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The Best Ableton Push Review - Pros & Cons In 2022

The Best Ableton Push Review – Pros & Cons In 2022

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By Ok Digital It Fiirm

The Best Ableton Push Review

When Ableton discharged a 64 cushion USB equipment controller rather than the traditional MIDI control surface for meeting view launcher and music creation numerous individuals considered this to be a pointless strategy.

It was hard to be persuaded that anything positive could emerge out of it particularly thinking about how famous and fruitful a portion of the customary MIDI control surface had just been.

Envision our unexpected when the Ableton Push really figured out how to present something mind-boggling in the music creation industry.

It helped us see exactly how splendid live creation programming can get when bolstered with a similarly incredible controller like the Ableton Push.

There have been such huge numbers of live controllers previously yet never had we seen one convey the sort of execution Push has.

It has changed the unrecorded music creation field. Push has remarkably bound together programming and equipment into a solitary universally handy controller unit that each artist needs.

Ableton goes further to clarify how the Ableton Push can work autonomously to meet all your music control needs.

Truth be told, the producer is sufficiently certain to reveal to you that you can even close your PC and completely depend on this instrument to make your music. Not any more appearing as though you’re experiencing the web-based life behind that PC while creating!

Ableton is making both the product and equipment of this instrument. Each time an organization is focused on making both of these two you are quite often ensured of a flawless gadget.

This is on the grounds that coordination is probably going to be off the diagrams and with an all-around incorporated gadget moving through the different capacities is easy.

In any case, is the Ableton Push sufficient for you? Is it worth the over $600 asking cost? How can it contend with other MIDI controllers out there? How about we take a gander at its different highlights and perceive how it sticks out.


Best Ableton Push 2 Controller

The second you see and contact the Ableton Push, you will understand that there are not many unrecorded music controllers out there that vibe like these all-around created gadgets.

The equipment creation of these controllers has been motivated by the Akai APC40 and the Novation’s Launchpad. The instrument estimates 14.5 by 11.5 inches weighing 6.6 pounds.

From its weight, you would already be able to figure that it is very substantial particularly on the off chance that you contrast it with other processing gadgets, for example, the Launchpad.

On the off chance that you are utilized to lighter controllers, the Ableton Push may feel awkward in its underlying stages.

The greater part of the capacities in this gadget can be gotten to from the top surface. This gives you simple and helpful access to all the essential fastens and capacities.

Just a couple of network choices (which are seldom utilized) are at the back. At the inside phase of the controller is an 8 by 8 network of white cushions.

These cushions are made of elastic while on the right, and the left side is harder dark fastens that vibe like plastic.

On the white elastic cushions, you’ll run over nine rotational controllers, a couple of little catch columns, and an LCD. There is a touch strip on the left side just between the dark controls and the middle cushions.

In synopsis, the general design and completion of the controller are astounding. It is delicate to contact and feels extraordinary. The surface causes you to feel like you are experiencing your tablet or telephone.

What you don’t think about the white cushions until you begin utilizing them is that they are pressure-delicate. How hard you press them will influence the sound delivered.

This can henceforth make flexible music creations. The cushions are additionally firm and mashable with constrained voyaging.

The dark fastens in the interim are somewhat looser and work as “Snap” catches. The rotaries are smooth moving and can be wound unendingly without breaking!

Just a single revolving has an indented activity, and this is incorporated to make it simpler for you to set fixed qualities.

They additionally contact touchy at the top including additional usefulness. The backports incorporate a USB port, two jacks (1/4 inch) for pedals, a power button, and a 6 DC contribution with a connector.

On the off chance that you are knowledgeable with mass-delivered controllers utilizing the Ableton Controller will promptly assist you with understanding why this isn’t your run-of-the-mill unrecorded music controller.

It is a very much idea bit of workmanship made straightforwardly yet with broad capacities.

Join these two, and you end up with an instrument that is sufficiently splendid to rival some other specialty controllers like Monome and Livid gadgets.

We additionally can’t neglect to call attention to that the equipment creation has been made in association with Akai, a prestigious music instrument fabricating organization that doesn’t settle on quality.

How The Functions Works See Ableton Push:

Push has two primary perspectives, Session and Arrange. The Ableton push is progressively centered around the Session see which permits you to use the instrument completely. From the Session choice, you can make clasps of music and afterward proceed to play or trigger them in a melodic manner.

