Top 7 Best 49 Key MIDI Keyboard Controller Reviews 2021

Top Best 49 Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

The 49 Key MIDI keyboard regulators are sufficient for any individual who needs to make sounds and play single-note songs, or single-note bass, or basic three-note harmonies.

Midi regulators have gotten extremely well known in the music business in light of their extraordinary highlights and fabricate quality. Purchasing the privilege 49 Key MIDI Controller will give you the best piano playing experience.

49-key regulator lies between full-sized midi regulators and 25-key regulators. They have a reduced plan implying that they don’t need a ton of extra room.

Elements to Consider When Buying a 49 Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

The current market is overwhelmed with various models and forms of midi regulators that performers and piano players can browse. In case have additionally at the basic factors that one must place into thought when buying a 49-keys midi regulator.

  • Sound Quality

Sound Sound

The vast majority of these regulators are intended to create quality sounds. For example, they accompany great speakers that guarantee that individuals get a quality, clear solid.

You should search for a model that can deliver different sounds and permit you to alter sounds. Picking a bona fide piano will cause you to feel good and agreeable while rehearsing and when performing.

  • Weight

These regulators are sufficiently enormous yet generally littler and lighter when contrasted with the full-sized models. This implies you don’t need to crush your spirit while moving your sound instrument to the stage.

This is a component that makes them ideal for explorers and artists who perform abroad.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

The majority of the cutting edge 49-keys midi regulators are Bluetooth empowered. This implies they can without much of a stretch be associated with other sound gadgets and cell phones like PCs or cell phones.

  • Worth

These regulators accompany various costs relying upon the accessible highlights and makers. You should think of a sensible and adhere to your spending when buying a midi regulator. It is basic to consider and think about the accessible choice before settling on your last buying choice.

  • Sound Options

These gadgets accompany an assortment of sound alternatives. Getting one will permit rehearsing different tunes and make the most of your main tunes and sounds.

Novices and expert musicians can utilize these regulators to try different things with new sounds figure out how to pay without any preparation.

  • Learning Guide

Attempt to comprehend and figure out how an instrument work can be an overwhelming assignment, particularly for a fledgling. A portion of these instruments accompany guides that can give their clients admittance to different learning applications.

Utilizing the guide can assist you in recognizing the key territories that you have to concentrate on or improve.

Top 49 Key MIDI Controller Reviews

The 49-key keyboards are extraordinary for music studios and artists since they are compact and still enormous enough for piano players and artists.

These regulators are all around structured and have predominant highlights that make them a reasonable choice for people who need to utilize two hands while playing music and still appreciate little regulators.

In addition, these regulators are reasonable and can likewise be utilized by experts who are in the music business.

1. Best Overall – M Audio Oxygen 49 Key MIDI Keyboard


  • Accompanies a complete programming bundle for pc advertisement macintosh
  • Super convenient, because of its basic plan and lightweight
  • Produce quality sound creation it a superb choice for learners and expert performers
  • Easy to understand the arrangement


  • Not Great for Using With FL Studio

The M Audio Oxygen 49 Key MIDI Keyboard is extraordinary compared to the other 49 keys MIDI keyboards in the current market. This instrument is super convenient and reduced.

It accompanies speed delicate keys, adjustment wheels, and locally available pitches for phenomenal exhibitions.

The M Audio Oxygen 49 Key MIDI Keyboard is structured with eight delicate trigger cushions for cut propelling and beat creation. These incorporate nine assignable blurs advertisement eight assignable handles that make it simpler for the client to control his/her instrument.

It accompanies a product bundle that makes it viable with android pc and macintosh gadgets. Its imaginative direct connection makes it simpler to plan controls. It has here and there catches that permit the client to practice to control his/her draw even without utilizing the mouse.

2. Best Weighted – Akai Professional MPK 249 MIDI Keyboard


  • Brilliant keys quality with semi-weighted activity
  • 24 assignable Q Link regulators
  • Smaller and easy to use
  • Responsive cushions
  • Strong development


  • The dark keys are somewhat hardened

The Akai Professional MPK 249 MIDI Keyboard is a semi-weighted, 49-keys midi regulator. It accompanies speed touchy keys that give a characteristic vibe and a remarkable reaction.

It highlights 24 assignable Q-interface regulators, incorporates faders, switches, and eight control handles that give the client an issue free encounter.

