Top 6 Best 88 Key Midi Keyboard Controller Reviews Expert Choice

Top 6 Best 88 Key Midi Keyboard Controller Reviews Expert Choice

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Top Best 88 Key Midi Keyboard Controller

Despite the fact that you can do much with 61 and 49 key Midi regulators, they are less amazing when contrasted with 88 key Midi Keyboards.

Actually, in the event that you are an expert in making and playing music, at that point, you have to get the best 88 key weighted Midi keyboard.

The significant worry, for this situation, is that it is difficult to get the best 88 key Midi keyboards. That is on the grounds that there are numerous alternatives available you should consider.

Since you have remarkable inclinations and necessities, it will be an untruth in the event that you are told there is a one-fit-all alternative.

Instructions to Choose a 88 Key MIDI Controller

  • Weighted Keys

Weighted Keys

All the 88-key regulators you will go over the market have full-sized keys. Truth be told, not many have hammer-activity loads and keys that cause them to feel like acoustic pianos. Accordingly, on the off chance that you are not used to semi-weighted keys, at that point you ought to go for the full-weighted keys.

  • Transport Controls

Since you may need to control DAWs oftentimes, at that point there is a need to accelerate the work process by getting an 88-key with transport controls. This will allow you to play, stop, interrupt, and record on DAW without the need to utilize trackball or mouse.

  • Number of Zones

This is another significant element to consider with regards to full-sized MIDI Keyboards. Preferably, this offers you a chance to part them into various zones on various MIDI channels.

It is even conceivable to part your keyboard with the goal that the left hand plays bass synth while the correct one plays organ synth.

  • Cushions, Motorized Controls and Aftertouch

These are vital highlights for PC-based makers. Be that as it may, they are not an absolute necessity for a musician who needs the capacity to control virtual pianos.

  • Auto Mapping

This is a significant component to consider on the off chance that you will associate your gadget with a PC. On the off chance that you need to control DAWs, programming, and modules, at that point you have to zero in on particulars to see whether the keyboard has auto-planning for the product application you use.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that your instrument doesn’t have this specific component, at that point you should set it physically.

  • Network

You can utilize MIDI over the USB, and this is appropriate when you utilize the regulator in the mix with the PC. That is the situation on the off chance that you need to control the equipment straightforwardly with your PC. In a perfect world, you have to guarantee the keyboard has a MIDI port.

  • Force Supply

You should take note that the vast majority of the 88-key regulators available can be fueled by USB straightforwardly. In any case, you should get a force connector. This will come convenient when you need to control the equipment’s sound synths and modules without the utilization of a PC.

Besides, you will require one in the event that you need to utilize the keyboard with your tablet.

Top 6 Best 88 Key Midi Controller Reviews

1. Best Overall – M Audio KeyStation MIDI Keyboard Controller

M Audio KeyStation


  • Super Portable
  • Vivid DAW control
  • Eminent playability
  • Free exercises
  • Simple to utilize interface


  • Manufacture quality doesn’t feel that solid

With this Midi keyboard regulator, you have unlimited PC-based music creation and execution. You will discover this keyboard to be straightforward and amazing for playing virtual instruments and sequencing music.

This midi keyboard permits you to communicate as it gives the center sought after to catch expressive, vivid exhibitions. In a perfect world, this key station removes the problem from execution and creation.

At the point when you join with the USB-power, you have upheld for USB-Midi availability. This permits entertainers and makers admittance to the universe of music creation.

You should take note that this Midi keyboard is an ideal answer for artists who travel a ton and need an unlimited order of the music programming as they perform live or in versatile chronicle circumstances.

2. Second place – Roland A-88 Review Of MIDI Keyboard Controller

Roland A-88 Review


  • Eight RGB-lit assignable handles and cushions
  • Worked to-last
  • The PHA-4 keyboard for offering 88 weighted keys
  • Unequaled playability
  • Simple to utilize


  • Somewhat enormous and long

Roland 88 Key MIDI Keyboard is an expert Midi regulator that gives sublime playability. It highlights imaginative locally available devices that are intended for current performers and makers.

With their acclaimed hammer activity and astounding sturdiness, you have an extraordinary Midi keyboard regulator that can take your music creation to another level.

Likewise, it has present-day highlights, for example, RGB-lit controls, USB-C network, and Midi 2.0 for extraordinary execution in its group.

This keyboard is work to last with premium materials and wood. That implies you can have numerous long periods of dependable presentation. Likewise, it highlights eight RGB-lit handles, three-pedal data sources, and an installed arpeggiator.

You should take note that this unit has a thin plan and shallow profundity. Hence, it can fit the greater part of the present conditions. Something else you will like is to control the application for moment review and profound customization.

3. Best Hammer Action – M Audio Hammer 88 Review Of MIDI Controller

M-Audio Hammer 88 Key


  • Completely weighted keys
  • Incredible instructive devices for learning
  • Simple control choices
  • Supports USB-Midi availability
  • Additional highlights for playability and expert altering


  • Doesn’t accompany power link

M-Audio 88 Key MIDI Controller is an excellent keyboard regulator that is ideal for both expert and gifted players. Likewise, it is ideal for understudies searching for sensible terrific piano feel to use with the sound modules and virtual instruments.