Ableton Push 2 With Live 10 Suite

Best Ableton Push 2

A definitive controller for Ableton Live and an ideal ally to Live 1064-cushion network for playing instruments, cutting beats, extemporizing with circles, and the sky is the limit from there2 Footswitch inputs give you significantly more control choices
High-res shading screen gives definite visual input and waveform showSpeed/pressure-touchy cushions play like an advanced instrumentRuns on USB power with the discretionary outer force for included brightening
Contact touchy encoders and extra controls give total access to LiveSelect scales and see significant whole numbers legitimately on the cushion gridIncorporates power supply, USB link, and a full form of Live 10 Suite

Ableton push 2 Used

Your buys likewise help ensure woodlands, including trees generally used to make instruments. Looking for a utilized Ableton Push 2?

Appreciate a lot on Ableton Push 2s and other utilized midi controllers at Sweetwater! For more prominent reserve funds look at our Used Ableton Push 2 MIDI Controller and get an extraordinary arrangement today at Guitar Center!

Ableton Push 2 Dimensions

Ableton Push 2 Dimensions

  • Dimensions
  • Width: 378mm (14.88 inches)
  • Depth: 304mm (11.96 inches)
  • Height (body): 26mm (1.02 inches), (body + encoders): 42mm (1.65 inches)
  • Weight: 2710g (6.0 pounds)

Ableton Push 1

Ableton Push 1

Utilizing Push 1 with the most recent form of Live

Push 1 is good with the most recent variants of Live 9 and 10

We intend to keep supporting Push 1 and to adjust our new highlights to it, at whatever point conceivable. In any case, a portion of the new highlights have been actualized considering Push 2 and can be barely ported to the distinctive equipment.

  • New highlights accessible for Push 1 in Live 9
  • It is currently conceivable to stack VST and AU modules. Hot-swapping modules with Push empowers perusing the module’s presets (AU as it were).
  • Tests can be perused from Push (will be started up in the new Simpler).
  • It is conceivable to see sounds from the Push program.
  • Press 1 Preview Button (White-Off/Blue-On)
  • In Drum Racks, cushions would now be able to be copied.
  • Scales settings are presently spared in Sets.
  • Clasp length can be balanced with a goal down to 1/sixteenth.
  • When squeezing Fixed Length during a chronicle, the last bit of the account will be circled of the predefined length.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Clip selector in the progression sequencer to be shown in the wake of erasing a Clip.
  • Holding Shift + Record enacts Arrangement Record

Ableton Push Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  • 64 weight touchy cushions
  • Contact strip (looking over and pitch mix) controllers
  • Ableton Live 10 Intro programming
  • Two ¼-inches pedal information sources (record start, circle control, and support)
  • Equipment Requirements: At least 4GB RAM for both PC and Mac
  • Operating system Requirements: Windows 7 or later or OS10.7 or later
  • Measurements: 11.96″ by 14.88″ by 1.65.”
  • Weight 6.0 lbs


  • Each gadget, for the most part, accompanies its tradeoffs, and Ableton Push is the same. The greatest one to the extent we can see is the predetermined number of sound controls.
  • The push was centered more around MIDI controls, and subsequently capacities, for example, recording sounds on the circle, fly, and comparatively making tracks may not be as simple as you would need.
  • It is, notwithstanding, still conceivable to do it utilizing the User mode however you are probably going to think that it’s less natural.

The decision On The Ableton Push Review :

The Best Ableton Push Review - Pros & Cons In 2022

Everything said we stay persuaded that Push is an inconceivably fun gadget that will make your work process all the more engaging.

Playing tunes and rhythms will feel progressively expressive. There is additional space for exploratory capacities and obviously, cheerful mishaps!

With the controller, you can rapidly wind up building crazy clasps and music in any event, when you had no goals of doing as such.

On the off chance that you need Life to feel like committed equipment, at that point you need not look any further.

On the off chance that you need to put down your melodic thoughts as quickly, they come to you while delivering then this is the gadget you are searching for.

In Ableton Push, the gadget that will push your innovativeness to its incredible cutoff points, and this is accurately what each artist needs.

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