The Best Roland Digital Piano Review, Comparison Guide & Differences

Best Roland Digital Piano Review

We offer up a total Roland Digital Piano examination manual for the talk about the significant contrasts so you can settle on the correct decision compare Yamaha digital piano.

We’ve made it simpler to pick your optimal Roland keyboard piano with our total Roland Digital Piano correlation manage.

Right now, going to feature the key advantages of each model, yet on the off chance that you need the brisk correlation outline including a Roland FP arrangement examination control, look down to the base for the key specs.

First up here’s a summary of each Roland Digital Piano Review and the key highlights to kick you off:

1. Roland Digital Piano GO: Piano Series Comparison

The Roland GO: Piano arrangement has really been created for players with zero past melodic experience. These really make the learning procedure a great deal of enjoyment by remembering a scope of work for learning highlights just as a large group of perfectly examined sounds.

Moreover, you additionally get 3 Months FREE Skoove to get to so you can begin to learn straight out of the crate.

Roland Go: Piano GO-61P The Best Digital Piano

We’ve made it simpler to pick your optimal Roland piano with our total Roland Digital Piano examination direct. Right now, going to feature the key advantages of each model,

However on the off chance that you need the brisk correlation outline including a Roland FP arrangement examination to manage, look down to the base for the key specs.

First up here’s a summary of each Roland Digital Piano and the key highlights to kick you off:

Roland GO: Piano Series Comparison

The Roland GO: Piano arrangement has really been created for players with zero past melodic experience. These really make the learning procedure a great deal of enjoyment by remembering a scope of work for learning highlights just as a large group of wonderfully inspected sounds.

Furthermore, you likewise get 3 Months FREE Skoove to get to so you can begin to learn straight out of the crate.

Roland Go: Piano GO-61P Roland Digital Piano

Once more, the Roland GO: Piano 88 Roland Digital Piano Keyboard is an arrangement to support a positive learning experience.

This accompanies an 88-note keyboard with full-size keys and standard dividing so you can rehearse in the certainty that should you make the change to an acoustic, your hands will incline toward the keys accurately.

This is a straightforward digital piano with a basic 1 x Piano, 1 x E.Piano, 1 x Organ and 1 x Strings tonality – so you can appreciate a more straightforward stripped downplaying experience and sharpen your aptitudes.

Two installed speakers permit you to play anyplace you like while the interior metronome, contribute transpose and manufactured account highlights permit you to truly improve your playing capacity.

In conclusion, the Go: Piano 88 likewise incorporates 3 Months FREE Skoove get to – perfect for novices.

2. Roland FP Series Comparison

Here, we have the Roland FP arrangement examination. These are regularly the passage level choices for the individuals who either need to begin playing piano, as of now play and need something simple to utilize, and the individuals who need a top-notch alternative to sharpen their abilities.

Roland Digital PianoRoland FP-10

The principal digital piano in our correlation list is the Roland FP-10 Digital Piano – a reasonable apprentice digital piano that offers a scope of very good quality highlights.

Clients of all levels will welcome the unbelievable execution on offer here, including a PHA-4 standard keyboard, host of SuperNATURAL piano tones, and Bluetooth network which permits you to stream music and connect keen gadgets for learning nearby Roland’s Piano Partner 2 application.

We love the PHA-4 Standard keyboard which reacts perfectly to your playing because of high-goals detecting and escapement and the amazingly practical ivory feel keyboard.

At long last, you have 15 in-assembled tones going from rich great pianos to electric keyboards.

Roland Digital PianoRoland FP-30

Next up we have the Roland FP-30, which has now been supplanted by the above FP-10 as the section level standard. This is as yet a phenomenal novice digital piano obviously, aside from it has a couple of additional highlights middle of the road players will appreciate.

You have 35 worked in tones here which use Roland’s profoundly exceptional SuperNATURAL Piano motor just as redesigned speakers that offer a more extravagant sound.

