The Best Yamaha MG12XU Review Of 12-Input 4-Bus Mixer

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Yamaha MG12XU Review

Yamaha MG12XU has been known to have built up an inheritance, and imbue incredible craftsmanship just as exemplified advancement with regards to the creation of instruments.

The organization has had the option to hand out an entire scope of world-class proficient sound frameworks and instruments.

The MG12XU proficient music comfort is just one of these brilliant gadgets that the organization has had the option to create as of late.

With an interface that is genuinely simple to utilize, this smaller blending keyboard is extraordinary for use in various applications.

The adaptable plans of the blending keyboard additionally make it the ideal gadget whether or not you are performing live or just chronicle in a music studio.

Yamaha MG12XU Review

Diagram of the MG12XU

MG12XU Features


The MG arrangement of instruments is the third dishing from the brand and has held the absolute most refreshing highlights and advancements of the past two releases.

Unobtrusive upgrades have been made in the planning of the support, with it changing to an item in the very embodiment of greatness.

Holding the advances of the past two releases alongside inconspicuous enhancements for those advances has guaranteed that the present support has been created for incredible use in very good quality expert exhibitions.

The MG12XU is additionally a liberal 12-channel blender, and furthermore involves six mono XLR, an aggregate of three contributions of sound system line, and a half and half information sources estimating a fourth of an inch.

Interface Of MG12XU

The Yamaha MG12XU is additionally weighed down with an incredible interface that has the ability to fit an expanded scope of employments and applications, both expert and individual.

Regardless of whether you are utilizing it to make music inside an account studio or you are giving a live exhibition and utilizing the comfort to blend the music as indicated by your decision, this support works splendidly for all settings.

The blender reassures additionally has a solid development base supplemented with an adaptable plan that will be of incredible assistance to you in making and forming your sound blending in with extraordinary certainty.

You will have the option to utilize this support to conveyance extraordinary quality music on a nonstop premise and can depend on it to convey at whatever point you are needing it.

These incredible characteristics of the blender comfort have moved the MG12XU to turn into an innovator in the realm of music supports.

Mouthpiece Of MG12XU


The mouthpiece preamps of the Yamaha MG12XU blender are of the particular Class-A D-PRE quality handed out by Yamaha.

This permits the receivers to convey an incredible sound of preeminent quality that is additionally common and clean simultaneously.

All things considered, who might want to hear mouthpieces that utilize contorted and dainty preamps that are likewise incredibly underpowered?

The straightforward and unmistakable D-PRE preamps of the blender comfort likewise help to offer more prominent force during an exhibition, while bringing down the impedance of the sound delivered. This additionally guarantees the bass sounds normal just as convey smooth highs.

The D-PRE of Yamaha additionally guarantees that the music you blend just has an extraordinary sound to it, and is without any publicity for any of the particular segments of the music that you have blended.

It will likewise assist you with saving a great deal of time since you don’t have to squander any of it to keep up the EQ of the sound.

The high caliber of the receiver preamps will guarantee that you won’t need to bear the shame and embarrassment that you would feel on the off chance that you got a sound blend of a scarcely worthy quality created because of the utilization of low-quality amplifier preamps.

Blowers Of MG12XU

Yamaha MG12XU

The MG12XU utilizes blowers with a solitary handle, and this encourages an elements control that is genuinely simple to utilize when blending sound. This proves to be useful particularly when you are performing live before several individuals.

During such events, you won’t have the option to assemble an opportunity to manage and change an enormous number of detachable units that are likewise genuinely mind-boggling and hard to work with.

In any event, during a progressively loosened-up sound blending meeting, for what reason would you need to manage convoluted control units?

The blowers in the Yamaha MG12XU can spare you a ton of time in this viewpoint because of their single handle. This additionally makes the simple blender incredibly easy to utilize.

One basic touch of a specific rotating control would be sufficient to utilize the punchier basses, the livelier guitars very much characterized vocals or even the more tightly drums.

EQ Filter

The MG12XU is likewise fitted with a high-pass and EQ channel that is exceptionally successful during the time spent forming sounds as per needs and prerequisites. Incredible just as compelling EQ is significantly vital for the making of any effective sound blend.

Whether or not you are disposing of a couple of undesirable and pointless frequencies in the sound or whether you are essentially adjusting and calibrating the sound to get that flawlessness, a viable EQ channel consistently proves to be useful in the formation of the perfect sound blend.

The MG12XU likewise includes an equalizer for every one of the mono channels on the units, which permits you to appreciate a lot of command over the general parity of the tone just as your blend.

In addition, the simple blending keyboard is likewise furnished with a high-pass channel that will assist you with getting free of any disparities of undesirable and pointless frequencies that might be hampering the blend. This will assist you with obtaining an incredible sound of the best Yamaha quality.

Digital Effects of the MG12XU

The MG12XU simple blender includes an SPX digital impacts framework that has been joined into the blender to clean the music and add polished methodology to the sound you make.

This framework contains a whole complete assortment of 24 digital impacts that can be altered by your blending necessities.

The simple blender likewise includes the acclaimed multi-impact digital processor of the SPX that goes from Yamaha. This will assist you with delivering incredible quality music and sounds that incorporate reverbs, ensemble, delay, flanger, phaser, auto-wah, and tremolo.

Notwithstanding these, you can get the ideal pitch impacts just as a few bending sounds and some more. These audio cues will just assist you to relegate incredible quality sound blending all the time.

