The Best Roland VR 09 B Review Of V-Combo Live Performance

The Best Roland VR 09 B Review Of V-Combo Live Performance

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Top Best Roland VR 09 B Review

There is consistently a clear arrangement of sound that is practically obligatory for each keyboardist to have them under his fingers during the life circumstances like acoustic and electric pianos, claws, organs, metal, strings, and bass alongside somewhere in the range of barely any others.

A solitary utility keyboard, which can give the correct collections of that arrangement of sound, is nearly wanted by each keyboard player. This would likewise be the perfect instrument utilizing which is simple and it doesn’t cost a lot.

In the event that you feel this is excessive, you are incorrect as Roland has thought of the Roland VR 09 V-Combo Organ (click for best cost on the pack) which is simply close to the imprint.

  • The heaviness of the instrument is somewhat higher than 12 pounds.
  • Synth-activity of 61 key: Most of the synth activity keys are less firm yet the inclination is obviously superior to anticipated. The keys being firm are in reality acceptable while playing the electric or acoustic projects of the piano.
  • A solitary mode has 128 polyphony voices.
  • The three areas of the instrument-Piano, Organ, Synth alongside the Drum segment. 223 projects are sorted out inside them. The individual and segment savvy level control are done in a very committed way and this is incredibly valuable while parting just as layering.
  • Each area has classifications under which lies a shifted set of projects. Presently, every class recalls the absolute last program that was chosen under it.



Information can be spared and immediately reviewed with the assistance of the 25 banks of 4 enrollments present in the Roland VR 09 V-Combo Organ.

Entire projects, split and double projects can be spared as enlistments. This is by a wide margin the main most ideal method of sparing and reviewing a redid sound.

A USB Pen drive can likewise be utilized for putting away and reviewing more enlistment sets. An ongoing update in the product no licenses the putting away of individual enrollments.

Organ types like Jazz, Transistor, and Rock can be chosen through committed controls. For flipping percussion and for turning on/off the Chorus/Vibrato, the drawbar control is to be changed from the upper manual to the lower one.

In the organ mode, one can utilize the capacity of speedy terminating which serves to retrigger just as bounce back the notes and the dedicated glissandos.

The menu plunging can really help one with the broad program altering of the organ. The Chorus/Vibrato, Leakage Noise, Percussion, LF Cut/Boost, Key Click alongside the Rotary impact would all be able to be successfully changed.

There are 4 classes in the Piano mode-acoustic examples with 11 projects, E, 10 projects for Clav, 9 projects with 6 fundamental EPs, and 3 80’s sort for Digital Piano.

There are 20 different projects which despite the fact that incorporates, however, are not restricted to Accordion, Harmonicas, Harp, Musette, and Harpsichords alongside a lot of other tested organs and has an old fashioned fix of the D-50 Fantasy.

There are eight banks in the Synth method of the Roland VR 09 V-Combo Organ. The metal contains 20 projects which are for the most part synth while some of them are tested, 42 projects in the Synth Lead,

Bass has 22 projects which are again for the most part of Synth while the others are examined, 19 projects in Pad, 13 projects in Choir, 16 projects in SFX and there are 15 different projects which are a wild blend of Marimba, Guitars, Vibes, Glock and somewhere in the range of hardly any woodwinds.

Squeezing an arbitrary pair of class catches will assist one with achieving layering. The Split catches from the Organ or the Synth area can help in having parts. The Synth Split mode can help in setting off the drum sounds.

The tape-style controls help in recording the ongoing drum exhibitions in the Roland VR 09 V-Combo Organ. The Looper capacity can help to overdub various parts. The keyboard parts can be recorded with Looper while the pre-modified musicality circles are being played.

Despite the fact that it is GS/GM2 good just a portion of the channels of the 16 MIDI can be gotten to.

An aggregate of seven impacts can be utilized at once. In the Split mode, just the upper sounds experience the impacts while in the double mode, both the sounds experience similar impacts.

The handle controls of Roland VR 09 V-Combo Organ give committed impacts. Overdrive-sum, Tone-supports, Delay-time, Reverb-Depth, and Compressor-edge.

The 6 kinds of Delay, 8 sorts of Wall, and 6 kinds of Reverb can be changed with the menus that show up on the presentation while the handles of Delay and Reverb are balanced.

Best Roland VR-09-B Review Of V-Combo

An extra impact is applied by the MFX handle. With this, one can get the Flangers, Phasers, Pitch Shifter, Chorus, T-was, and Tremolos. Here, one can likewise locate the contemporary impacts of sound ruining like Distortion, Slicer, and Bit Crash.

Alongside the slowing down of the revolving and the tone wheel, it can make tweak impacts as well as trigger any SFX sound.

The TRS or the Damper pedal jack alongside an Expression pedal can both be utilized for dealing with various capacities.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  • Interfacing it to an iPad with the Wireless Connection is conceivable with the assistance of the iPad editorial manager programming.
  • It can run for 5 hours on batteries.
  • The item is very low in weight and furthermore costs less.


  • It utilizes the Roland paddle for regulation control yet it must be held up genuinely for putting it on.
  • With the choice of new sounds, the old ones are cut off.
  • The custom projects don’t have brisk access.
  • The Roland VR 09 V-Combo Organ comprises of a lot of sound system yields alongside an earphone jack of ΒΌ”.
  • Alongside the MIDI in and out, a different jack is accommodated interfacing the bass pedals of Roland’s PK-5.
  • A sound system is smaller than a normal jack of 1/8″ assists with interfacing any outer playback gadget.
  • USB for facilitating network.

Last Word Of Roland VR 09 B Review

Best Roland VR 09 B Review Of V-Combo Live Performance Organ Keyboard Bundle w/Stand

Try not to get tricked by the low cost and the lightweight of the Roland VR 09 V-Combo Organ as this is completely an expert instrument.

In spite of the fact that the arrangement of controls looks astoundingly basic, a ton of intensity has been really pressed inside this kid.

Almost certainly, the capacities of controls and altering have been equipped enough alongside a portion of the incredible all-around created sounds and highlights.

The genuine enchantment achieved by the organs is genuinely amusing to play with as they realize a degree of incredible tuning that permits the player to make a plunge the sound that they need to.