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The Best Akai Professional MPK49 - 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

The Best Akai Professional MPK49 – 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

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By Ok Digital It Fiirm

Top Best Akai Professional MPK49 Review

The Akai MPK49 accompanies a printed manual and a broad pdf adaptation of the equivalent in an establishment CD.

Akai MPK49 is a fitting and-play instrument that doesn’t require the establishment of any drivers to begin working. Most, if not every single, melodic gadget discharged right now accompany PC network alternatives.

This has essentially helped in improving the usefulness of the consoles, and that is likely why MKP49 has a similar innovation.

The gadget can work with any pc or macintosh PC. It is perfect with different working frameworks including Mac OS X and windows vista or XP.

Snap the picture for best cost on Akai MPK49 including center control:

Initial introduction on the Akai MPK49

The Best Akai Professional MPK49 - 49-Key

The primary look at the console is commonly good. It estimates 300 by 730 by 100mm. The keyboard is very thin, however, it has still figured out how to have 49 full-sized keys.

On the top board, be that as it may, shows up very more profound if you somehow happened to contrast it and other comparative gadgets.

There is adequate space on the keyboard that will permit you to utilize any of the capacity fastens easily. The comfort can, for instance, suit 12 percussion cushions (MPC style) organized in four lines of three. The handles and faders have additionally gotten enough space around them.

Instances of erroneously scouring an inappropriate handle or catch are accordingly disposed of, well, except if you have gigantic fingers.

You can consequently, dole out boundaries to two contiguous handles you’ll despite everything have the option to play them with no complexities.

Another incredible thing that you’ll see is that the majority of the controls particularly the vital ones are all around marked with a fantastic utilitarian appearance.

The backboard contains a few associating ports remembering One for and one out MIDI ports that permit the keyboard to fill in as a standard MIDI interface; a USB attachment and another port to interface with a discretionary connector (6V, 1A).

The mains connector is excluded you’ll, in this manner, need to buy it as a different unit. The keyboard will in any case be fueled utilizing the USB link.

Two ¼” attachments are likewise accessible, and these empower you to interface the console to articulation and support pedals.


The keyboard is fitted with semi-weighted keys that are after-contact and speed delicate. Both of these highlights can likewise be killed when you are not wanting to utilize them.

Variable speed bends are, lamentably, not accessible. You may even notice that the key is to some degree excessively springier when contrasted with other semi-weighted keyboards, however, this hasn’t influenced their exhibition.

You can likewise change the keyboard’s range from up to down permitting you to get to the 10-octave go.

On the left half of the keyboard, you’ll see the tweak and pitch-twist wheels. Both of these wheels are thick enough secured with elastic spaces in the middle.

The regulation wheel is generally free which implies that you can allot different consistent controller capacities.

The pitch-twist wheel, in the meantime, is limited to one job just, i.e., moving pitch-twist information. It’s stacked with springs to help its presentation.

The wheels are strong and hop into existence with yellow LED lightings when the Akai MPK49 is controlled on.

The expectation of including this lighting may have been to make it simple for you to utilize them in constrained lighting territory yet their quality by one way or another changed the whole keyboard into this cool loosening up the device!

An enormous presentation with a brilliant blue LED is additionally fitted in the keyboard. This showcase screen is strategically located and intended for you to see and read the works on it easily. Beneath it, there are two columns of catches.

The subsequent columns contain sequencer controllers used to play, record, stop, forward, and rewind the grouping. There is a handle on the correct side of the showcase that you can use to move to start with one preset then onto the next.

This controller accompanies 30 preset spaces, and you can spare your client settings to any of them! The initial 16 presets have valuable pre-modified formats for your product, e.g., Ableton Live Lite which accompanies the keyboard, Sonar, Cubase, Reason, and other modules/applications.

Akai MPK49 has eight faders underneath eight controller handles. Utilize these handles to control after-contact information and other utilitarian changes.

The handles are interminable turning encoders, and subsequently, you could utilize them as augmentation or decrement controls.

Both the faders and handles are sensibly huge gratitude to the roomy idea of the controller. I, nonetheless, found the faders a piece excessively wobbly.