You additionally have more command over sounds sonic highlights just as implicit account usefulness that permits you to record directly to USB or through the Piano Partner 2 application.

Roland Digital Piano-Roland FP-30

Another key component of the FP-30 is the twin earphone yields which gives both of you separate methods for tuning in – perfect for two individuals playing simultaneously when utilizing ‘Split Mode’. You can look at a greater amount of the distinctions in our video underneath.

Roland Digital Piano Comparison Guide and Differences In 2021

Roland Digital PianoRoland FP-60


The following in our Roland FP arrangement examination and next in line when you’re considering updating is the Roland FP-60 digital piano. This offers a remarkable bounce as far as sounds as you have 350 sounds to get to holds with.

Once more, you have the PHA4 Roland keyboard, which gives a rich, reasonable feel, and the SuperNATURAL sound motor, yet you additionally get MIDI associations, permitting you to add it to your studio work process effortlessly.

Roland Digital Piano-Roland FP-60

What’s more, you have improved speakers and 3D sound system sound for a prevalent earphone experience.

Actually, the speakers and coordinated enhancers have been created to imitate the sound of an acoustic piano conveying an amazing sound that dispenses with the requirement for an outer intensifier.

You can layer sounds, indicate 30 client enrollments for fast review and assume responsibility for your sound through the 3 band EQ. Accessible in Black or White.

Roland Digital PianoRoland FP-90

The last choice in the FP run comes as the Roland FP-90 Digital Piano. We really secured the contrasts between the FP-60 and the FP-90 right now.

In any case, so, the Roland FP-90 is heavier at 24kg and structured for the most part for static activity in Churches, Schools, and Theaters for instance.

There are 4 speakers rather than two, an implicit mouthpiece contribution with devoted vocal impacts, and a top-notch determination of sounds including electric pianos, strings, organs, and synths.

Roland Digital Piano-Roland FP-90

At long last, the keyboard is a PHA-50 (Progressive Hammer Action with Escapement) which consolidates wood and formed materials to give a fantastically sensible feel and reaction.

  • Accessible in Black or White.

3. Roland Stage Piano Series – RD Series

At the point when you need access to a wide scope of sounds, impacts and presets for your live show, the Roland Stage arrangement is great.

Here’s a gander at the contrasts between the Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano and Roland RD-88 Stage Piano.

Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano

The Roland RD-2000 phase piano highlights two autonomous sound motors for sonic clearness and dynamic reaction.

The primary motor s a devoted acoustic piano solid motor with full polyphony. The second is a SuperNATURAL-based sound motor with 128-voice polyphony explicitly intended for electric pianos.

You have a PHA-50 keyboard which highlights half and half wood and shaped development for a sensible vibe and reaction.

Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano

You likewise have a variety of vintage impacts worked in, including the BOSS CE-1 Chorus, Roland Dimension D, and some more.

This is an extraordinary presentation machine for studio and meeting artists as it likewise incorporates 1100 non-piano sounds, for example, organs, strings, metal, great synths and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Roland RD-88 Stage Piano

The Roland RD-88 Stage Piano is another 88 key stage piano intended for performing artists. Be that as it may, this is an undeniably increasingly streamlined variant intended to lightweight and conservative for brisk set up and pack down.

This stage piano highlights ivory feel piano-contact keyboard (PHA-4) for expanded playability and reasonable reaction.

You have three sound generators worked in including the SuperNATURAL piano motor, ZEN-Core, and SuperNATURAL Electric Piano motor, giving a universe of sounds.

You likewise have 400 scenes and more than 3,000 tones worked in. best of all the group at Roland has introduced 3 Zone Multi-impacts frameworks and 90 kinds of impacts – it’s a profoundly convenient studio piano!

You can likewise utilize it as a MIDI ace keyboard and assume responsibility for your DAWs – perfect for the individuals who run programming in front of an audience.

4. Roland RP Home Piano Series

The Roland RP home piano arrangement offers unimaginable playability for players all things considered, yet there are some key contrasts between the RP102 and the RP501R.