The QWERTY orders empower the client to practice and work all the more proficiently with its product. Moreover, this regulator is viable with iOS gadgets, on account of its camera association unit.

Its vitality sparing mode makes eco-accommodating and vitality productive. It accompanies a USB port, a five-pin MIDI yield, and information.

3. Best Budget – Alesis V49 MIDI Keyboard Controller


  • Profound Ableton combination
  • Accompanies responsive and touchy keys
  • Moderately evaluated for people with strict spending plans
  • Strong form quality creation it more sturdy and dependable
  • Loads of controls that permit the client to control or program his instrument
  • Moderately reduced size-Lightweight, and smaller than different models making it versatile


  • Its little cushions are not unreasonably responsive

The Alesis V49 MIDI Keyboard is one of the most mainstream 49-keys regulators, on account of its moderateness, unwavering quality, and execution. It accompanies eight illuminated cushions and speeds touchy keys and 8 illuminated cushions.

Besides, it highlights octave down and up catches that permit the client to get to the full pitch and scope of his/her keyboard. It has adjustment wheels that convey innovative, amazing control. Its keys are touchy as well as profoundly responsive.

This regulator is known for offering a punchy execution making it one of the most critical decisions for middle to novice level performers and home studios. This is a regulator that adjusts cost and key quality.

The Alesis V49 MIDI Keyboard accompanies hardly any catches and handles, however its assemble a quality, plan, and execution merit each penny. It is a brilliant decision for people who need to buy a full-sized, moderate keyboard.

Regarding structure, this regulator has a straightforward, quite moderate plan. It is intended to last and feels strong. The Alesis V49 MIDI Keyboard flaunts the most recent programming highlights and is viable with Windows and Mac machines.

4. Roland A-49 MIDI Keyboard Controller


  • It accompanies incredible controls and keys
  • Lightweight and conservative, making it compact
  • Simple to utilize it has an unrivaled completion
  • Accompanies speed delicate keys
  • Has superb portability and playability
  • It has messiness free, clean surface
  • Accompanies incredible keys for improved execution


  • Accompanies little estimated keys that make it hard for novices to set up or use
  • A few clients experience helpless associations

The Roland Company is known for structuring and assembling probably the best instruments, for example, synthesizers and keyboards, guitars, digital recording gear, among others.

The Roland A-49 MIDI Keyboard Controller is lightweight and has a smaller structure. It has dark and pearl white completions. Moreover, this regulator is anything but difficult to utilize. It is a USB transport controlled, implying that the client doesn’t need an AC connector.

The Roland A-49 MIDI Keyboard Controller accompanies a D-MEAN regulator, two switches, and two handles for improved execution. It has an incredibly lightweight, smoothed out a structure that makes it simple to convey and lift.

This regulator has to speed touchy keys and creates superb sounds. It is likewise known for its controls and handles. It is all around intended to dispense with vertical shake and mechanical clamor.

These are the awesome highlights that make Roland A-49 MIDI Controller an astounding alternative for artists who need a simple to-utilize, straightforward MIDI keyboard.

5. Best Compact – MIDI Keyboard MIDIPlus X4 Mini


  • Accompanies control handles that improve the client’s understanding
  • Has a LED show that gives visual criticism to control
  • It is one of the most dependable and financially savvy models
  • Simple arrangement implying that one doesn’t need uncommon apparatuses or abilities to work it


  • A portion of its keys need speed bend

The MIDIPlus X4 Mini MIDI Keyboard is a standout amongst other smaller and versatile 49 keys midi regulators. It is moderately simple to utilize and accompanies extraordinary, stunning highlights.

This keyboard has a USB link, implying that one doesn’t need an outer force flexibly. What’s more, it highlights altered capacities and capacitive touch sensors.

This control highlights octave encoders, LED show, accessible regulation strips, four assignable encoders, and a pitch bed.

This regulator accompanies four adaptable handles, a connection module link, an articulation regulator, and a volume control handle that improve the client’s playing experience. It has tracks that store all the data from CC orders.

Its programmable handles make it simple for the client to regulator his/her regulator with other sound gadgets like PCs when recording music or soundtracks. Actually, this is probably the best instrument that you can add to your melodic tool kit.

