Swastika Mukherjee in style on shuts down trolls! Body shaming

As we say, ‘no one is perfect’, the myth of ‘perfect body’ is quite a tough role to live up to and our silver screen celebrities have always been under constant surveillance of the hypocritical body shamers.

For even an ounce of extra weight gain or a shred from the usual image of a typical ‘perfect figure’,

the body shamers come into action right away flooding the social media with their pathetic, nasty comments.

But many audacious actresses in recent times have busted the fallacious notions of these body shapers.

On International Women’s Day, actress Swastika Mukherjee proved it once again with a fitting reply to those who trolled her after she posted a no-glam snapshot of her.

The seasoned actress knows how to take the hardships in her stride.

Swastika posted the picture and delivered by far the most significant message you can hear on Women’s Day, reports the indiatimes.com.

She wrote: “I had posted this picture on Instagram and all I heard was ‘WHY DO YOU HAVE SAGGY BOOBS?!’

Why are men always commenting on women’s saggy boobs?? Breastfeed a child for years and then talk fuckers.

I am proud of my saggy boobs. I am a proud mother. I didn’t use pumps.”

The ‘Shah Jahan Regency actress also added: “I breastfed my child and I will do the same again if life gives me a chance.

When I work as a heroine I wear UNDERWIRED BRAS that hold my breasts upright just the way the world wants to see them,

when I am not working I give a FUCK. To hell with the world.

It’s #InternationalWomensDay and all the circus around it will start and this is what the actual scene is.

We are supposed to be picture perfect. Have the best boobs/ass/waist/lips.

If you don’t have one then go for surgery and get them done. Otherwise, get trolled. What a farce.”

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