Roland RP102 Digital Piano

The Roland RP102 Digital Piano is the section level home piano intended for the individuals who need to begin their piano playing excursion and old hands who need something that they can use to invigorate their abilities or simply appreciate playing at home.

With this alternative, you get a total home piano set up including piano stand, music rest and pedals making it an extraordinary choice for the individuals who need a total bundle.

Once more, you have the PHA-4 standard keyboard which offers wonderful playability, and the SuperNATURAL sound motor for superbly reproduced sounds from Roland’s noteworthy list of piano examples.

Roland RP102 Digital Piano

There are really 15 worked in sounds too, so you have a wide broadness of tones available to you just as more than 200 onboard melodies to cooperate to.

A perfect first piano for the home that additionally incorporates a scope of installed learning highlights to help you en route to music superstardom! We have faith in you!

Roland RP501R Home Piano


The Roland RP501R-CB Home Piano is intended for those accomplished players out there who need a persevering and extraordinary looking home piano that they can use to play a wide scope of types.

You have more than 300 sounds including conventional piano styles, electric pianos, strings, and all the more all of which using Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound motor.

The PHA-4 Standard keyboard includes high-goals contact detecting and you can utilize the included Progressive Damper Action pedal for more noteworthy reaction including half accelerating and other conventional piano methods.

Once more, you can associate with Roland’s Piano Partner 2 application to sharpen your aptitudes and play along to tracks. We likewise love the 3D feel highlight which gives a multi-dimensional sound experience when you’re thinking carefully.


This is basically a digital piano for the individuals who don’t care for digital pianos – a flawlessly planned contemporary choice for the observing players out there.

Accessible in Contemporary Black, Rosewood, White.

5. Roland F Series

Roland F-140R Digital Home Piano

Next up in our Roland Digital Piano examination, we have the Roland F140R Digital Home Piano. This is intended to fit into littler living spaces and condos and is basically a slimmer rendition of the RP501R.

You have 316 tones available to you including 11 Roland Grand Piano Voices, 8 drum sets and even a total arrangement of SFX to shape your sound.

A lot of 2 x worked in sound system speakers give a rich and full stable, while the earphones 3D atmosphere inundates you in the sound when you connect a lot of earphones.

One of the cool highlights comes as the locally available musicality backups and recording highlights. You have authority over

A virtual support band that consequently follows the harmonies you play and the capacity to record your meetings by means of inner memory – it resembles sticking and recording with a full band!

Accessible in Contemporary Black or White.

6. Roland HP arrangement correlation

Next up we have the Roland HP arrangement correlation. Short for ‘Home Piano’ the HP arrangement essentially furnishes players with a delightful looking, in vogue home piano that demonstrations and sounds like an acoustic model yet never should be tuned or adjusted!

Roland HP601 Digital Home Piano

The Roland HP601 Home Digital Piano is intended for experienced players who need an incredible sounding alternative that likewise fits perfectly inside the home.

This has been planned with enough highlights for the expert level players, yet in addition, it gives an incredible learning stage to first-time players as well.

This incorporates a PHA-50 Roland Keyboard which conveys that genuine great piano touch with dynamic sledge activity and escapement that acoustic players will appreciate. You have 319 tones available to you just as more than 350 locally available melodies to cooperate with.

You can likewise store 25 of your preferred sound arrangements inside the unit for reviewing in a moment and even totally tweak your acoustic piano attributes by means of the installed Piano Designer work for additional personalization.

Likewise accessible in Contemporary Black, Contemporary Rosewood or White.

Roland HP603A Digital Home Piano

The Roland HP603A digital home piano is a show class piano intended to fit in delightfully inside your home, practice space, church, or theater presenting an immense measure of tones and unimaginable playability.

The SuperNATURAL demonstrating found inside the HP603A adequately reproduces the reaction and full-bodied tones of an acoustic piano, with no of the questionable characteristics.