6. Korg 49 Key MIDI Controller


  • A speed detecting keybed for adding normal articulations to his/her exhibitions
  • Associate remotely to Mac, iPhone, and iPad
  • A playable and conservative common touch small keyboard
  • Accompanies incredible music programming that makes it viable with other cell phones
  • USB viable, implying that one doesn’t need to buy an extra force link
  • Accompanies octave fastens that give a strong vibe
  • Its controls are responsive and smooth subsequently demonstrating an incredible playing experience


  • Its keys are generally little
  • Its keys don’t give less obstruction

The Korg Company is one of the prestigious, set up organizations that produce quality, instruments. Their Korg 49 Key MIDI Controller has to speed touchy keys and is USC viable.

This regulator is likewise alluded to as the micro key Air 49. It additionally includes amazing music programming that makes it viable with other sound gadgets. Indeed, it can associate remotely to macintosh, iPhones, and iPads.

The Korg 49 Key MIDI Controller is a flexible and advantageous MIDI regulator. Apparently, this is the most ideal alternative for built up and first-time players.

It is chiefly utilized in home and music creation studios. Moreover, it includes a blender segment that gives the client a calm, simple control of the DJ or DAW programming.

7. Novation Launchkey 49 Key MIDI Controller

Novation Launchkey


  • Tweaked settings that make sit it simple for the client to make remarkable sounds
  • Accompanies speed touchy keys that upgrade the client’s playing experience
  • Viable with Mac and PC machines
  • This instrument has dynamic inContole mappings
  • Incredible highlights and worth that improves its usefulness


  • Its documentation needs more particulars
  • An extra USB center link is required

The Novation Launchkey 49 Key MIDI Controller is another instrument that gives dependable and wonderful exhibitions. It has incredible programming that makes it viable with PC and Mac.

It accompanies a three-year guarantee. This regulator has eight control handles, 16-speed touchy keys, and devoted control catches. It accompanies full-sized keys, yet it is as yet compact.

These keys are intended to give great input. It has phenomenal controls that make it an ideal alternative for FL studios. It incorporates GBG platforms for feel. Also, its keys are responsive, playable, and fell pleasant.

Its platforms are very firm yet in addition extraordinary. The Novation Launchkey 49 Key MIDI is the best keyboard for live exhibitions and music creation.

Moreover, this instrument is appropriate for the two apprentices and expert performers. Its speed delicate cushions are ideal for playing the drums and propelling/distinguishing cuts.

  • What is a MIDI Controller?

A midi regulator is a digital instrument intended for making sounds utilizing installed sequencers. Midi regulators are equipped for creating MIDI information just as sound. They are practically like electrical keyboards.

Tones are created when the keys of a MIDI gets squeezed. Midi regulators are adaptable instruments wh9chare additionally viable with other sound gadgets.

  • Is 49 Key MIDI Controller Enough to USe?

The 49 Key MIDI regulators are sufficient for any individual who needs to make sounds and play single-note songs, or single-note bass, or straightforward three-note harmonies.

Midi regulators have gotten famous in the music business due to their phenomenal highlights and fabricate quality. Purchasing the privilege 49 Key MIDI Controller will give you the best piano playing experience.

  • What number of Keys Do I Need on a MIDI Controller?

Midi regulators accompany various sizes and shapes. What’s more, they accompany fluctuating quantities of keys. It can either have 88, 61, 49, 32, or 25 keys. They are very much planned, making them a brilliant choice for home account studios.

The little models have 25 keys, while full-sized models have 88 keys. The model picked relies upon singular needs and the accessible space.

The 25 key models are little in size, making them an astounding alternative for fledglings. A regulator having 49 keys will work fine for you will be you are wanting to use for bass and leads.

Conclusion Of 49 Key Midi Keyboard

Top 7 Best 49 Key MIDI Keyboard Controller Reviews 2021

Those are the Best 49 key midi regulators that digital piano players ought to think about purchasing. These items are wonderful plans, execution, reasonableness, manufactured quality, astonishing highlights, and dependability.

A portion of the fundamental factors that you should place in to thought when looking for a 49-key MIDI regulator incorporates financial plan, sound quality, brands, weight, accessible highlights, and Bluetooth availability.

One can get the best incentive for his well-deserved cash by picking a regulator that addresses his issues and financial plan.