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The Best Alesis VI49 | 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

The Best Alesis VI49 | 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

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By Ok Digital It Fiirm

Best Alesis VI49 | 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller with 16 Pads, 16 Assignable Knobs, 48 Buttons, and 5-Pin MIDI Out Plus Production Software Included

Alesis has changed the universe of MIDI controllers abroad Akai and M-Audio and it has been around for an extremely prolonged stretch of time.

Situated in Rhode Island, Alesis has been endeavoring to give quality, oversimplified, yet spending MIDI controllers for music makers around the world.

In this audit, we should investigate the delightful Alesis V49 MIDI controller, with the entirety of its key highlights and advantages.

We’ll additionally contrast the MIDI keyboard and its notable opponents M-Audio Oxygen 49 and Alesis VI49, so you can settle on a superior choice.

How about we take a gander at the whole line of Alesis MIDI keyboard, and before we start and how Alesis V49 extra room against them – you’ll be dazzled how well it holds itself! Alesis V49 was made for this particular reason just and intended to consistently compound with DAWs.

It’s been structured inconceivably minimal, so regardless of whether you are taking a shot at a MacBook Pro, you’ll have a lot simpler time shipping Alesis V49 rather than other 49-key controllers – it even fits in a standard bag!

1. Performance

Extraordinary looks aside, the genuine inquiry is over how this thing performs. Generally speaking, really well for sure!

Becoming acclimated to the format of controls takes some time, yet not even close to long enough for you to feel disappointed. At the point when you are utilized to them, it’s a direct bit of a pack to get to holds with.

The keys are responsive – up there with a portion of the better quality controllers – and will suit a digital piano player because of the full-size nature.

The handles and wheels are firm, however, feel exact and ideal to utilize. It likewise performs well no matter how you look at it with astounding similarity over all stages and DAWs.

2. Keyboard Functionality

Online Piano Keyboard

The Alesis V49 is the synth-activity keyboard, is perfect for two-gave performing – while staying convenient. The V49 gives you a pack of controls, including pitch and mod wheels, transport controls, and an enormous choice of cushions, catches, and encoders.

You have all that you have to assume responsibility for your virtual instruments and modules in the studio or in front of an audience.

The adaptability and usefulness of the Alesis V49 USB MIDI keyboard controller is something we at Sweetwater know most keyboard players will appreciate.

3. Design

design of piano keyboard

Alesis V49 highlights incredible structure. It’s not notable at all, yet it feels as though it has been structured with affection.

It’s truly moderate, with a straightforward smooth matte dark skeleton and a wide cluster of cool-blue illuminated catches, cushions, and handles, that make it look marvelous in a dull room.

For such a spending controller, this mix causes it to feel proficient – an adult controller. The development of the V49 matches the beautifying agents and feels strong and worked to last. Generally speaking, strong.

4. Feature

Best Alesis VI49 | 49-Key

  • Square front keys with aftertouch
  • 16 cushions (weight and speed touchy)
  • Multicolor, illuminated cushions
  • 12 assignable handles, 36 catches (enlightened)
  • Devoted vehicle controls
  • Balance and pitch twist wheels
  • One continue input
  • Inner clock (sync, rhythm, rolls, and so forth)
  • Fueled by means of USB

5. Connectivity

Best Alesis VI49 | 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

With a MIDI controller like this, being effectively perfect with the entirety of the significant DAWs out there is significant.

The uplifting news is, I’ve tried this controller with both Pro Tools and Ableton (the last of which is incorporated with the VI49!), and it works faultlessly with both.

I’ve perused comparable stories from clients on an assortment of different stages, so I believe it’s sheltered to state this thing is profoundly versatile.

With Logic explicitly, I’m ready to go from introductory startup to totally mapped out and all set inside around 5 minutes.

I’d state that it is entirely extraordinary!

To the extent associations go, the VI49 has the standard arrangement of choices, with a USB giving force and MIDI information, a MIDI out for reinforcement applications, and a devoted force out for those minutes when you need it.

One little however staggeringly irritating eccentricity; around fourteen days into possessing the keyboard, the plastic USB connector severed on the rear of the keyboard.

Everything despite everything works okay, however once in a while I’ll lose power, or my DAW will lose association with the controller.

I won’t harp on this to an extreme, however, in light of the fact that I’m really not the most delicate individual with regards to my apparatus. In any case, it’s important, as it has been somewhat irritating.

