10xSocial Review – Honest Review – 20,000Leads – Free Bonus And Coupon

10xSocial Review – Honest Review – 20,000Leads – Bonus And Coupon % Included – In 2021Get 10x Lead

Hello friends, the thing we have been waiting for for many days is going to launch 10xSocial. 10xSocial Being a messenger marketing application, it alone does a lot of application or software work, such as personal video messages, Facebook Messenger automatically, email, audio messages, image messages, etc.

Today we are going to see about this 10xSocial review. 10xSocial is quite a lot of work and software.

What is 10xSocial and what does 10xSocial work for?

10xSocial Review

10xSocial This is a type of messenger marketing software or application that also helps you to generate traffic.

Friends, today’s world has become a digital world. Today more work is done on the software, that is why we have to take different software for different work. But like we told you that 10xSocial is a messenger marketing software or application, which saves us time by doing a lot of software work alone.


10xSocial Software It combines powers like audio messages, emails, survey messages, image messages to get 10x more leads and sales. 10xSocial is much better than the rest of the software. With the help of this, you can create traffic effectively, if for some reason you do not have traffic, then this app helps to increase your traffic, it is quite a good thing.

10xSocial has given you the complete autopilot feature, enabling businesses to create surveys.

With the help of this software, you can create an extraordinary email list for your customers and send them items again and again. If you want, you can set it to autopilot. Similarly, there are many more things in this 10xSocial, through which you can effectively make money by performing courier.

Who is it perfect for:

Main Features

Honestly, this app does so many different things that all the available features can not be described in depth. Here are some of the attributes that are particularly useful in 10xSocial

Video message, audio message, voice message, image message, carousel message, survey message: Send broadcast messages.

  • Schedule/Send follow up SMS with just 1 click
  • Schedule/Send follow up emails
  • Text to speech converter in any language
  • Chatbot AI-responds to contacts who send you messages during the chat on your phone or emails
  • The most strong Facebook list building and traffic post maker is Post Composer.
  • Personalized Avatars, insert into the thread a virtual “persona.” A human agent or a bot can back up the persona.
  • Comment Guards-react to the comments of users on your fan page with highly interactive content that will allow you to construct a list very quickly.
  • This tool makes it easy for guests, prospects, or customers to start conversations with you on your website.

Recover Leads

  • One-click seamless integration with SMS providers
  • Easily connects with any major autoresponder

Post Finder

Share to other FB groups

Check for hidden 1000s of related videos in each Facebook niche. Facebook Hidden Video Finder.

Tags — target and segment subscribers automatically

Post Embed, by embedding posts on websites, blogs, and business pages, enhances post scope.


  • 10xSocial ensures that you never lose on Facebook.
  • If a businessman can send them information about their products, promotions, and services.
  • A full Autopilot is an option that enables businesses to run and create surveys.
  • Schedules follow SMS with just one click on Messenger.
  • Converts messages from any language.
  • 10xSocial builds a powerful Facebook list and at the same time creates traffic posts.


  • At least little more details and measurements that are built into the framework itself should have been introduced by developers.
  • It may also have been advantageous to have the opportunity to conduct a search engine optimization audit to the degree that SEO has a very high effect on digital marketing campaigns, generating very high investment returns.
  • As there are a talk and text feature, they could also have incorporated Whatsapp into 10x social, since it is also owned by Facebook, the most common text platform most people use.

Product Details:

Product: 10xSocial
Time: 11:00 AM ET
Launch Date: February 20, 2021
Front-End Price: 20,000 Leads — $47.
FB Messenger — $37
Experience Needed: 100% Beginner Friendly
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Official Website: CLICK HERE
Support: Easy to contact and to help out quickly

Change the text of any language to audio and schedule it as a response in the chat. In this, we get more than 60 languages and with that, we also get 50 female and male voices, in this you can choose whatever you want.

So friends, overall this 10xSocial is our very own app or software. According to my, we should take this app. Hope you have liked the information we have given about the 10xSocial review today, so if you have some questions about it, we must comment.

Let’s look at how the inside of the 10x social app looks:

10xSocial Review

As soon as you log into your software, beginning with the 10x Social dashboard, you can find an easy-to-navigate user interface that looks like this.

As you can see, we have a few tabs on the left side that serve as a menu consisting of a dashboard, composer, post finder, broadcaster, carousel objects, and clicking on each of these tabs will open their functions depending on what features you want to use.

If you go ahead and click on the settings tab, a drop-down menu will be displayed, allowing you to choose whether to set up an SMS API or an email SMTP. I picked the choice for the SMS API and it looks like this.

You can select an SMS provider here and fill in all the other information and click on the Save SMS Configuration tab when you’re done.

10xSocial Review

When you click on the settings tab again and select the SMTP email option that looks like this, I highly recommend that you connect the autoresponder of your choice using either Convertkit or Getresponse autoresponders and fill in all the other information, then click on the save settings tab when you’re done.

10xSocial Review

Then the text to speech tab is on the next tab that I opened and it looks like this.

You will have to enter the necessary data once opened, where you can choose from the type of voice you want to use, the gender, and the language. The great thing about this feature is that it has more than 40+ languages to choose from, including 20+ different character voice styles.

