Google credits. Put these funds into PPC ads that will boost your site’s visibility in search results.

Since many consumers were planning on spending money on PPC services regardless, these vouchers will be just as useful to them as cold hard cash.

Service to customers and technical help

User reviews and anecdotal evidence seem to consistently back up the claim that Bluehost provides excellent customer service. Bluehost’s 24/7/365 toll-free phone assistance is the industry norm, making them the “gold standard” in the hosting market.

So, whenever you run into trouble, you may get in touch with a technical support agent and obtain the answers you need right away.

Sure, it’s great to have a call center staffed at all hours of the day and night, but it’s much better if those employees are tech savvy and can resolve any problems that may emerge.

When compared to other companies of similar size, Bluehost performs exceptionally well in this regard as well.

We recommend that you always make touch with your prospective host before joining up with them. It’s a good idea to put Bluehost’s phone support to the test by calling them with a technical query or calling them in the middle of the night (if you’re awake).

Try out Bluehost’s online technical support service, too. Online support is not instant but much faster than average. From what we’ve seen, any service is likely to meet your needs, but before committing, it’s best to give it a try for yourself.


If your server’s uptime dips below 99.9% in any given month, Bluehost will credit you with a free month of service. The uptime is almost always over this level, as the company would not survive for long if it was below.

Ultimate Guide Of Bluehost Hosting Plans Review

Looking at live Bluehost sites is the best way to gauge server performance. The site features a forum and testimonials from satisfied customers from which you can select appropriate links.

However, the server speed is generally regarded as great, especially taking into account the amount of disk space and bandwidth you get for the money you have to pay for it.

The control panel is another important part of the performance equation. You should become extremely familiar with this area since it is the hub around which your site is built and kept updated.

That’s why it’s crucial to have a reliable control panel. cPanel is one of the best control panels out there, and Bluehost uses a slightly modified version of it.

The speed and usability are excellent, yet it has more functions than the majority of us would ever use. The best part is that you may try out Bluehost’s control panel before signing up for a paid account.

What We Think

Ultimate Guide Of Bluehost Hosting Plans Review-OK DIGITAL IT FIRM

The results of this review show that we have a high opinion of Bluehost. You may host as many websites as you like on a single account at no extra cost, and they provide an enormous amount of storage space and bandwidth, along with great customer service and technical support.

What has not yet been discussed in this review is that all of this is available at an exceptional value for money, which is the primary reason most customers choose Bluehost.

The bundle for 12 months costs $7.95/month, whereas the package for 24 months costs only $6.95/month. This is, without a doubt, an exceptionally good deal.

This is coupled with Bluehost’s unconditional 30-day money-back promise in the event of dissatisfaction. Furthermore, after the initial 30 days, you may terminate your account at any time. In such scenario, you’ll get a prorated refund for the remaining months.

When taken together, these factors make selecting Bluehost as your web server a low-risk venture. Based on our research, we’ve concluded that Bluehost is an outstanding host that provides an exceptional service that will pique the interest of a wide variety of customers.

If Bluehost keeps up the fantastic job, they’ll soon be putting far more expensive competitors to shame. As there are very few (if any) firms that can match Bluehost’s overall abilities at this competitive pricing point, we strongly advise all of our readers to sign up with them.