Alexis VI49 Vs Alesis V49

At last, we will analyze the VI49 against its antecedent, the V49. While the V49 was to a great extent commended when it was initially discharged,

Many referred to the absence of any cushions at all as an enormous frustration, particularly thinking that there were numerous equivalent items out at the point that included them.

Alesis has obviously taken in its exercise here, and the VI49 includes 16-speed delicate touch cushions to the condition.

Truly, finding a V49 new in stores is a really moving activity nowadays, and except if you are searching for the least expensive conceivable alternative, it most likely isn’t even beneficial to minimization to the V49 now.

Alexis VI49 Vs Akai MPK249

Akai has manufactured a somewhat incredible MIDI controller product offering in the course of the most recent couple of years, including what many consider to be the most perfectly awesome spending smaller than usual controller out there, the MPK Mini MKII.

In any case, the customary estimated MPK249 is similarly as profoundly respected, and as such it speaks to a colossal contender to VI49. Once more, the distinction here will boil down to individual inclination.

We should talk faders genuine brisk. To put it plainly, on the off chance that you use them, the Akai will be the course for you to take.

In the event that similar to me, you need to have the greatest number of adjustable catches, cushions, and handles, the Alesis is your pony to wager on.

You’ll likewise need to peruse some client surveys and perceive how every item admissions. Akai will, in general, have a really enthusiastic fan base that underpins their items, and I should know; I’m one of them!

Alexis VI49 Vs Alesis V49

At long last, we will look at the VI49 against its ancestor, the V49. While the V49 was to a great extent lauded when it was originally discharged, many referred to the absence of any cushions at all as an enormous dissatisfaction,

At the point that, particularly thinking about that there were numerous practically identical items incorporate them.

Alesis has justifiably taken in its program exercise here, and the VI49 includes 16-speed delicate touch cushions to the condition.

Truly, finding a V49 new in stores is a truly moving activity nowadays, and except if you are searching for the least expensive conceivable alternative, it most likely isn’t even beneficial to minimization to the V49 now.

Which one Suit’s is better

That relies upon what you need from your MIDI controller – there is no better answer. On the off chance that you plan on making basic beats with a couple of lines in a tune, V49 will do.

It’s ideal for utilizing the gadget as a virtual piano, playing harmonies, and perhaps figuring out how to play the piano. There is little power over impact here.

Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you need to take sound building and structure to the following level and include tons of impacts and handling that you have to control at the same time, having however many controls as would be prudent is certainly something worth being thankful for.

Furthermore, obviously, you need to think. Unmistakably, VI49 will come at a more significant expense (you need to pay for the highlights all things considered),

So you need to choose if you are prepared to pay the premium for highlights. In the event that you use them, incredible, VI49 is an extraordinary decision!

Alexis VI49 Vs Novation LaunchKey 49

Novation is a truly large player in the MIDI controller game, so it’s just normal to look at their item first. The LaunchKey arrangement has been around for some time now, and numerous individuals depend on the quality, flexibility, and instinct of the keyboard.

There are, in any case, a couple of particular contrasts between the LaunchKey and VI49. The first is somewhat abstract, yet I need to specify it at any rate; I imagine that the VI49 looks significantly superior to the LaunchKey.

I’m just not an immense enthusiast of the thick, plain case, and there’s a considerable amount of negative space on the substance of the keyboard too.

Once more, I’m certain there are a lot of individuals out there who might differ with me on this point, yet I think the Alesis is a truly appealing-looking controller.

Besides that, another large thought is the 8 sliders present on the LaunchKey. I don’t by and by use sliders such much, yet in case you’re inclined toward them, that by itself may merit settling on with the Novation keyboard.

Generally, I think the astounding 64 (!) assignable fastens on the Alesis makes it the more adaptable alternative over the long haul for most clients.

Pros and Cons of Alesis VI 49

Pros & Cons


  • Stunning keybed that is enjoyable to play
  • Quality item for a plastic keyboard
  • Free packages synth VST module
  • Extraordinary value for the money


  • It isn’t flexible and versatile as its contend in a similar value extend
  • Printer Cable Sticks Out
  • Programming Is Hard To Learn

Conclusion Of Alesis VI49

The Best Alesis VI49 | 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

It is frequently stated that Alesis V49 is irrefutably a bit of excellence and sneaks up suddenly. With the full-size keys and absence of certain highlights, it is a specialty controller that servers an engaged reason.

Notwithstanding, at a reasonable cost, it is practical and flexible, and a wonderful decision for anybody searching for their first MIDI keyboard controller.