This is what we refer to as the speed of the voice and then you can also have your automatic AI voice exported in five different formats, which we refer Mp3, WAV, ACC, OGG, CAF as codecs. A textbox for you to insert your script as well as having the option to make the voice slow or quick.

10xSocial Review

Then you get the data tab for individuals where you can see all the information about your subscribers. You have access to their name, gender, location here, including the particular company page they are currently subscribing to, and a delete button to get rid of the leads that are not worth pursuing.

This is also useful because you can pick the drop-down sort by page tab to select the one you want to focus on when you have several business pages that belong to your various customers.

10xSocial Review

First, we have what we call the chat widget and it is used on your website to start conversations, email messages, even offline flyers, and signs and advertising in the shop. To extend and rearrange the target markets, this role performs one of the most critical tasks.

So as people browse your website, this plugin for the chat widget will send messages to these people as they begin to communicate with your company at any time with a customer service experience that is very personalized.

Send to Messenger plugin makes it possible for a person to opt-in to receive messages from you on Messenger via a button on your website. This is useful at a later time for providing follow-ups, such as confirmations and alerts.

To allow individuals to opt-in to receive messages from you on Messenger, include the checkbox plugin in the forms on your website. This is useful at a later time for providing follow-ups, such as confirmations and alerts.

To automatically make a button that opens a conversation with your company in Messenger, use the message us plugin on your website.

First, you will find the fan page tab that has a drop-down arrow, and you will find all the business pages that consist of the number of your total subscribers listed for each particular business page.

10xSocial Review

To quickly start a conversation with Facebook users, schedule or post rich messenger videos, pictures, or carousel posts with a call to action button. Quite beneficial for making a list and moving organic traffic.

With a monthly, weekly, or regular timeline interval, you might add some consistency to your schedules.

10xSocial Review

Find and import your posts from your Facebook business pages and use the power of the post finder to manage them through Socigrow.

10xSocial Review

The broadcaster tool will show you all the stats, including a preview of the message that was attached to that broadcast, relevant to what you broadcast.

What I loved most was the fact that you can see the exact amount of viewers your broadcast has reached along with the scheduled dates.

10xSocial Review

Carousels are a range of items that may be products or services that you want to sell or encourage. Carousels give you the ability to quickly create post carousels for Facebook and even carousels for Messenger.

10xSocial Review

Here are the best thing is the bonuses coming with this product. Below bonuses are listed for 10xsocial.

1.Bonus #1: Construction Plan for the Email List

  • The secret to your success is Email List Creation. This course will include the requisite training.
  • The best methods for building your list and producing a long-term income
  • Source of. Never have to think about sales and earnings changes

2.Bonus #2: Resource Creating Traffic

Make it quick and easy to generate traffic with this incentive. This will include preparation and techniques that will drive the organization to the next level.

3.Bonus #3: Automator for Copywriting

Discover this amazing robot copywriting tool that just fills in the blanks in minutes to build your sales converting web pages.

4.Bonus #4: Designer of Auto Blog

Auto-Post Quickly & Easily with Auto-Blog Creator, The latest, appropriate, keyword-specific content on your web! Automatically add Hot, Fresh, Search Engine Optimized, Keyword-Targeted Blog content to your web! Create a giant website instantly with thousands of pages – all real content! No Pages for Spam!

5.Bonus #5: Template Video Script

With ease, create convincing marketing videos! Earning revenue and earning

With our Do-it-for-You Video Script, generating leads can now be done very easily. Your videos get engaged with your fans and force them to take action!

So Many Versions, What are their Differences?

Front End — $37/$47

  • Send Personal Video Messages Inside Facebook Messenger
  • Broadcasts (video, voice, audio)
  • Text to Speech
  • Comment Guards
  • Post Composer
  • Bonus: Chat Widget

Also, for $47, you can get all these features and 20,000 leads.

10xSocial Unlimited — $67

  • Unlimited Leads
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Videos
  • FB hidden video finder
  • Commercial license + assets

If you are unsure if the extra money is worth the Unlimited version, you can have a $1 trial and then the initial price after the trial has ended. You invest a single dollar checking the product.

10xSocial PRO — $97

  • Unlock all features
  • Post Finder
  • Chatbot AI
  • SMS and eMail follow-up (FE can allow collection but this has AR integrations and such)
  • Other broadcasts
  • Recover Leads
  • Personalized Avatars
  • Email address export
  • Phone number export
  • Autoresponder to automatically collect emails.
  • All future features

There is a Lite edition with a trial that is close to the trial of the Front End version.

10xSocial Agency — $197/$297

  • $197 — access to Front End, 50 seats
  • $297-Front End control + Unlimited, unlimited seats

Last Word Of 10xSocial Review

10xSocial Review - Honest Review - 20,000Leads - Free Bonus And Coupon

10x is a pretty good app that can be used by business owners and freelancers to generate more leads to their website or eCommerce store and attract traffic.

Once you decide to get the premium edition, you will be able to do even more, and ultimately it is fairly priced and worth the investment.

10xSocial Review