This component truly comes through when you utilize the acoustic piano sounds inside. There are really 350 tones inside this home piano including strings, wood, and metal instruments just as 353 tunes to cooperate with.

You have locally available account highlights, Bluetooth availability for spilling and association with cell phones and tablets just as Piano Designer usefulness for additional tweaking of your sound.

At long last, the PHA-50 Progressive Hammer Action with escapement keyboard has been intended to offer a genuine vibe experience.

These keys closely resemble black and ivory and react flawlessly to your playing on account of dampness engrossing properties – not any more sneaking off the keys!

Likewise accessible in Contemporary Black, Contemporary Rosewood or Contemporary White.

Roland HP702 Digital Piano

New for 2019, the HP702 and HP704 models enhance the past two choices and are enlivened by the honor winning LX700 arrangement.

The Roland HP702 highlights a PHA-4 Standard keyboard just as Progressive Damper activity pedals so it reacts flawlessly to your playing.

The key advantage here is that you won’t have to update as your strategy improves. Be that as it may, in the event that you need the pinpoint precision of an acoustic (this isn’t far-removed) at that point the HP704 may be more qualified to your necessities.

Both this and the HP704 highlight Bluetooth network and are perfect with Roland’s Piano everyday application which urges you to play piano more regularly and learn new strategies – perfect for players everything being equal.

Additionally accessible in Dark Rosewood, Charcoal Black, Light Oak, or White.

Roland HP704 Digital Piano

The key contrast between the HP702 and HP704 comes down to the keyboard and acoustic projection. The HP704 highlights a responsive PHA-50 keyboard that consolidates the look and feel of wooden keys with the sturdiness of current materials,

So there’s no compelling reason to ever keep up or supplant the keys – something that clients of acoustic pianos need to pay out for inevitably.

At long last, you should move up to the HP704 in the event that you need a more prominent acoustic projection framework.

The HP704 highlights higher caliber locally available speakers that convey dynamic full-run sound creating them perfect for training meetings, exhibitions, and gatherings.

Likewise accessible in Dark Rosewood, Charcoal Black, Light Oak, or White.

7. Roland DP Series

Roland DP603 Digital Piano

The Roland DP603 Digital Piano is a slimline home digital piano made for those with a constrained room.

A moderate look will speak to the individuals who like to keep things organized, yet don’t be tricked – this is a powerhouse loaded with locally available tech made for experienced players.

You have 307 tones accessible with boundless polyphony for piano tones and a limit of 384 for different tones – bounty to play with.

The 88 key PHA-50 Roland Keyboard with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel makes it a delight to play, mirroring the vibe of an acoustic,

While the Damper Soft and Sostenuto pedals offer additional control. You additionally have 2 x 30W speakers worked in offering unfathomable sound quality.

A Twin Piano mode likewise empowers an instructor and a student to sit one next to the other and play in a similar key range making it a perfect choice for schools and home guides.

Bluetooth MIDI and USB link availability permit you to associate your iPad or Android tablet and access a universe of natural learning applications like Roland’s Piano Partner 2.

Additionally accessible in Polished Ebony, Contemporary Black or Gloss White.

8. Roland LX Series Pianos

Next up in our Roland digital piano correlation direct is the LX700 arrangement. The Roland LX Series pianos are a definitive objective for the individuals who need a quality digital home piano that goes about as though it’s acoustic.

The LX represents extravagance and incorporates any semblance of the LX705, LX706, LX708, and LX17 – which are all at the higher finish of the Roland piano arrangement offering a definitive piano involvement with terms of playability, sound, and appearance.

The significant contrasts between these home digital pianos are the number of speakers installed, Roland keyboard and tones included.

Roland LX705 Digital Home Piano

The Roland LX705 is the most reasonable in the LX700 arrangement, yet at the same time incorporates a variety of incredible highlights you find in the better quality models.