They will in general squirm side-to-side which paints a horrendous picture on a somewhat tough form of the remainder of the controller.

The faders, accordingly, appear to be perfect for normal studio or home utilization yet in the event that you are a gigging artist, you’ll be additional sharp when utilizing them.

Underneath the faders, there is another line of eight assignable catches. They are additionally fitted with backdrop illuminations that go on at whatever point actuated.

The catches can likewise be utilized for “Time Division” purposes. These catches along with the faders and handles can be utilized with three control banks that go about as a move button.


The keyboard is sold with a curator application and preset manager for both Mac OS X and windows. At the point when you power the controller on it shows the PsiCraft engineers and sound makers of the MIDI Quest Universal Editor.

The Editor functions admirably to meet any artist’s desires. Associating with the controller through MIDI or USB is simple (the proofreader will even attempt to auto-recognize important ports) and furthermore gives an easy-to-understand interface that guides you into doing any preset altering assignments you may have.

It additionally permits you to compose and get to banks from their documents. As a rule, it works very well and shortsightedly.

You will likewise get an Akai Edition variant of the Ableton Live Lie when you purchase the Akai MPK49. This accompanies a printed card and a URL connected to download the product.

Once downloaded you can enact it utilizing a sequential number that is provided with the printed card. The Akai Edition gives 28 custom presets of lovely sounds.

Beat Surrender

One of the key highlights of the Akai MPK49 is the percussion and drum cushions. These huge cushions are and made utilizing an elastic-like material.

They are adding weight and speed touchy. With these cushions, you can look over four-speed bends. The base power important to enact a note-on can likewise be controlled utilizing the limit setting.

The maker guarantees that these cushions are indistinguishable from the ones utilized in Akai MPC500. We don’t know how exactly this correlation is, however, we found the cushions agreeable, and they additionally felt very strong.

Every one of these cushions has a bank work. There are four cushion banks (A, B, C, and D) totaling 48 distinct sounds that can be gotten through gatherings of 12. The cushions will either send Program Change messages or MIDI note numbers.

The default mode setting of the cushions is Momentary. It’s likewise conceivable to transform them into switch mode.

Note Repeat and Arpeggiator

  • Ad libbing musicality designs have been made additional basic with different highlights. The best element of them everything is maybe the Note Repeat work imported from the Akai’s MPC arrangement. This capacity is so basic and madly viable.
  • At the point when you press and hold a cushion while the Note Repeat is enacted will make the sound to be activated persistently inside the spans set by the “time division” setting.
  • A portion of the time divisions you can look over incorporate ¼ speaking to a quarter note, 1/4T speaking to quarter-note triplets, 1/8T, 1/8, 1/16T, 1/16 1/32T, and 1/32.
  • Note rehash may not appear that fundamental in its underlying stages, yet a couple of times subsequent to utilizing and understanding its capacity you’ll certainly think that it’s extremely valuable! The capacity is ostensibly more fun and natural than a step-programming sequencer!
  • The inbuilt arpeggiator is another brilliant component. It works with the time division setting. You can likewise apply variable “swing” impacts and alter its “door” time.
  • There are six sorts of arpeggio to look over: Up, Down, Inclusive, back once more, select, and CHRD. Its range inside the octaves is additionally customizable.

Akai MPK49 Specs

  • USB/MIDI PC interface
  • 49 speed and weight delicate keys
  • 12 by 4 banks of drum cushions
  • Semi-weighted aftertouch
  • Custom LCD
  • One ceaseless foot pedal
  • One programmable footswitch
  • Measurements: 28″ by 11.75″ by 2.5.”
  • MIDI/MMC start-stop transport catches

Last Word Of Akai Professional MPK49

The Best Akai Professional MPK49 - 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

The Akai MPK49 offers incredible highlights and is even guarantees that all the capacities are given and open straightforwardly without making the whole device confused. All the handles and control catches are all around dispersed.

The Note Repeat close by the MPC-style cushions and arpeggiator makes the whole unit enjoyable to use as well as very motivating. Decisively, the controller is of fair quality both in the make and programming capacities that will end up being extremely helpful.