You will likewise have the option to approach an extraordinary number of melodic impacts to use no sweat when performing live before a live crowd.

The Yamaha MG12XU simple blender reassures highlights an operation amp of incredible quality that helps in the creation just as a proliferation of straightforward sound blends in with adequate simplicity.

Operation amps that are worse than average as far as quality and sound creation can truly harm the tone and straightforwardness of a sound blend and cause you to think of the low quality of music.

This is the motivation behind why the MG12XU highlights the better than ever MG01 operation amps that are of significantly prevalent quality than most others in the present music industry. This guarantees the music and sound that you produce are of the best quality.

At the hour of planning the simple blender and the operation amps, Yamaha has laid a lot of accentuation of the nature of sound delivered as opposed to giving greater need towards the productivity or even the electrical structuring.

Consequently, what you have with the MG12XU is the support that offers flags that are as unadulterated as could be expected under the circumstances.

This has been a pattern with every single instrument from Yamaha. They have once in a while made endeavors to bestow their melodic mark in your sound creation through any of their instruments, and this simple blender is the same.

Consequently, what you will get with the utilization of this simple blender is a sound quality that is totally straightforward, well-spoken, and characteristic.

MG12XU On Sound


Our Yamaha MG12XU audit on sound is that the impacts are exceptionally regular sounding with noisy, discernible highs. The head amp is the thing that makes the sound quality so great on the Mg12xu.

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It is a significant part and this new arrangement of blender accompanies the best specially designed MG01 operation amp which is created with Semiconductor maker.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


We have just talked about various segments and territories of the MG12XU simple blender comfort from Yamaha. Presently, let us investigate a portion of the fundamentally significant general highlights of the instrument.

The blender comfort includes a LED yield meter joined by a pinnacle pointer. You will likewise discover a Pre-Fader Listening, or PFL, the gadget that will assist you with monitoring just as meter the different individual channels on the reassure. Each channel on the support has separate force choices alongside container and assignments controls for a sound system or gathering accounts.

  • The reassure is likewise furnished with yield channels for earphones and even screens. This simple music comfort contains a metal case that will assist it with withstanding use in unpleasant conditions and will permit you to utilize the instrument for a more drawn out timeframe.
  • With a small weight of about 9.3 lbs or 4.2 kg, the MG12XU music support is genuinely lightweight, and you can without much of a stretch heft it all around to places where you would inevitably be utilizing it to make music.
  • The components of the unit measure at 308 mm or 9.6 crawls in width, 118 mm or 2.8 creeps in tallness and 422 mm or 11.6 creeps inside and out. Subsequently, the support isn’t especially enormous and can be effectively conveyed starting with one spot then onto the next.
  • This 12-channel blending keyboard has a limit of 6 amplifiers just as 12 line inputs that contain 4 mono information sources and 4 sound system inputs.
  • This 12-channel blending keyboard has a limit of 6 receivers just as 12 line inputs that include 4 mono data sources and 4 sound system inputs.
  • This comfort is outfitted with 1 Stereo Bus and 2 Group means of transport. It is additionally outfitted with 2 AUX outlets including the FX AUX. The reassure utilizes a mouthpiece preamps framework from the acclaimed D-PRE arrangement from Yamaha, and utilizations an elements blower with a solitary handle.
  • The mouthpiece preamps likewise utilize an inverter circuit from Darlington. The MG12XU comfort utilizes the SPX audio cues control involving 24 impacts that can be altered according to needs. These audio cues are of high caliber.
  • This music support works fine with a wide range of gadgets. Beginning from iPads to PCs and USB camera connectors, you can utilize this support with totally any gadget and make music. The reassure essentially utilizes 48V of intensity when completely working.
  • The force supply of the music support is of the inward all-inclusive kind. This encourages the support to be utilized with extraordinary effectiveness paying little mind to which part of the globe it is being utilized. The MG12XU is outfitted with incredible quality High-pass and EQ channels.
  • This empowers you to make straightforward sound and expels any low-quality frequencies and disparities that might be available in the sound made. The comfort likewise includes a USB network port, which assists with associating this support to normal gadgets, for example, PCs and PCs for making music.


  • A thing can get hot in overwhelming use (normal)
  • A few units experience murmuring (snap to peruse MG12xu surveys)


Perhaps the best thing about the Yamaha MG12XU simple blender support from Yamaha is the reality that you can utilize it with practically any gadget of your decision to make music.

Regardless of whether you have a PC or a PC, or you essentially utilize a tablet gadget or an iPad, this stunning music comfort is basically perfect with all gadgets.

The UI is likewise extraordinary when you are utilizing the comfort with such gadgets, and this makes it far better and simpler for you to settle on your preferred music.

Subsequently, you don’t really require top-of-the-line and costly instruments and gadgets so as to utilize this music support for making your preferred music and blending the sound.

End Of Yamaha MG12XU Review

The Best Yamaha MG12XU Review Of 12-Input 4-Bus Mixer

The Yamaha MG12XU Review simple blending keyboard has been one of the best instruments to have been made by Yamaha as of late and is stuffed with a universe of energizing highlights, structure the perfect instrument that you requirement for drawing out your melodic abilities to the fore.

Notwithstanding what sorts of music and sound you need to blend, this music support can positively be of extraordinary assistance towards your undertakings in your preferred blending the hints.

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