The PHA-50 Roland Piano Keyboard and Progressive Damper Action Pedals offer staggering playability while you appreciate Authentic Acoustic Tone because of Roland’s PureAcoustic Piano Modeling Technology.

You have 324 tones to appreciate including two world-class piano models worked in – European Roland Grand and American Roland Grand.

You additionally have 4 x 2way speakers onboard offering an inconceivably vivid encounter.

Likewise accessible in Charcoal Black, Dark Rosewood, Light Oak or Polished Ebony.

Roland LX706 Digital Home Piano

The next is the Roland LX706 Digital Home Piano. The key contrast between this and the past model is the incorporation of Hybrid Roland Grand Keyboard and Progressive Damper Action Pedals. Moreover, you have a redesigned 3-way, 6-speaker framework for improved sound.

This is marginally shorter than the leader LX708 and just arrives in a shut cover design.

Additionally accessible in Dark Rosewood, Polished Ebony or Charcoal Black.

Roland LX708 Digital Home Piano

Next up we have the Roland LX708. This is pressed with all the incredible highlights of the LX706 however accompanies a redesigned sound framework including eight-speakers.

Once more, you have a Hybrid Grand Roland Keyboard and Responsive Damper Action Pedals available to you just as a bigger bureau and opening cover for additional sound projection.

Much the same as the others in the arrangement, you have the ‘My Stage’ include which permits you to consolidate piano sounds and feel for imitating explicit stages and studios over the globe.

Additionally accessible in Polished Ebony, Charcoal Black or Polished White.

Roland LX-17 Digital Piano

The Roland LX17 is the last portion of the LX arrangement. This varies from the remainder of the LX7 arrangement as its the tallest in the range and highlights a four-way,

Eight-speaker framework and refreshed SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling framework. It additionally makes all the more a visual effect, being the sleekest contribution in the range.

The bigger size in the mix with the 8 speakers permits the sound to resound more, offering an unquestionably more acoustic sound than we’re utilized to.

The working cover additionally takes into account further sonic chiseling as the sound really changes when you open it up!

Generally, you get an increasingly true playing experience that, a challenge we state it, is, in reality, BETTER than an acoustic piano!

Accessible in Polished Ebony or Polished White.

9. Roland GP Series

The Best Roland Digital Piano Review, Comparison Guide & Differences

Next up we have the Roland GP arrangement which is the zenith of Roland’s piano plan, offering players the chance to get a small great piano, without the related issue of acoustic pianos.

Roland GP607 Home Piano

At the point when you need a definitive visual piece for your home the Roland GP607 Home Piano is the best approach. This gives a lavish playing experience on account of the PHA-50 Roland Keyboard which feels

Furthermore, the GP607 likewise uses Bluetooth usefulness so you can stream music remotely to the piano when you have visitors – no requirement for an outer speaker framework.

This Bluetooth network likewise empowers you to associate your keen gadget to learning applications like Roland’s Piano Partner 2. MIDI playback and USB memory are additionally extraordinary options for entertainers.

Additionally accessible in Gloss White or Polished Ebony.

10. Roland Kiyola KF Series Digital Piano

Roland Kiyola KF-10 Digital Piano


The last item in our Roland Digital Piano correlation is the Roland Kiyola KF-10 Digital Piano. These craftsman digital pianos are made in Japan,

Including hand-created strong wood cupboards and is the consequence of an extraordinary joint effort among Roland and prestigious Japanese furniture planner Karimoku.

These are intended to supplement any living space and highlight moderate controls to protect the common natural structure.

You have the equivalent acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano displaying found in Roland’s leader LX/HP digital pianos and 6 locally available tones that truly woken up gratitude to the PHA-50 Roland Keyboard.

There are 30 tunes to cooperate too, Bluetooth and MIDI network alternatives and Piano plan usefulness which offers a universe of customizable tonal characteristics.

At last, the included Karimoku planned ergonomic seat energizes great stance so you can play longer without uneasiness or dread of medical problems!