The completely weighted mallet activity can catch each unpretentious subtlety of the exhibition. Additionally, it will give an unrivaled reaction of the conventional terrific piano exemplary feel.

In a perfect world, it is an incredible mix for makers and entertainers who need to encounter music creation more than ever.

These 88 Key regulators permit you to control your studio instruments. With the 5-pin Midi yield, you can undoubtedly send all Midi data to any viable gadget, for example, sound modules, drum machines, and equipment synthesizers.

With the Hammer 88, you can without much of a stretch get generally out of the outside sound generators. Recall that the correct instrument ought not to restrict your imagination.

For example, it upholds the USB-Midi network for a problem-free arrangement that permits you to zero in on an execution.

4. Best Affordable – MIDI PLUS X8 Pro USB MIDI Keyboard


  • 88 weighted touch-delicate keys
  • Driven backdrop illumination
  • Assorted availability alternatives
  • A lot of programmable percussion cushions


  • Somewhat tight

MIDIPLUS has a wide scope of coordinated controllers and sound modes. Because of the underlying palette of 128 GM, you can be guaranteed wonderful quality.

Indeed, the midi keyboard needn’t bother with outside sound sources. There are various handles and fastens that can be appointed physically or through programming.

Controls of this keyboard are upheld by LED lights that demonstrate dynamic boundaries and status. Likewise, the pitch twist and regulation are changed by touchpad innovation and upheld by an evaluated light scale.

Additionally, this key highlights eight kinds of speed that give you the most agreeable style of play and the ideal sound.

5. Arturia KeyLab 88 Key Essectial MIDI Controller

arturia keylab 88 essential


  • Lightweight for hefting around
  • Quality sounds
  • Quite a pleasant keyboard
  • Pleasant programming bundle
  • Reasonable cost


  • Not hammer-activity keys quality

Arturia 88-Key regulator offers you the chance to release your innovativeness. It is a lightweight and moderate Midi regulator that is pressed with sufficient highlights to fill in as a war room for the digital creation condition.

This keyboard presents a ton of cushions, faders, and handles that cooperate with the virtual synths. Moreover, it is worked to incorporate with the most loved DAW and transport capacities like a circle, running, record, play, and punch-in.

In spite of being anything but difficult to convey and lightweight, this unit is a firmly developed regulator and has to speed touchy keys and a semi-weighted feel.

The way that it is compact implies that you can move it from the studio to the phase without hardly lifting a finger.

6. Nektar IMPACT LX88+ MIDI Keyboard-Best Lightweight

Nektar IMPACT LX88


  • Adaptable controls for proficient altering and working
  • Simple to explore
  • Simple to-utilize Led catches
  • Steady yield
  • DAW similarity


  • Somewhat heavier

Truly it is jam-stuffed with expressive, astute execution control and interfaces with DAW.

You should take note of this is a delicate keyboard that gives semi-weighted activity. It is painstakingly offset with a powerful reaction.

Actually, its speed bends slowly increment in the elements to guarantee there is a counterpart for the playing style. In the event that you don’t need speed, the three fixed speed levels can create a predictable yield.

Something else you will like about this 88-key regulator is its vehicle and route highlights. For example, it has six committed vehicles fastens that are consistently close enough, and you can plan them to the control cycle, forward, stop, and rewind.

The nine LED catches are effectively modified with various Midi messages that include sending certain Midi program changes. Additionally, the catches can control you when utilizing Mute, Solo, and blender modes.

Advantages of A 88 Key MIDI Controller

Most artists go for little forms of MIDI regulators for recording purposes. That is on the grounds that they find bigger keyboards to have transportability issues and can bring about confusion when you work in a little space.

Nonetheless, a full-sized MIDI Keyboard is a form that permits you to play as you are playing the piano.

Besides, on the off chance that you have issues playing, creating, and performing with two hands, at that point this alternative will make it simpler for you to appreciate electronic style playing.

Despite the fact that the significant reason for 88 keys is to permit performers to play more like a piano, the keyboard size gives more space to the regulators.

In a perfect world, you can hope to utilize cushions, controls, additional switches, and handles as they include a lot of compatibilities with regards to recording. The vast majority go for 88 key regulators due to their decent variety in controls and sounds.

With the 88 key regulators, you can hope to handles, catches, faders, included programming packs, additional drum cushions, and weighted keys. In the event that you need a viable choice for the keyboard, you ought to get 88 key regulators.

That is on the grounds that it gives joined the sound studio and piano execution. Also, you can discover extra choices from different forms because of the desires and size of the keyboard.

Last Thought Of Best 88 Key Midi Keyboard

Top 6 Best 88 Key Midi Keyboard Controller Reviews Expert Choice

On the off chance that you need the best 88 key midi regulator that sounds, looks, and plays like a piano, at that point you can’t turn out badly with the suggestions in this guide.

Preferably, these units offer the vibe, sound, and style you are searching for. The majority of the units in this guide are reasonable for digital astonishingly with additional catches and cushions.